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Now that the school year has come to a close, Community Magazine extends the sincerest of congratulations to our yeshivot’s top students. All of the young men and women featured here have displayed not just academic excellence, but sterling character traits – intelligence and middotbefitting a true Benor Bat Yisrael.We salute their accomplishments!

Moshe Salameh

Valedictorian Torah Studies

Moshe Salameh has grown into a serious ben Torah, combining an overall GPA of 98 with an eye-popping Torah Studies GPA of a perfect 100! Moshe’s SAT score of over 1400 is truly fabulous. Moshe is not only a stellar student, but a peer tutor as well. He can routinely be found helping his classmates and some of the younger students with both secular and Judaic subjects. Moshe also runs a weekly youth minyan at Ahiezer Congregation. He is a regular Hazanand Ba’al Korehthere, often leading prayers on Rosh Hodesh. Over his years at Shaare Torah, Moshe completed four masechtot(Sotah, Beitzah, Succah, and Megillah) and also served as captain of the Torah Bowl and Mock Beit Din. He is a Macaulay Scholar in the Honors Program at Brooklyn College and is starting with over 20 credits already, thanks to the AP courses and Touro College courses he took while at Shaare Torah.


General Studies

Joseph Hamadani has been a powerhouse student during his four years at Shaare Torah. His 98 GPA in both Torah and General Studies are a testament to his dedication to learning. With an SAT score of over 1300,Joseph is an AP scholar and graduates with over 20 college credits. Joseph has taken college level coursework in Psychology, Biology, US History, US Government, Global Studies, Microeconomics, Fundamentals of Speech, Computer Concepts, and Business Applications. Simultaneously, he has been committed to his Hebrew learning, finishing masechetSuccah and masechetMegillah while at Shaare Torah. Joseph is a Macaulay Scholar in the Macaulay Honors Program at Brooklyn College and has plans to attend Yeshivat Mikdash Melech next year.

David Dweck


David is a committed student with an eye for the future. Graduating with a cumulative average of 92%, David has taken more AP and college-credit-bearingcourses in his four years of high school than any Shaare student to date. He is an AP Scholar and has accumulated almost 30 college credits while in High School. At the same time, David has completed four masechtot(Sotah, Beitzah, Succah, and Megillah), been active on both Torah Bowl and Mock Beit Din, and took four college courses at Lander College, a division of Touro College. David has been accepted to Touro College on a scholarship that covers almost half of the tuition. He plans on attending Mikdash Melech to pursue his Torah learning
next year.

Evyatar Kanik


Evyatar graduated Ma'or YeshivaHigh School for Boys as the Valedictorian, with the Highest GPA in school history. In his four years at Ma'or Yeshiva, he made many positive contributions, being Student Council President and Yearbook Editor. He will spend next year in Israel, studying at Moreshet Yerushalayim Yeshiva. After his return, he plans to attend the Honors Program at Rutgers University's School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Joseph Cohen


It has been an honor to select Joseph as Ma'or Yeshiva's Salutatorian of 2017. Joseph, or Joey, as he is called by all, is the epitome of integrity and honor, always doing the correct thing no matter what others say. Joey was not only a School Officer but also the leader and captain of all of our sports teams. Next year, he will be learning at Yesod Hatorah in Jerusalem. Once he returns, he has a decision to make! He has been invited to attend Rutgers University's College of Arts and Sciences, Yeshiva University, and Landers College for Men. We wish him luck in choosing the college that is right for him.

Yeshivah of Flatbush
Joel Braverman High School

Mimi Lazerowitz


Mimi is an outstanding graduate and representative
of the Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School. In addition to her passion for science and STEM, Mimi enjoys Foreign Language and excelled in Hebrew and Spanish, achieving a Level IV Gold ranking in the National Spanish Contest. She has a deep commitment to hesed; as one of the Yachad commissioners, Mimi organized activities for Flatbush students and people with disabilities, including the Yachad play. She also was an editor of the Yeshivah’s nationally award-winning school newspaper and participated in Witness Theater, a unique yearlong intergenerational program for select students and Holocaust survivors. The Yeshivah takes great pride in Mimi’s academic and extracurricular dedication as well as her kind and caring personality.She reflects the highest standards of Torah values and epitomizes the best of what we want for and from a YOF graduate.

Josef Kusayev


Josef is an outstanding graduate and representative of the Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School.Next year he will be attending The Lander College for Men’s Medical Honors Pathway to the New York Medical College. Throughout high school, Josef supplemented his academic Honors classes with weekly time and effort dedicated to extracurricular activities,particularly the competitive teams for Torah Bowl, College Bowl, and Chess, which he led as captain. He also served as STEM commissioner and is known for his intellectual curiosity, creative thinking and exceptional middot. Despite his intensive YOF schedule, he added a morning shiurat Shaare Zion Congregation every day before school started. Josef represents Torah uMaadaat its best and we are proud that he is a role model for a ben Torahand a Yeshivah of Flatbush graduate.

