Past Articles:

“For the Love of Dough”:
SBH’s Newest Program

Did you know that Sephardic Bikur Holim delivers hallotto over 70 widows in our community each week? Introducing "For the Love of Dough," SBH's newest program launched by Cheri Srour and her mom a few months ago. The idea is simple: On a weekly basis, a group of friends get together, make hallah, learn some new hallahshapes, and have fun doing it. Afterwards, youth volunteers make widows extremely grateful by delivering delicious homemade hallotright to their doors.

For the Love of Dough is currently up and running in both Brooklyn and Deal branches!

For more details or to reserve a week to bake, contact:

Cheri Srour (Brooklyn) 917-768-1196

Jennifer Chabot (Deal) 732-781-5892

The Maskeel El Dal and Hacham Baruch Kollel Chinese Auction

The Maskeel El Dal and Hacham Baruch Kollel Chinese auction will take place on Wednesday, July 12thin the evening and Thursday, July 13th in the daytime.
The event will be graciously hosted by Linda and Steven Cohen, who reside at
95 Deal Esplanade in Deal.

The organization was founded by Hacham Baruch, zt"l, in 1980 and has been continued by his children, led by Rabbi Yaacov Ben-Haim. The kollel was started in 2006 and many of its rabbis have become rabbis in our community synagogues, Torah Centers, and yeshivot. The kollel rabbis supervise Shaare Zion’s senior citizen program as well as Magen David’s kashrut. Almost daily, community members bring halachic questions and disputes to the kollel rabbis, after
agreeing to binding arbitration decisions. Additionally, the kollel rabbis have routinely provided the community with services for special occasions.

When needed, the organization’s hesedfund assists families during holidays and semahot. The fund also assists needy widows and orphans and has been helpful in medical situations, for example in securing operations, and the purchasing of therapy, and medications. Through the fund, community members have received help with living expenses, tuition, end-of-life issues, and burial services. The finances have assisted community members from our local New York area, as well as many needy organizations and individuals in Israel.

Donations in memory of our rabbi and leader Hacham Baruch, zt"l, will help with the many worthwhile initiatives listed. In addition, opportunities to sponsor days, weeks, or months of learning are available in memory of, or for the refuah shelamaof, any individual. Don’t forget to attend the auction on July 12thand 13thin Deal!

YDE Wins JV World Series

After an intense and spirited contest, the determined players of the YDE Thunder Junior Varsity softball team came out victorious
over the HAFTR Hawks. After falling behind early in the game, YDE tied the score at five in their last turn at bat sending the game into extra innings. Then, after several scoreless innings behind ace pitcher Ronnie Faham, the YDE batters loaded the bases for Eric Levy. After fouling off a few pitches, Levy sent a high fly ball to center field, driving in Eli Tawil who tagged from third base for the winning run. While World Series MVP honors went to slugger Vico Mizrachi, Coach Jojo Faham gave credit to all of his players for their competitive play and focus. The
come-from-behind victory was especially sweet being that it was the first in the young team’s history.

Klein’s All New K-Select
in a Class of Its Own

What do you get when you task the geniuses at a company that is in a league of its own with producing a product that is in a league of
its own?

The first-class K-Select line, that’s what!

Indeed, the brilliant scientists at the Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream lab have produced what is arguably the smoothest, tastiest most brilliant ice cream that the kosher world has ever experienced.

The K-Select line of flavors – including the decadent Chocol’e, the addictive Caramelt, Peanut Opus that you can simply go nuts over and the far-from-plain Vanilla Vibe is the stuff dreams are made of.

The K-Select line is so first-class that it is ideally saved for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other celebratory events. Its deliciousness is so distinct that the dessert is the highlight of the meal, received with the anticipation usually reserved for a fine meat or wine. In fact, the ice cream is so rich that it is worthy of being an entire meal by itself!

K-Select is truly deserving of the crown pictured on its label. As soon as you have the good fortune of tasting it for yourself, you will understand. The only point of contention that remains is deciding which of the four delectable flavors is the best.

Enjoy Klein’s K-Select at your next special occasion, or treat yourself to a pint today, and make that purchase a special occasion of its own!

