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Seven Years ago the anonymous founder of The Mitzvah Man set out to change his life, and the lives of others for the better through anonymous acts of kindness. He ran a small ad in the paper, offering assistance with errands readers mightneed, and asking for others interested in doing hesed to contact him. Requests for assistance and offers to help have skyrocketed. Today there are approximately 700 Mitzvah Man volunteers, and about 270 people are helped weekly in New York and New Jersey. Hesed activities include visiting the elderly, helping the blind, helping with job placements, running people to medical appointments, cooking food for emergency situations, providing assistance for bar mitzvah boys, companionship for Holocaust survivors, and much more.

Below are a couple of true stories from the Mitzvah Man.

Miracles Happen at the Mitzvah Man!

One afternoon a call came in to Mitzvah Man. "Hello Mitzvah Man!” the caller began. “We just opened up a new synagogue but we have no chairs and we have to stand up on Shabbat. Can you help us purchase 42 chairs?”

Mitzvah Man responded, "I'm sorry but this is not something we do. We don’t provide money for furniture. What we do is everyday acts of hesed to help people in need. However, if we hear of anything, we will be happy to contact you."

Two hours later the Mitzvah Man founder was driving along and saw chairs outside on the street, in front of a shul. It looked as if the shul’s cleaning service staff was vacuuming, and had put the chairs out on the street temporarily. The Mitzvah Man founder started thinking, "Hey you never know. Maybe they are giving these chairs away. Let me pull over and see."

So, Mitzvah Man went into the shul to inquire of the rabbi. "Hello Rabbi,” he said, “I noticed chairs outside on the street. May I ask what you are doing with them?”

The rabbi replied, "Oh, we were throwing those away, as we just got a donor to purchase 42 new chairs. If you like you are welcome to take those chairs and keep them."

This is just one example of a clear miracle at the Mitzvah Man organization! The organization comes across hundreds of miracles all the time.


Five Years Later and the Hesed Still Continues

A Mitzvah Man recipient recalls the following:

I sat in the middle of my living room surrounded by mounds upon mounds of boxes. The move from California was real.  B”H, we had made it, even though the doctors advised us not to. We had survived the arduous trip and were back home amongst family and community members.

But now staring at the tasks before me while attached to an oxygen mask, I sat there overwhelmed by it all.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, followed by the patter of five pair of young feet.

"We're from Mitzvah Man and heard you need help," one of the youngsters said.

I looked at their young eager faces and my heart took flight.

I remembered a similar group of Mitzvah Man volunteers from five years earlier. They were such kind, intelligent young women, who loved doing hesed. They stuck by me over the years. They've maintained contact with me, even though I lived three thousand miles away! There was always a call every Shabbat, and every holiday. Were they my granddaughters I could not love them more. I've seen some of them blossom into wives, mothers, therapists, artists, and writers. And they always had Hashem leading their hearts and minds.

I felt a sense of “back to the future.” Here before me stood a new group of young ladies who will  one day become mothers of our community. Each one is sweeter than jam on bread - ready, willing, and able to do any task to be of service.

Hashem, I give thanks to You for putting these girls into my life, for showing me a glimpse of the future of our community, and to personally benefit from their kindness. The cherry on the whipped cream that afternoon was when my older girls dropped in to see me, and I was able to introduce them, the best of my yesterdays, to the new girls, who were to become the best of the future.

The one thing they all shared in common was their love of hesed and their joy in doing mitzvot.
 How lucky could one human being be, to be the recipient of both? Baruch HaShem, yom yom.
And thank you Mitzvah Man for the gifts you allowed me to share.

To contact The Mitzvah Man for assistance or to volunteer, please contact (866) 355-1825, toll free.