“Choose Jewish” Jewish Education in France Gets a Boost

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By: E. Ades

The first community members set foot in America over one hundred years ago. They were driven by their desire to make a better life for the ones they loved. Today, we remain driven by that same desire but the road map has changed. We have more needs, more competition, more mouths to feed, and more children to clothe and educate. Making ends meet is just not enough and in many cases even that is difficult. 

Today, there is a need to bring awareness that a dual income familyhas become "the new normal". The working woman is now seen as the ordinary rather than the extraordinary. Two years ago Propel was founded out of this growing obligation to our community. Propel is here to support women by unlocking their full potential. We add to their education and certify women in career courses that will not only generate income but will elevate who they are. Placing value on self-development and teaching community women to become lifelong learners will not only make them resilient; it will instill an additional layer of pride and self esteem. This is priceless.

August 23rd marked a perfect summer night in which Board Member Marlene Mamiye graciously hosted and warmly welcomed guests into her beautiful home and to an "al fresco" dinner.  Throughout the evening the purpose and goals of Propel were explained informing the crowd that life and career coaching are free as well as the cost of tuition enrollment when needed. The response from the guests towards the sensitivity and need of Propel's mission was very well received. 

In explaining how Propel works co-President Haim Dabah said, “Some training is as short as a few days. Some certification programs can last up to two years. Although the training costs fluctuate, the return on investment is 13X."

During the evening one of Propel’s enrollees, Natalie Halawani, shared her personal story explaining how serious challenges piled up threatening to impact her ability to care for her family. She reached out to Propel to explore options that might put her in a better position. “I am learning part time online in the evenings so that I can keep my current day job. I hope to graduate in January 2018 and be able to earn substantially more than I earn now. I am hopeful and I owe that to Propel.”

To date there are thirty seven Propel graduates representing $954,800.00 in full time earning potential. While some graduates choose to work full time, a large percentage of graduates are working part time in order to give the proper attention in raising young families.

Propel follows a process in order to successfully take a woman from wanting to earn to actually earning. After making an appointment each potential client meets with a coach at least once but can meet up to three times. During those meetings her strengths are identified along with emerging opportunities in the job market. Her lifestyle is taken into consideration; some women need to work from home, some need flexible hours: some want part time work:  some full time. 

Taking all the variables into account, the coach and the client make a sustainable plan. 

The objective is to help each woman earn as much as possible while allowing her to honor our traditional family values. 

"We try to give women skills that are needed in expanding industries so that the odds are in their favor as they enter the job market," says Mr. Dabah. Once an individual career is identified, research is done to identify the best schools, teachers, and programs. Some training takes place online but most are in person.  Each client is coached throughout her time in school, during her job search, and up to three months after being hired. This added layer of support can be crucial to a woman who might feel anxious at the thought of facing change. It's easy to be overwhelmed when juggling personal and work schedules.

"When a business closes, or the breadwinner loses his job, the financial repercussions can devastate a family. Propel is breeding financial resilience in families by helping community women gain skills that translate into better paying jobs," says co-president Jaqueline Harary.

Everyone knows a community woman who wants to earn but is unaware of the best way to proceed. Let Propel help you "do what you love for those you love."

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