Sefer Torah Dedication Held in Loving Memory of Miriam Chammah, A”H

On Sunday, May 28th, a Sefer Torah dedication was held in loving memory of Miriam Chammah, A”H. Devised by Rabbi Uziel Admoni and family friend Ziko Saadeh, the goal was to finish preparations before Shavuot. With Hashem’s help, everything worked out beautifully. An ornate case for the Sefer Torah was flown in within a day from EretzYisrael and the parashiyotwere all sold out within two days. Those who wrote parashiyothad their names engraved on the case of the Sefer Torah.

Though heavy rain was predicted on the day of the dedication, the sun shone brightly for all in attendance. The procession began at the home of Miriam, A”H, and Gabi Chammah and stopped at Shebet Achim, the SLC Congregation, Keter Tzion, and Ahi Ezer before ending in front of the Shaare Zion Congregation, where the Sefer Torah was completed. An elaborate brunch was served to attendees and Hazan David Shiro led guests in the prayers. The Sefer Torah dedication was graced by the presence of Rabbi Chaim Benoliel, Rabbi Yaakov Ben Haim, Rabbi David Maslaton, Rabbi Meyer Yedid, Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz, and Rabbi Yossi Saadeh. The dear hope is that it served as an aliyahfor the neshamaof Miriam bat Bracha, A’’H.

Flatbush Shomrim Safety
Patrol Arrests and Alerts

May 21, 6:30 AM– One perpetrator arrested for multiple car break-ins in the area of Ave R and East 29th street.

May 21, 5:30 PM– Three perpetrators arrested thanks to the sharp eyes of one of our members who observed them dealing drugs in the vicinity of East 23th Quentin and R.

May 22, 10:30 AM – A cleaning lady that stole $20,000 worth of jewelry and had eluded us for the past eight months was arrested after a successful sting operation by several of our members.

May 28, 1:00 AM– A violent EDP (emotionally disturbed person) in the area of Ave N and East 9th was apprehended by FSSP and transported by EMS.

May 28,6:30 PM – A dangerous situation was averted as our members observed an individual driving erratically on Ave P and East 4th. They held him at bay until the Police Department came and charged him with DWI.

May 28, 8:00 PM – A recidivist package thief that had been plaguing our neighborhood for months was spotted by one of our members. He proceeded to run through backyards but was finally apprehended hiding under a deck and was promptly arrested. After searching his pockets, an additional charge of possessing counterfeit bills was added on to his arrest.

Lottie’s Kitchen

Exhausted each day after working late hours, Ditza received much-needed encouragement in the form of two ‘notes from heaven’ showing how much Hashem values her efforts.

Ditza heads Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen in Israel, which provides meals for families dealing with serious illness. Though she works as hard as she can to coordinate this immense project, which provides 1,200 hot meals and 1,500 sandwiches every week, she is dependent on hervolunteers who package and deliver the meals.

That’s why she was devastated when a volunteer of twenty years retired. Just as Ditza was at her wit’s end, the phone rang with a caller who wanted to volunteer. She lived right near the hospital, had a car available and wanted to volunteer on the very day that Ditza needed filled.

The second ‘heavenly note’: One day, a miscommunication resulted in a major shortage of bread rolls for the families. But not for long. Almost immediately after the shortage was noted, a call came in. A woman had mistakenly ordered 80 extra rolls for a simha. Could Lottie’s Kitchen use them?

Time and time again, Lottie’s Kitchen receives effusive letters of thanks saying, “We never could have made it through our crisis without you!” In constant contact with the family during their most vulnerable moments, Lottie’s Kitchen becomes a desperately needed resource. These families feel comfortable asking for help.

Sometimes, it‘s Mommy who is ill. Or sometimes Mommy needs to spend Shabbat at the hospital with her husband, whispering Tehillim for hours. In either case, Lottie’s kitchen is there.

How can Lottie’s Kitchen in Israel provide so much? Only because of its supporters, the Lottie’s Kitchen Family in America, who open up their hearts. This year’s the Lottie’s Kitchen event will take place on Thursday, July 6th at the magnificent home of Eric and Suzanne Sasson. The demos are super-professional. As heard by many attendees, each year it gets better and better. Remember, July 6th. See you there!

For further information, contact: 718 853 8400.

