When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them The unique challenges of caring for our community’s seniors

Past Articles:

New York’s
Next Mayor?

I found last month’s cover story about former football player Michel Faulkner very interesting. It was encouraging to learn about what Faulkner plans to accomplish should he become the next mayor of New York. This city needs a mayor who will meet with the leaders of the Sephardic community to see what changes are needed to keep us safe. We are living in critical times. In order for Michel Faulkner to fix our problems, he has to make our city safer and more affordable to live in. There seems to be hope, though! His stance on yeshiva education, school choice, security for our synagogues and schools, and quality of life issues is refreshing. Every one of our community members should show their support for Michel Faulkner when he runs for mayor, as he is a person who shares our values and will address our needs
and concerns.


Travel Savvy

Last month’s article about how to avoid getting scammed was quite informative. The scams that were mentioned are very clever. Fortunately none of the scams mentioned in the article happened to me while I was on vacation, however, I would like to share a scam that I did fall for – right here
in Brooklyn.

While I was crossing the street, a stranger “accidently” bumped into me. The very next second, I heard something fall to the ground. I turned around to see a pair of glasses lying on the ground. Immediately, the stranger started to complain that I broke his glasses (one of the lenses had a slight dent) and that he was now in such trouble because he had an exam the next day, which he couldn’t complete without his glasses. Of course, he asked me for a bit of money so he could repair his glasses. I felt guilty and I gave him some money. Later, I found out that this is a common scam done to tourists.

So, just a heads up to your readers – to be alert at all times – not only when they are traveling on vacation.

Simon F.

Sounding Off

In January’s Letters to the Editor column, there was an obnoxious letter sent by someone comparing Donald Trump to Hilter, Yimach Shemo, and claiming all sorts of
falsehoods about Trump. I think you need to be careful about what you print, especially since a majority of your magazine readers are most likely Trump supporters. When he won, Baruch Hashem, there was celebration all over Sephardic synagogues in Brooklyn. I am not going to waste time on rejecting the rhetoric of that letter – let me just say that this man criticizes Trump for claiming that there are people who vote illegally, when ironically it was Hillary who pushed for recounting the votes once she lost!

Michael R.

It Organized

I always enjoy Marie Torgueman’s column, ‘Keeping It Organized’, and last month’s topic (How To Pack A Suitcase) was certainly no exception. Her organizing tips came in handy and were very helpful. Packing for anything can be really difficult, especially when you want to take a lot of stuff. I especially liked the tip about putting things in empty spaces, like the insides of shoes. That is a smart thing to do when packing your luggage, because having things in your shoes will prevent them from getting squished or deformed during travel. Thanks!

Leslie M.