Mishnah Berurah Tiferet

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By: Marie Torgueman

Once in a while, our responsibilities pile up to create chaos and anxiety inside of us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be helpful to focus on what you can control. The following tips will help you gain control over your life and keep everything in order now to prevent chaos in the future.

Organize your important papers.
We often hate this task, but it’s critical.
Update wills, insurance policies, and bank accounts.

Update your passports.
If they are expired or set to expire in 2017, take care of it now.

Keep track of all your digital files.
Update and record passwords and share important ones with your loved ones
in case of emergency.

Update your contacts.
Keep phone numbers current and delete old numbers you’ll never need again.

Step away from social media,local news, personal emails, and distractions from the wider world to focus on your own life in
real time.

Conquer and sort unopened mail.
Clear out the junk mail and tend to any important matters.

Set a time to make all those important phone calls you’ve been putting off. While you’re at it, call a grandparent, aunt, or uncle and make their day!

Create a Health Planner.

Make sure all of your family’s medical and dental check-ups are scheduled for the year and keep them in a well-organized calendar that you check daily.

Check car registration and inspection expiration dates and keep them current to avoid unexpected fines.

Check with your alarm companyto make sure their list of numbers is updated in case of an emergency.