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Imagine yourself biking along a path with small cliffs on either side of you, lifting yourself over natural obstacles, peddling over those narrow wooden slatted bridges and zooming down a steep mountain at full speed! Think of the views, as the beauty of the mountains, its peaks and valleys, trees and deserts, plants and animals, accompany you on your journey. Welcome! You’ve just entered the world of mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a full body experience. Every sense and every muscle becomes a part of it. Nothing can quite compare to the double benefit of getting an extreme workout while experiencing the pure bliss of nature. People who have tried it become almost addicted to the experience and cannot call it a day without hitting up the mountain trails, if only for a few minutes. 

Of course, mountain biking is not easy to learn and most people do not know where the mountain trails are, let alone how to navigate them.It just so happens that some of the finest mountain trails in all of NJ are near our very own Deal and Lakewood communities. And now, for the very first time, there is a professional available to give guided tours and lessons, so that you, too, can partake in this amazing experience. Allow Jax Mountain Bike Adventures to introduce you to the incredible – and until now secret – world of mountain biking. 

If you are already a pro at road biking, consider trying mountain biking. It is an adventure unlike anything on the road, and will dramatically improve your cycling skills. Even if you have no biking experience, Jax can guide you through the process and teach you well. 

Join Yaakov on the trails of NJ! He will custom design a trip for your skill level and teach you how to become your own guide. Treat yourself to the life altering-experience of mountain biking and make way for good health, peace of mind, and a whole lot of fun.