Past Articles:

Ant-Semitism on College Campuses

I enjoyed Community’s interview with David Brog (“A Price Paid In Blood”).  As a parent of two college students, I can attest to the fact that anti-Semitism does exist on college campuses in the US. The rowdiness of the anti-Israel forces at college universities is a sad reflection of politics and society at large. The pro-Palestinian factions have successfully played the ‘victim card’ – the idea that all Palestinians are oppressed people suffering in silence and brutalized by Israel for reasons of racism. Obviously, this is one BIG FAT LIE, but we need to do a better job of reminding the world of the thousands of rockets launched from Gaza – the very territory that Israel handed back in a futile hope for peace. While the hard core Anti-Israel protestors won’t be swayed, many young people aren’t hearing the truth or about the history of Israel; thus the naïve belief of some that Israel doesn’t want peace.

There is a saying – ‘Tell a BIG lie often enough and it will become the truth’.

As David Brog stated in the interview – when you confront open-minded people with truths, they become pro-Israel. The best way to fight against the lies being taught on college campuses is to educate the people about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the history of the conflict.

Ralph H.

The Beauty In Every Jew

Last month’s article about Lag B’Omer by Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller (The Beauty in Every Jew) was so insightful. I hadn’t been clear on the history and meaning of this special day before. I especially liked the wonderfully concise background she gave for Lag B’Omer.  Personally, I can particularly relate to the phoenix-like story of great tragedy followed by great accomplishment. The article’s’ message about the importance of Jewish unity came through loud and clear. Baruch Hashem, with people who care about these issues like Rebbetzin Heller, the Geula is coming near.

Rose B.

Standardized Test Scores

Last month’s column about standardized test scores (ELA and Math Scores 2016) did not portray an accurate picture of the students in our community. Although the article did mention the fact that standardized test scores have many detractors, it failed to elaborate on the reasons. According to many educators, standardized tests do not accurately measure a student’s ability and intelligence. Studies show that students’ individual scores could vary significantly from day to day due to testing conditions or the test-takers’ mental or emotional states. Also, the questions are the same for each student. Some students may have come from different backgrounds of learning such as what school they go to, what classes they take, or whether or not they are in an honors or AP class. Although standardized tests make it easy to compare school performance, they are just one of many measures that should be used to evaluate student ability and readiness for college and career.

Dave M.

Flatbush Shomrim

Dear Community Magazine,
I wanted to extend my thanks to Shomrim. We had an incident and they were
extremely helpful.

To our incredibly selfless and dedicated Shomrim volunteers in Brooklyn;
our family thanks you and we genuinely appreciate your efforts. Your
volunteers made it their mission to find the young man who was a nuisance
and bully within our local parks. For two weeks, the head of your department, along with
seven other volunteers, spent their Sundays scouting
the park where the incident took place to make sure they correctly
identified the assailant and contacted law enforcement to make an arrest.

Your organization definitely helped stop disastrous behavior before it
became any more dangerous and damaging to our young children. We
are forever grateful to the Shomrim volunteers.


Gourmet Granola

Kudos to Ellen Kamaras for her fantastic interview with Eileen Mizrahi in last issue’s Woman to Woman column. After reading the article, I made sure to purchase some of Eileen’s Gourmet Granola. Boy – I’m glad I did – they are delicious!

Milo F.