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By: Maayan Kfir

The structure of the Earth’s crust has baffled secular scientists
for generations.

Here’s the gist of the riddle: The outer layer of the Earth’s crust is composed of tectonic plates which are cold and brittle. The inner crust, which we get to see in a volcanic eruption, is fiery hot molten magma. No other planet in our solar system has a plate system similar to the Earth’s.

It gets more confusing. The aforementioned tectonic plates have two types of crusts, oceanic and continental. Scientists have a good estimate of how the oceanic crust was made, from molten magma that cooled off in the sea. In other words, material from the hot inner crust that came up and hardened madethe oceanic crust. There are giant undersea mountain ranges that have a layer of basalt that seems to have been poured on them from the ocean floor. Basalt is volcanic rock that once was magma.

The continental crust is quite different.It is full of silicate minerals that make it much denser and heavier than the oceanic crust. Scientists theorize that the continental crust was formed first and is older than the oceanic crust. That can explain the density, but howit was formed remains
a mystery.

Two recentarticles attempt to explain the mystery of the continents, one article appears in New Scientistand the other was published in Nature Geoscience.Both articles give explanations for a narrow layer of crust, which extends to a depth of 250 miles at most. More baffling is that in Nature Geosciencethe article’s authors pointed out that the composition of the relatively “newer” portions of the crust is different than that of the classical denser crust we are familiar with.

So that brings us back to the question, how did the continental crust form under our continents? And where did the continents come from, and how did they form so quickly?

Scientists do not have an answer, but the Torah does:

And Gd said, "Let the waters beneath the heavens gather into one place, and let the dry land appear." And it was so. And Gd called the dry land: “Earth,” and the gathering of the waters He called: “Seas.” And Gd saw that it was good.

Beresheet 1: 9-10

Today, more and more scientists acknowledge the remarkable intelligentdesign that is so obvious throughout the universe. We Jews recognize that the Torah teaches us the whole truth, when it clearly declares: In the beginning, Gd created the heavens and the earth.