Yehoshua Manzor

Victor and Raquel Dabah
Academic Center Valedictorian

Yehoshua Manzor is an outstanding student who has earned the highest overall grade point average, excelling in both Judaic and Secular studies during his years at YDE High School. In addition to his other accolades, Yehoshua has been chosen as a finalist in the impressive National Merit Scholarship Program, being the only student in a Yeshiva High School in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island who was awarded this distinguished honor. At YDE High School,Yehoshua took Advanced Placement courses in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Language, Physics, Psychology, US Government, US History, and World History. He has contributed to ourhesed program and has been an active participant in varied efforts to help others. Yehoshua is not afraid to take a step out of his comfort zone and try new things. He is an avid reader and a deep thinker. Next year, Yehoshua will attend Columbia University on a full academic scholarship. He plans to study engineering. Yehoshua is the son of Jack and Leila Manzor.

Yaakov Ibragimov


Yaakov has achieved outstanding academic success, earning the admiration of both the faculty and his fellow students. A charismatic individual, Yaakov brings a deep focus and keen intellect to his studies. He has been a member of the Principal’s Honor Roll and Honor Society throughout high school. Yaakov has been a participant in our Design Thinking course, has completed our STEM program and has been on the student council. He has also been on the school’s basketball and football teams. Yaakov is interested in business, and has a keen understanding of financial markets. A deeply caring individual, Yaakov enjoys giving back to his community by participating in hesedactivities; he has worked with special needs children and has tutored weaker students. Next year he plans to attend Yeshivat Kol Torah in Israel. He will attend Baruch College upon his return. Yaakov is the son of Reuven and Nalini Ibragimov.

Mark Hazan

Hacham Yomtob Yedid, zt”l,Valedictorian

Mark Hazan is a gifted student who has brought great honor to our school in both his Limude Kodesh and Secular Studies. Mark has left a lasting legacy with his immense capacity for finding solutions to difficult problems, particularly in Talmud, a subject at which he excels. This unassuming star has set the gold standard for humility in his quiet and elegant demeanor and his very pleasant personality. Mark is an outstanding speaker who has often given in-depth presentations to the entire faculty and student body. Academically, Mark is a member of the Principal’s Honor Roll and the Honor Society. He has completed Advanced Placement courses in Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, US Government, US History, and World History. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, has tutored younger students and has been involved in numerous hesedactivities both at YDE High School and in the community. Among his many impressive awards,
Mark is the recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from the Kleinman Holocaust Education Center. Mark has been awarded a full Dean’s Scholarship to Brooklyn College, one of only twenty given out this year. This coming year Mark will attend Yeshivat Kol Torah in Israel after which he will pursue his secular studies. Mark is the son of Gavriel and Bella Hazan.

Elliott Mizrahi


Elliot has excelled in all his courses, earning the highest accolades from faculty and students for his sterlingacademic and personal accomplishments. Elliott is an AP Scholar and a member of the Principal’s Honor Roll and the Honor Society. He has been on the school’s student council and has been captain of our debate team. Additionally, Elliott has been a member of the school’s math team and Editor of the school newspaper. He has been a big brother volunteer, has tutored elementary school students and has been assistant treasurer of his congregation. Mr. Feldman, Principal of YDE High School, has said of Elliott, “He is a role model for every student to follow forhis outstanding academics and his sterling character.” This coming year Elliott will attend Yeshivat Mikdash Melech in Israel. He will attend Baruch College upon his return. Elliott is the son of Charles and Lili Mizrahi.

Joseph Faham


Josephhas combined outstanding academic achievement with leadership excellence. He brings a love of learning to his daily life. A member of the Principal’s Honor Roll and Honor Society, Joe is a charismatic role model to the rest of our students. His excellent academic record is matched only by his sterling character. An impressive member of our school’s basketball and softball teams, Joe always puts his team members ahead of himself. He is an entrepreneur, having been involved in several business ventures. For the past few summers, Joe has organized a junior basketball league, “And One Summer Basketball League” in Deal New Jersey, raising funds while giving kids a fun outlet. Joe is the recipient of a Presidential Scholarship to New York Institute of Technology,and a University Presidential Scholarship to Hofstra University. He will attend Yeshivat Mikdash Melech in Israel next year. Joe is the son of Marc and Fortune Faham.

