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Past Articles:

By: Frieda Haber

On the frigid morning of Sunday, March 5th, excitement filled the air as 100 community runners gathered in Prospect Park to partake in the Strive to Survive 5K run to raise money for kidney cancer research.

The Strive to Survive run, planned by Magen David High School student Sol Gindi in the memory of his grandfather Sol Betesh, A”H,raised a total of $70,000 for Weill Cornell Medicine. The money will be used towards kidney cancer research.

The idea for the run was born when Sol Gindi’s grandfather, Sol Betesh, A”H, passed away from kidney cancer. Wanting to do something in his memory, Sol wracked his brain for possibilities. Ultimately, Sol thought of this 5K run and felt it was only fittingto give all the proceeds to cancer research. Once Sol’s mind was made up, he joined with a couple of friends to plan the event. Their goal was to help the fight against cancer in any way they could. The success of the run was a true testament to Sol and his team’s hard work.

The morning began as runners received long sleeve running shirts along with a running bib. Each runner had the opportunity to write the name of someone they strive for on the bib, which provided inspiration as they ran. Before the race began, Dr. Nanus, a prominent doctor in the field of kidney cancer research as well as the doctor who treated Sol’s grandfather, addressed the runners and spectators. Sol Gindi followed, delivering a speech about his vision in planning the run for such an important cause. After Sol spoke, he and his father handed Dr. Nanus a large check for $70,000 for kidney cancer research. Lastly, runners and spectators had the opportunity to hear from someone who is currently battling kidney cancer, Jack Vitale. Mr. Vitale really touched everyone’s hearts as he spoke of the hardships of cancer, his appreciation to Sol, as well as the importance of binding together to find a cure. By the end of the speeches, the runners were truly inspired. It was time for the race to begin.

Along the race route in Prospect Park, the atmosphere
was one of positivity and excitement. Each runner pushed himself
until the very end. As runners crossed the finish line feelings of accomplishment and altruism were in the air. At the finish line runners were greeted with a celebratory breakfast, and awarded a medal, a testament to their strength and perseverance. The pride on each of the runners’ faces was evident. Runner Joyce Cohen said, “ I really enjoyed running in this 5K. It made me happy when I saw what my friend, Sol, achieved and it really meant a lot to him.”

Congratulations to the first place winners of the run, Ben Allison and Marjorie Sitt, as well as the second place winners, Morris Dweck and Selena Gindi, and the third place winners, David Haddad and Linda Sutton.

All in all, the Strive to Survive 5K was a tremendous success. It is amazing to see our young leaders taking initiative and making the community aware of issues that are less spoken about. Cancer can be a deadly disease. Sol Gindi caught wind of that and decided to make a change. Sol hopes to raise more money for this cause in the future, saying: “We’re going to move forward from here. We raised over $70,000 for cancer research. It doesn’t stop here.” Look out for other opportunities to give to cancer research.
As Sol’s organization, the KCAG, says, “We will not rest until we find a cure, because having no cure is not an option.”