Past Articles:

Science of Shechita

Last month’s article about shechita (The Science of Shechita) was very interesting and very timely. I’m not sure if people realize this, but there are countries that have already banned shechita and other countries that are trying to do so. Slaughter without pre-stunning is presently illegal in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. Currently, Belgium is in the process of trying to ban our ritual slaughter practices. Of course, this has more to do with anti-Semitism than about lessening the suffering of animals. Even though there is ample evidence that animals do not suffer during the Jewish ritual of shechita, countries with a history of anti-Semitism still want to ban this ritual under the false claim that they are concerned about the wellbeing of the animals. This is something that all Jews should be concerned about. If the ban of shechita is passed in Belgium, tomorrow it can be France, then Holland, and eventually all of Europe.

Carl L.

Living Emunah

The new column by Rabbi David Ashear (Living Emunah) definitely enhances your fine publication. It is the first article I turn to every month. Simply put, Rabbi Ashear clarifies the complex topic of emunah so beautifully.

A couple of years ago I was going through a very difficult time – both emotionally and physically. I would cry out to Hashem and ask why he was making me suffer so much. Today, as an active member in kiruv, I’m fortunate to have an understanding of why Hashem gave me those tests. If not for my difficult experiences, I would never have been able to understand other people’s sufferings or relate to their ‘tests’ in life. It is only because of my previous experiences that I have been able to assist others and save them from physical and spiritual downfalls. In hindsight, today, I thank Hashem for those days of agony.

Mark Z.

Positive Parenting

Last month’s Positive Parenting article regarding how to build trustworthy relationships with your children was both well written and pertinent. I agree that the way teachers speak to kids definitely has an impact on them – both positive and negative. People stay away from those who make them feel they need to be on the defensive. And nobody, child or adult, likes to be verbally intimidated or attacked.

Raquel B                                                    

Antibiotic Risks

After reading the article about ‘Antibiotic Risks’ in the Community MD column, my lack of affordable health care and insurance looks like a blessing. I have no chance of getting any prescribed drugs, especially with my $10,000 deductible. But personally, I think there’s nothing like herbal tea, rest, soup, and my mom’s home remedies. Earache? Try garlic oil, and a teaspoon of fresh, chopped garlic three times a day. The local pharmacist is also a good advisor on what can be done.
Of course, it's up to each individual to eat healthy, clean foods, exercise daily, sleep well, and guard their immune system.

Elliot D.

JSOR Passover List

On behalf of all the women in our community THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The Passover Product List by the JSOR is our guide for kosher Passover shopping. We’d be lost without it. May I respectfully request that, in the future, you publish it even more in advance of the holiday?

Thanks again!

Molly C.

Pesach Recipes

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful variety of Pesach recipes in your last issue. My family loved them all – Victoria’s Banana French Toast, Esther’s Chocolate soufflé and of course Sarina’s Haroset. I actually tried three of the Haroset recipes! The Moroccan Haroset was my family’s favorite. 

Jacklyn T.