Shabbat of Sanctity Dirshu’s 20th Anniversary International Convention

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Captain David A. Wall,
the New Commanding
Officer of the NYPD’s
66th Precinct, Visits
Bnai Yosef Synagogue

On February 9th, Captain David A. Wall, who has replaced Deputy Inspector Kenneth Quick as commanding officer of the NYPD’s 66thPrecinct, was kind enough to visit Bnai Yosef Synagogue to introduce himself to our community. Community Liaison Rabbi Uziel Admoni welcomes him warmly
in the picture shown on the right.

Captain Wall was previously a Lieutenant in the 61stprecinct, as well as the Executive Officer of the 71stPrecinct in Crown Heights. Given that he will now be in charge of protecting our neighborhoods, we are grateful he has taken the time to personally connect with our community.

“There is a strong relationship between the local precinct and our community leaders and Rabbis,” says Rabbi Admoni.  Our community values the work of Executive Officer Robert Conwell, Police Officer and Community Affairs Officer Joe Veitalow, and Officer Tom Kukla.

We thank the previous Commanding Officer of the 66thPrecinct, Kenneth Quick, for his service to our community. We congratulate him on his promotion to Deputy Inspector and wish him the best of luck in his new position at 1 Police Plaza. Rabbi Admoni of Bnai Yosef gives only his special thanks and says, “Wehope to keep up the close relationship between the NYPD and the community representatives.”

Entire Shas Learned
In One Day, Under One Roof

On Sunday, February 19, ATIME successfully held its
4thannual Shas-A-Thon. Over 290 men of all different stripes
joined together and studied the entire shas(which consists of
2,711 double-sided pages) by day’s end.

This year, as in years past, ATIME’s Shas-A-Thon attracted a wide spectrum of learners. The Shas-A-Thon has a very special appeal to our Sephardic community. It is estimated that Sephardic community members from Brooklyn, Deal, and Lakewood account for approximately one-third of the total Shas-A-Thon participants.

The ultimate goal of the Shas-A-Thon
is to provide spiritual merit, hope, awareness, and support to couples struggling with infertility. From a financial standpoint, the ATIME Shas-A-Thon raised close to two million dollars, which goes toward supporting and helping couples longing for children.

Peninim Sephardic Seminary

With ladies Torah classes springing up in synagogues and private homes all over the community, the proverbial Age of Education is upon us. Peninim Sephardic Seminary, a half-day learning program under the Deanship of Rabbi Eliezer Zeytouneh, is more than a weekly regimen of classes for post-high school young women; it’s a pulsating, inspiring, warm, and uplifting experience. Students are fully engaged every morning, exploring new topics and understanding their underpinnings.

“Seminary is great!“ a student named Berta says. “The lessons are full of new ideas and stories which I identify with. I feel the difference in my daily interactions with people and within myself. The guidance of the Rabbis and teachers extend far beyond the classroom. The lessons resonate with me, impacting my middotevery day. This crucial time in my life is enhanced so much by attending Seminary!”

As a field component to their Women in the Bible course, Peninim Sephardic Seminary toured the city of Baltimore, Maryland last month, to visit a special exhibit created by the Beth Jacob high school of Baltimore. This large all-girls high school, located in close proximity to the Nation’s Capital, hosted an Eshet Hayil exhibit, entitled ‘Guardians of our Faith,’ depicting over ten women in the Bible. Other seminary outings a little closer to home, include visits with notable personalities, a melave malka, andhesed trips.

“The trips and excursions help foster a deeper connection between the student and faculty. It’s only one year of learning, but what a year!” Mrs. Sarah Zafrani comments. “Seminary is a non-stop, very happening experience! Our alumnae are role models of growth and inspirationto others.”

As Shirley observed from the very first month that she attended, “Seminary classes are elevating, yet
relaxing. Something about the tone and atmosphere is just…relaxing.”

Peninim classes are held at 1305 Gravesend Neck road five mornings a week for three hours a day and credits transfer to numerous colleges. They are currently accepting students from all segments of the community.

To learn more about Peninim Seminary, or to request an application for the 2017-2018 academic year, please call
646463 4366. You can also visit

Flatbush Shomrim Alerts
and Arrests for February

Feb. 1 - 2:00 AM: Two perpetrators, one male and one female, arrested for multiple car break-ins in the area of Bedford Ave and Ave T.