Magen David Yeshivah
Celia Esses High School

Audrey Sardar


Audrey Sardar is an incredible student and artist. With the highest GPA of her grade, Audrey has clearly demonstrated her love of learning. As captain of the girls' Torah Bowl team, Audrey displays true leadership and love of Torah learning. Through her camera lens, Audrey captures fantastic perspective and artistic expression. Audrey will be attending FIT’s President Honors Program for Photography in the fall.

Neil Shweky


Neil is an exceptionally bright young man who very often takes upon himself great academic challenges both in and out of the classroom. He has created numerous apps, including one that helps students with geometry and one that tracks the number of berachotsaid each day. He developed two apps for SBH and is currently workingon a third for them. Neil will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar.

Danielle Sutton


Danielle's sweet smile and respectful nature compliment
her keen intellect. Aside from being involved ina plethora of extra-curricular activities from academic teams to Bikur Holim, Danielle is a hardworking student with a sincere commitment
to spiritual and intellectual growth.

Alice Hedaya


Alice is a true Ba'alat Hesed.She has been involved in Sephardic Bikur Holim since 9th grade and always assumed a leadership role in the events she helped to organize. Her bright personality and sincere desire to learn and grow have endeared her to faculty and peers alike. Alice will be attending Baruch College in the fall.

Jonathan Tuvy


Jonathan is incredibly intelligent and has an incomparable love for learning. He excels at and enjoys not only the AP Sciences, but also AP Literature, AP Language, and Talmud. During his years at Hillel, Jonathan participated in the Leadership Academy, the Photography Club, the Dissection Club, and Music Club. He also played on the school’s Varsity Soccer and Hockey teams. Jonathan’s keen mind has been a huge asset during College Bowl. His kindness extends to his volunteer involvement with Sephardic Bikur Holim, Congregation Ohel Yosef, and Deal Sephardic Network. When he is not studying or giving back to the community, Jonathan’s hobbies include playing piano, writing, playing baseball, spending time with friends, and biking. He is an avid cyclist, having completed his fifth New York City bike tour.

Next year, Jonathan will be attending the Binghamton University Scholars Program, which exposes its students to real world experiences in their preferred majorsboth locally and abroad. While at Binghamton, Jonathan plans to participate in the Biochemistry research stream and be on the pre-med track. When asked to share his fondest memory of Hillel, Jonathan said: “What I’ll remember most are the people I’ve met along my journey through the school. Without them, there is no Jonathan Tuvy. Jonathan Tuvy is his experiences, conversations, and lessons with the people he worked with and learned from.”

Rebecca Gartenberg


Rebecca has a passion for learning.She also has a curious and thoughtful mind, with a special appreciation for Computer Science, Math, and Humash. During her years at Hillel, Rebecca participated in Model UN, and played on the Tennis and Soccer teams. As a senior, Rebecca served as co-editor of the yearbook. Rebecca’s kindness and patience are visible in the many years she spent tutoring students at Sephardic Bikur Holim and mentoring young people in the Hand in Hand program, which extends a helping hand to special needs children and their families. Through Hillel’s Ambassador Program, she helped many students make the challenging transition from middle school to high school. Rebecca’s hobbies include playing piano, coding, and sports.

Next year she will be attending The Cooper Union Albert Nerken School of Engineering to study electrical engineering. When asked what she’ll remember most about Hillel, Rebecca said, “The amazing teachers and how much they care about their students both inside and outside the classroom, all the great friends I’ve had here, some that I grew up with and some that I met in high school.”

Ruth Tawil


Ruth possesses an enthusiasm for learning that has made her an all-around student in both Torah and General Studies. Ruth has served as a captain of the Dance team, and a member of the Tennis and Softball teams at Hillel. As Student Council secretary, she was crucial in developing activities that added tremendous ruachto the school. Ruth’s warmth always came through when giving tours to visiting parents and students in her role as a student ambassador. Her many volunteer efforts included being Vice President of SBH Youth, organizing the annual Hillel Yeshiva Blood Drive in memory of Rabbi Ezra Labaton, A”H, working for “Save the Beat,” and serving as a “Ball for Israel” committee leader. Ruth loved being a part of Leadership Academy and had a particular affinity for her AP Language, Humash, Math, and Engineering classes. Ruth’s interests include skiing, ballet, tennis, nutrition, and graphic design.

Nextyear, she will be attending the Honors Program at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women. When asked what she’ll remember most about Hillel, Ruth said, “What I’ll remember and miss the most about Hillel is the sense of family. I’ll remember how niceit was to walk into the building and see all of my friends first thing in the morning. I’ll remember teachers who cared
so much, and were always there to help us out with anything
and everything.”