Past Articles:

Announcing the Formation of the Sephardic Division of Hayim Aruchim

When a loved one is seriously ill, there are usually critical care decisions to
be made.

When the physician says:

…there is no treatment for your loved one.

…it would be inappropriate to place your loved one on a respirator.

…a feeding tube is not recommended.

…it makes sense to sign a DNR/DNI.

…hospice is the most appropriate option.

…your loved one is ready for discharge and you need to choose a facility.

turn to Hayim Aruchim for support and guidance!

Hayim Aruchim consultants are trained in both medicine and halacha,leaving them expertly equipped to offer you support and advice.

The Sephardic Division has recently formed and is proud to have a top team of professionals on hand. They include: Rabbi Eliezer Harari as Halachic Advisor; Rabbi Joseph Srour; Rabbi Raymond Beyda and Rabbi Raymond Haber as Medical Halachic Consultants; Dr. Albert Matalon, MD as a Medical Advisor, and Pinny Most as Care Navigator.

Call Hayim Aruchim’s 24-hour hotline at 347 578 8200. For more information, please visit

David Greenfield Chooses Not to Seek Re-election in Order to Become
the New CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty

City Councilman David Greenfield made a surprising announcement in mid-July: He will step down when his term ends in order to become the new CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, an organization that does important non-profit work for the community.

“I love being a councilman; it’s wonderful to be in the thick of things,” Greenfield said. “But part of the purpose of serving the public is to try to figure out where you can make the greatest impact.”

Greenfield is a moderate voice on the council and one of its most influential lawmakers. As chair of the Land Use Committee, he oversaw numerous re-zoning efforts. He plans to stay on the council until his term ends on December 31st 2017, but it is not yet clear who will run for his seat. His departure is sure to shake up the 51-member body, which could look significantly different next year once a new leader is appointed after Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito reaches her term limit.

Sponsors Needed
for Kids of Courage Eight-Day Summer Camp

Kids of Courage is a Jewish volunteer-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults with serious medical diagnoses. The organization does this by sponsoring many events that are more like adventures to the ill children who attend them.

On August 3rd, Kids of Courage will be taking 130 sick children and young adults, with all the required medical supervision and life support equipment, to a medically supervised camp.

Just imagine: For eight days children from across the United States and around the world will leave their hospitals or sick rooms and be surrounded by fun-filled activities. Once in Tyson, Virginia, they will leave the pressure of their illnesses behind.

The Kids of Courage rule of the thumb is that the sicker the child is, the more likely he is to be accepted to the camp. After all, children with serious illnesses deserve the chance to have an unforgettable summer. At camp, they have an opportunity to recuperate from the physically and emotionally exhausting lifestyles they lead. This dose of relaxation is appreciated by both parents and children alike, giving them
much-needed strength going forward. Many say that this week at camp is the highlight of their year.

When a child is diagnosed with a serious medical illness, it takes a toll on the entire family. This is where Kids of Courage steps in, offering year-round support by assisting with medical referrals, hospital visits, toy drives, weekend retreats, monthly events, and this medically supervised summer adventure. All services provided are free to the children and families; these families
have enough to worry about without having to consider the finances required to participate in KOC activities.

The Kids of Courage summer camp is about to begin and there are campers who need to be sponsored! To donate to this cause, or receive more information, please contact Esther Cohen at Estt26@gmail.comor call 917-921-4276.

Ezer Mizion:
Czechoslovakia? No problem…

“I’m sorry. He won’t be back in the office until a week from Tuesday….” We’ve all heard these words. It’s commonly understood that “being out of the office” means being unavailable. When it comes to saving a life, however, Ezer Mizion will not accept such a response.

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry has saved the lives of over2,400 patients around the globe. Most recently, a six-year-old needed a transplant as soon as possible. Among the 850,000 registrants on the database, a DNA match was found and the potential donor contacted. She’d be happy to donate, she said, but there was one problem. The next level of testing had to be done right away and she was currently in Brno, Czechoslovakia.

“Can I make an appointment for when I return in a few weeks?” she asked. The Ezer Mizion staff member could only record: Donor out of country. Testing will be done when returnsand close the file until then. As for the patient? By then, perhaps his condition would still be such that he could benefit from the transplant, but perhaps not – and Ezer Mizion was not going to take that chance.

Linked to Life, another division of Ezer Mizion whose program maintains vital contacts worldwide, was called and a mass announcement was made: Volunteer needed to drive vital test tubes from Petach Tikva to the airport to meet someone going on the 3:50 flight to Vienna.In moments, a volunteer responded and the tubes were on their way. While he was driving, thousands were again contacted: Looking for someone scheduled for flight to Prague to take the tubes… Bzzz. A response. Am at airport. I’ll take it.

Another volunteer, waiting at the Prague airport, drove the package to the Chabad House. The head of the Chabad House then drove through the night to Brno. He used his connections to have the clinic opened in the middle of the night so as to draw blood from the potential donor.

A request was sent out again while the now-filled test tubes were making their way back to Prague. Anyone traveling from Prague to Israel on the next flight?By the next morning, another Ezer Mizion Linked to Life volunteer was waiting atthe Tel Aviv airport, ready to transport the tubes to the Bone Marrow Registry in Petach Tikvah.

Less than twenty-four hours. Mission accomplished.

Introducing Olivv Source,
a Free All-In-One App for
the Sephardic Community

Olivv Source is an all-inclusive app released for the benefit of our community. Users have an array of opportunities at their fingertips! They can browse community businesses, real estate listings, classifieds ads, and sales opportunities. They can connectwith a business or advertise their own.

Homeowners looking to sell can post their property and those looking to buy or rent can hunt for an apartment
or home.

Olivv Source is the first app of its kind with listings of hesedopportunities, so that users can become aware of how they can volunteer their time and expertise. Those who need volunteers post where and when they’d like the help, and people looking to do good can use for their phone to carry out hesedon the go. Olivv Source is also the place to find a local minyanor gemach, browse a listing of Torah classes, peruse the calendar to stay updated on upcoming events, and keep a listing of emergency contacts and facilities.

Olivv Source grants access to everything needed to be an informed, valuable, and successful community member.

SBH’s World of the Arts Showcase and Auction Highlights Young Community Artists

On Sunday, July 16th, Sephardic BikurHolim held its third annual World of the Arts Young Artist Showcase and Auction. Community artists of all ages showcased their masterpieces at the home of Adele & Bobby Dweck and Marilyn Chira in Deal, NJ.

 Over 100 pieces were displayed and sold in a silent auction. Community members were able to bid on their favorite pieces while helping others; all proceeds from the art sales were donated to SBH. The Chinese auction featured incredible prizes, such as a Mac computer, original artwork by Irene Mamiye, and a “Get Creative” package filled with art supplies. Marilyn Dweck, the event chair, organized the evening with the help of her dedicated committee and family.