Past Articles:

Remembering Miriam Chammah, A”H

Thank you for the article about Miriam Chammah, a”h (The Jewish World Unites for a Young Mother). What an extraordinary and inspirational woman she was! People like her are heart and soul lifters, making us more aware of Hashem, and teaching us how to live life to the max. After reading the article I thought to myself, “I wish I could be that kind of person." I haven't been blessed with that kind of selflessness, but I thank you for sharing her story and giving me cause to try. We should all learn from Miriam and try to incorporate her positive attitude to the best of our abilities. May her spirit guide us all!

Ruthie C.


Dear Community Magazine,

Thanks to everyone for their continued encouragement and for the warm and enthusiastic response to the article about my daughter Miriam Chammah, a”h.

After the article was published, it occurred to me I was remiss in not emphasizing more strongly our hakarat hatov to Specialty Hospital of Lakewood and its director, Dr. Howard Leibowitz.  Dr. Leibowitz and his staff went far beyond the call of duty to care for our daughter. Always extremely caring, they put up with our constant parade of visitors day and night, and kept her alive much longer than any other doctors had thought possible.  May they continue to provide such excellent care for the Jewish community!

And if I neglected to mention anyone else who deserves our hakarat hatov, I hope you will be mochel!  There were so many who did so much - far too many to mention - and you all deserve our deepest thanks.


Barbara Bensoussan

President Trump

I strongly disagree with the article about President Trump that appeared in last month’s issue. (Trump Praised by Jewish Panelists for Multiple Successes in his First 100 Days). Sorry, but Donald Trump really hasn't done much at all since he took office. Health Care is a bust so far and he does not intend to touch tax reform until he is done with health care – so that means we may not see changes there until the end of the year. People need to keep in mind that the American people did not elect Trump; he was, in fact, elected by the Electoral College. Trump will never be a popular president since his sole purpose is to ensure the corporate plutocracy maintains its stranglehold upon American Democracy. 

Sammy  T.


It was nice to read a truthful article about President Trump. I think he is doing a great job so far, especially when you consider the biases of the press and the "deep state" liberals in government who are doing everything in their power to make him look bad. Most of the media outlets amplify everything way out of proportion. If Trump cured cancer this afternoon, the headlines tomorrow morning would read, "Trump Slashes Funds for Cancer Research!"

The truth is that Trump is excelling in the areas that are most meaningful to everyday working class people. Illegal immigration is way down and the economy is way up. Jobs have increased, and national security has become a priority.

In my opinion, Trump simply needs to stop tweeting and resist the urge to answer every complaint against him. Other than that, I commend him.

Ron L.

Summer Fever

I admit that after reading the articles pertaining to summer in your last issue (Hot Summer Gadgets and Making the Most of Summer 2017) I came down with a severe case of ‘Summer Fever!’ I hope you’ll allow me to share one thought with your audience, however.

Although summertime may be a vacation from school, it should not be a vacation from Judaism. If anything, the summer is an opportune time to learn and grow spiritually, with the excitement and joy that is so much a part of vacation. For example, if you are taking your family on a nature walk, or to the zoo or aquarium, usethe opportunity to have a conversation about Hashem and His wondrous ways. In this way, Judaism becomes part of summer fun.

Wishing everyone a fun, safe, and uplifting summer!

Eli M.