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By: Ellen Kamaras

The spring season provides a wonderful opportunity to hit that reset button and make some desired life changes. What better time to spring forth and turn dreams into realities? Can you imagine getting a new job, re-inventing yourself, or finding your soul mate?

Winter is behind us. No more snow boots, heavy jackets, and black ice on which to slide. Don’t you already feel lighter, both in body and spirit?

Here are my recommended steps to jumpstart your
spring reboot:

Block out time, grab a notebook and pen
(or your iPad) and get outside

Even if you work a full day or have to pay a babysitter, carve out some time to be by yourself, go outside and unplug. Did you know that spending time in the green outdoors increases creativity and brain function? Find a quiet place in nature to really think about what’s working well for you and what is not. Unplugging will give you time and space to check in with yourself and get clear on your life purpose, values, and goals.

Ask yourself questions like: Am I following my dream or did I get sidetracked? Am I spending enough quality time with my spouse and children?

The questions you consider don’t have to be as huge as these. All that matters is that you get out of that winter funk and bring more joy to your job, your daily routine or your relationships.

How to achieve this on a practical level? Well, is there an action you can take that might add a spark to your life? Perhaps you could start a walking group or join a book club with like-minded people. Have you been meaning to give back and volunteer? Now’s the time to commit!

Let It Go

Let go of the past and whatever no longer serves or fulfills you. We often learn more from our past challenges than our successes. Let’s appreciate the lessons learned and prepare ourselves for the future – for something new.

Start with your career. Do you wake up excited to go to work, or do you dread it? What needs to change in order for it to turn it into your dream job? When setting goals, keep in mind the SMART acronym. Be sure they’re Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive.SMART goals motivate you, keep you focused and propel you forward.

Ditto for your personal life. Might it be time to try a new diet or exercise routine? Could you use some new friends? Let go of toxic relationships and find people who will listen, empathize, and share in both your defeats and successes.

Stretching yourself by trying something new, something that may seem a bit uncomfortable or scary at first, can be empowering. Start small by enrolling in an adult education class on a topic that sparks your interest. Learn to play a new game, or experiment with a new hobby. There’s no need to jump out of a plane to get out of your comfort zone! Personally, I joined a weekly networking group and can now recite a 45-second elevator speech about my business in front of 50 people.

Focus Forward

In order to refresh your life, keep your eye on the future –
no more could’ve, would’ve, should’ves for you! Identify what excites you, what taps into your essence. Explore your interests and think of ways in which you can make a difference. Identify and de-clutter the areas of your life that no longer give you meaning or joy. Replace them, instead, with things that light you up inside.

I leave you with the creed of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, A”H. He believed that failure is a step toward achievement, that one should set clear and achievable goals and that Hashem and your fellow man rely on you to accomplish what you are uniquely created to do.

TizKu L’Mitzvotas you spring forward!

Ellen Kamaras, CPA/MBA, is an International Coach Federation (ICF)
Associate Certified Coach. Her coaching specialties include life, career and dating coaching. Ellen helps people find their passion, purpose and positivity in life and love.
Ellen can be contacted at ellen@lifecoachellen.com (www.lifecoachellen.com).