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Past Articles:

Hurricane Harvey

I really enjoyed reading last month’s article about how people from the community flew down to Houston to assist fellow Jews recover from the damage from Hurricane Harvey. It is so great to see the unity of the Jewish community doing so much good in such very difficult times. This is how mankind is meant to be, unified as one. We need to forget the exceptions that create negative feelings, and dwell on our unity during times of crisis. Tragically, there have been many fatalities as a result of the recent natural disasters, and we must grieve with those who lost loved ones. The pain of loss will heal, but the feeling of how much we can achieve when we work together will bring us through even tougher times together. Gd bless every one of us.

Raymond E.

Mayorial Candidate Nicole Malliotakis

Last month’s article about NYC mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis really shed some light on the differences between her platform and the platform of Mayor De Blasio. I would urge all New Yorkers to get out there and vote Nicole Malliotakis on November 7, 2017. Most interestingly, Malliotakis supports tax credits for parochial schools and yeshivas. This will save a lot of money for the families in our community. Her stance is more in line with our moral standards and values as well. Very often we don't go out and vote, and support the candidates that can help our community the most. If we take action by voting, and support what we believe in, we can have a better society.

Raquel B.

Trump and the Economy

Too much credit was given to President Trump in last month’s column about the economy (“Economy Jumps with Trump”). A president should not receive all the credit for a good economy, nor all the criticism for a bad one.

Unless there is some special economic policy in place, such as a fiscal stimulus to ameliorate a recession for example, the economy does its own thing. There is a business cycle which produces a recession every eight to ten years. We seem to be nearing the peak of this cycle, and President Trump benefits as long as the economy is strong enough to support full employment. The anemic economic growth over the past eight years, though, implies that there is still room for expansion. If the Republicans are lucky, it will carry them through the 2018 election.

Albert S.

Mitzvah Man

I've always read about the amazing work of Michael Cohen and the Mitzvah Man organization, but never really had to call, until this past Sukkot.  A woman, who had lost her husband and was handicapped in a wheelchair, contacted me. She wanted a sukkah for her family. Her sukkah got damaged in a flood. We had gotten a hold of a beautiful wooden sukkah for her, and arranged delivery. Then the driver cancelled. Do you know how hard it is to find a truck erev Sukkot? Nearly impossible! A thought popped in my head, “Call the Mitzvah Man!” Within a few minutes, I received a call back and within a few more minutes a driver, Morris Chrem. He picked up the sukkah, delivered it, and stayed on to help build it - ALL ON A VERY BUSY EREV SUKKOT! I am in awe of these people. Tizku l'misvot for all the hesed that you do for everybody!

David B.

Organic Debate

I would like to comment about the article that appeared in the September issue about the organic food debate. Years ago when I was practicing the macrobiotic diet due to health reasons (which, by the way, were B”H resolved) I spoke to the farmer of Lee Turkey Farm of NJ. When I brought up the subject of organic food, he told me that before he turned the farm into a farmers’ market, he looked into going organic. He vehemently chose against it when he found out that they used "natural" tobacco for pesticide on produce which was then sold as organic.

There are so many ways to change and improve our eating habits besides going organic.

Malky T.