Feb. 1 - 4:00 AM: One perpetrator arrested for multiple car break-ins in the area of Avenue K and East 24th street, while in possession of a Taser gun.

Feb. 2 - 12:00 AM: One perpetrator arrested for package thefts in the area of East 3rdAvenue
S and T.

Feb. 7 - 2:00 AM:One perpetrator arrested for multiple car break-ins. The perpetrator got away, but was arrested the next day as a result of the Flatbush Shomrim’s diligent video footage retrieval units, which provided clear footage of the address into which the individual fled.

Feb. 8 - 3:00 AM: Two perpetrators arrested for multiple car break-ins in the area of east 27thstreet and Ave J.

Feb. 12 - 2:30 AM: Two perpetrators arrested for multiple car break-ins in the area of Ave W and East 4thstreet.

Feb. 13 - One perpetrator arrested by the
61 precinct for a package theft that occurred earlier in the week. The arrest was made as the result of the video/picture that we released to the public. (See picture below)

Feb. 14 - 12:00 AM: Two perpetrators arrested for multiple car break-ins on Village Rd North between McDonald Avenue and West Street.

The Flatbush Shomrim remind you to please lock your cars and not to leave anything in plain view. If you leave valuables in your trunk, but leave the car unlocked, you might as well leave your trunk wide open.

If you are the victim of a crime, please call 911 and The Flatbush Shomrim at 718-338-9797. They need your cooperation as complainants so that arrests can be put into effect. Please cooperate!

SBH’s 7th Annual “Run for a Dream”
Half Marathon Weekend

On February 23rd, over 750 community members of all ages flew to Orlando, Florida as part of Team SBH for the 7thannual Run For A Dream Half Marathon Weekend.

What started as a team of 13 runners and their dream to run a marathon turned into one of the most incredible weekends of the year. Team SBH members ran 13.1 miles in the Disney Half Marathon, while the younger runners participated in a 5K race for the first time. Each runner raised sponsorships for their trip by collecting generous donations from friends and family to SBH.

Although crossing the finish line was an accomplishment in and of itself, it was clear that the weekend wasn’t just about running. Thisyear’s theme was centered on breaking barriers – both literally and figuratively. The Saturday night pep rally included an unbelievable exercise that challenged Team SBH members to break a plank of wood in half using their bare hands! Pieces of the brokenwood were then glued onto a large wall and transformed overnight into a beautiful mural that now resides in SBH. 

Following the half marathon – and some much-needed downtime – all runners and spectators celebrated the weekend with a victory “White Out” celebration. After
72 action-packed hours, Team SBH left Orlando energized and motivated to “break the barriers” and go the extra mile for their community.

Saving A Syrian Synagogue: A Public Event Held at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

The civil war in Syria, which has lasted for nearly six years, has devastated the country. As the violence intensified, residents grew concerned about the synagogue in Jobar, Syria, built near the cave where Eliyahu Ha’Navi hid to escape persecution. For centuries, this synagogue served as a holy gathering site for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike and its current preservation was an effort of all three faiths. Residents of Syria, irrespective of religion, banded together to save the synagogue and the precious objects within it. Though shelling by the Syrian regime destroyed the synagogue in May of 2014, some of
its Judaica survived because of the heroic efforts of one Muslim man. His efforts testify
to the humanity and character of ordinary Syrians caught in the atrocities of war.

On Wednesday, February 15th, at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., several speakers gathered to share this remarkable story in a public program entitled Saving a Syrian Synagogue. The speakers included Rabbi Avraham Hamra, the Chief Rabbi of Syria, Adam Entous, a Staff Writer for the Washington Post, and Aahed Sulayman, the Syrian man who sought to save the synagogue. The event was moderated by Naomi Kikoler, the Deputy Director of the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Prior to the program, Rabbi Avraham Hamra attended a religious freedoms caucus meeting on Capitol Hill. He also met with pro-Israel Congressman Trent Frank (AZ) to discuss the situation in Syria. Congressman Frank expressed his sympathy and graciously reaffirmed his support for the Jewish people.