Sephardic Rabbanim Gather
in Support of Chinuch Atzmai

On Tuesday, June 6, The Rabbanim of the Brooklyn/Deal Sephardic Community gathered at the home of Rabbi David Ozeri on behalf of Chinuch Atzmai. The meeting was called by Hacham Yosef Harari-Raful who is a member of the American presidium of Chinuch Atzmai. The agenda was to discuss the possibility of saving one thousand neshamot that are lingering between a religious lifestyle and a secular lifestyle. The meeting culminated with the establishment of a partnership between the Sephardic Community and the city of Rishon Letzion. The
Sponsor-a-Child campaign was introduced as an
initiative for the entire Sephardic Community.

The five Chinuch Atzmai schools in Rishon Letzion, located in Eretz Yisrael have collective student body of 1169 students. The schools feature a comprehensive curriculum in both limudei kodesh and limudaihol. 810 students are bussed to Rishon Letzion daily from all across Rishon Letzion, as well as from thirteen surrounding communities. Most of these children are from secular and impoverished homes, and thus would not attend a Torah school if their transportation costs were not covered. Having a bus ticketor being without one is the difference between a child growing up as an irreligious Jew, chas v’shalom, or flourishing as one who is shomer Torah u’mitzvot. Hacham Yehuda Ades explained the importance of the transportation fund: “Without this vital funding, these children will not reach a Torah school and Hashem yerachemto where they will fall. Therefore, all those for whom Torah and mitzvah observance is dear should do their utmost to help this cause.”

Harav David Feinstein, personally participated in the meeting, offering his blessings for the success of the campaign. Hacham David Yosef praised Chinuch Atzmai for successfully spreading Torah across Eretz Yisrael and reaching children of Sephardic decent.

A fourteen-year-old boy told of his personal journey from a secular home to a Yeshiva High School. He related, “Although it may have seemed like an unrealistic dream, next year I will be attending the Yeshiva Kedoshaof Shaarei Tzion in Bnei Brak. I want to become a true ben Torah!”

The esteemed Rabbanim are confident that the transportation of the 810 Kiruv students of Rishon Letzion and their Kiruv programs by the Sephardic Community is within reach.

SCC Early Childhood Gives Back

Throughout the month of February, the Sephardic Community Center’s preschoolers immersed themselves in an exciting Community Helper unit. They met a firefighter, a police officer, EMTs, doctors, nurses, and more. Then, children ages four and five engaged in a week of hesedto find out what it was like to become community helpers themselves.

Brimming with excitement and equipped with fifty cents, preschoolers walked with their teachers to a local market. There, each purchased a very special hand-picked snack to give to others. They proudly handed these snacks to Raquel Habert,founder of SBH's Papa Joe's Snacks, so they could be distributed to community children in need.

As the week continued, the children read books about soup kitchens and people less fortunate than themselves – even some who could not afford food. The entire Early Childhood participated in an SCC food drive, where items were collected for the SBH food pantry. The pre-kindergarteners sorted the items that were brought in by the classes, loaded the boxes onto the Center’s bus and then went to visit the pantry itself. While there, they were given a tour and saw people come to collect the items they needed. Finally, each child had an opportunity to help stock the shelves with the items they’d brought. Their visit to the food pantry gave them a behind-the-scenes view of what it means to help others in their community

Hesed Week also included the children baking cookies, which they distributed to the seniors who come to the SCC daily. The week culminated with an amazing Jump-a-thon that raised over $1,300 for the Hatzolah of Flatbush.

The amazing collaboration between educators and parents at the Center truly created a week where the children of Pre-K went beyond just learning about community helpers. These children were given several opportunities to help first-hand! Through this unique experience, they saw the importance of helping others in their own community, even at such a young age. Tizku Le’mitzvot!

The FSSP’s Bike Registration and Carnival

On Sunday, June 11, the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol’s bike registration and carnival drew a crowd of approximately 2,000 people. The event was a resounding
success, as close to 300 bikeswere registered. The participants took advantage of the free food and giveaways which included:

• 1,500 ice cream cones

• 100 pizza pies

•800 bike helmets

• 250 bike combination cable locks

The Flatbush Shomrim thanks the community for their participation in this important and fun-filled day!