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By: Jolie Greiff

“The Torah dedication ceremony this past summer was a spectacular event!” recalls Mr. Jack Rahmey, an active community member in Deal, N.J. “It was wonderfully festive and a real kiddush Hashem.”

The man responsible for this special community event, Harry Adjmi, is well known in the Syrian community for his communal involvement, especially with charitable causes. Adjmi was joined by his wife Alice and their four children, Amin, Bobby, Lillian, and Raymond in sponsoring the sefer Torahdedication in honor of Rabbi Edmond Nahum, beloved rabbi of the Deal Synagogue for the past 37 years.

Rahmey noted that although most families of the Deal community live there only during the summer months, Rabbi Edmond Nahum is the one who holds down the fort all year long. He is known to be a brilliant scholar, and a respected leader of the synagogue, which is the center of the community in Deal.

“The Adjmi family wanted to show our appreciation for Rabbi Nahum,” Harry stated. “We love the rabbi and believe that he deserved this honor. As Jews, we have the tradition to adhere to our Torah values, and to follow our rabbis. This is especially true in the Syrian community where we show tremendous respect and hakarat hatov(gratitude), to our rabbis. Rabbi Nahum has earned the love and respect of all our community members.”

Large posters announcing the Torah dedication were put up in all the synagogues in the community, and close to 400 people attended the celebration.

The event began with a festive breakfast at Harry and Alice's home onParker Avenue. From there a police escort preceded the crowd, who danced to traditional Syrian and Hebrew music with the new sefer Torah. It was carried under a canopy during the two block processional from Parker Avenue to the Deal Synagogue on Norwood Avenue.

Harry exclaimed, “It was a wonderful sight! Only in America! Where else would they close off the streets and have a police escort? We were walking and dancing for almost an hour, and the policemen were great. I thanked them and they said, ‘It was our pleasure!’

“The Syrian communities of Brooklyn and Deal are renowned for their charitable giving, and for their support of Israel. With Hashem's help, we worked hard, built strong businesses, and we keep giving and giving to many worthy causes.It was wonderful to see the community together on such a wonderful day.”

When the crowd arrived at the synagogue, all the shul’s sifre Torahwere carried out to greet the new one, amidst joyful singing and dancing. After much spirited dancing, the new sefer Torahled all the others back into
the synagogue.

Hazzanimfrom all the local synagogues joined in leading the singing. Harry Adjmi was the first speaker. He introduced Rabbi Nahum, and thanked him for his unceasing dedication to the synagogue for so many years.

Rabbi Nahum spoke, and thanked The Adjmi family. He said, “This is not for me, this is for Hashem. A sefer Torahis a wonderful thing, but know that we also have many talmidei hachamimwho are like a walking sifre Torah. Today we are honoring Hashem.”

Jack Rahmey concludes, “It was a magnificent morning and very heartwarming. Everybody was there. There was such a beautiful crowd joined together to adorn the new sefer Torahand to give honor to Rabbi Nahum. It gave everyone a great feeling to be part of such a wonderful community.”