Past Articles:

By: Ellen Geller Kamaras

The Retro Hanukah 5778 Contest

Isaac Gindi, creator of ourminyan.com,which rewards children for positive actions in shul, is running a Retro Hanukkahcontest. The goals of the contest are to return us to Hanukah’s spiritual roots, bring awareness and pride for Hashem’s gifts (our Jewish soul, spirit, and heritage), and inspire us to DREAM BIGand maximize our Jewish potential. Here are a few ideas to think about.

• Travel back in time to recreate our past.

• Re-ignite your Jewish lights and sparks!

• Re-discover yourpowerful neshama and its capabilities l’shem Shamayim.

• FOCUS on the spiritual joys versus the physical pleasures of toys, presents,
and Hanukah foods.

• Remember the reason we spin the dreidel. The Jewish scholars fooled the Greek soldiers, making believe they were playing a game instead of studying Torah.

Join us on the wondrous journey of recreating our past and remembering who we truly are. This holiday, let’s understand how powerful a Jewish neshamais, and what it is capable of doing. To enroll in the challenge, please email Mr. Gindi at hanukkah613@ourminyan.com before Hanukkah starts on December 12th.

Contest Rules

Please provide: first name, last name, email, and phone number if you want to be added to the whatsapp Hannukah chat. Choose one or more of the physical and spiritual attributes of the Maccabees and try to do them yourself. List the ones you will try to do in the email. We don’t monitor anyone; it’s all based on the honor system. Please share with us some of your experiences via email orwhatsapp.

3 Grand Prize winners will be randomly selected.

First prize is $500

Second prize is $300

Third Prize is $200

Sample Maccabee actions you would like
to emulate: (Choose as many as you like.)


1. Call yourself by your Hebrew name.

2. Go to synagogue on time.

3. Eat slowly.

4. Wear a religious article.

5. Help with the groceries.


1. Be kind to people.

2. Don’t scream to get a point across.

3. Don’t interrupt people when they are talking.

4. Listen to Hanukah stories.

5. ALWAYS remember that Hashem runs the world.

Kosherfest 2017 a Huge Success

Kosherfest, an international trade show for the kosher food industry, now in its 29th year, was held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus on November 14thand 15th.

Kosherfest is the world’s largest and most attended kosher-certified products trade show, and features businesses that follow strict requirements to make their products kosher.

Kosherfest gives manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of kosher certified products and services the opportunity to reach thousands of mainstream and independent kosher trade buyers from across the globe. Manufacturers met with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to get their products – many first introduced at the show – onto the shelves and into consumers’ shopping carts.

More than 6,000 industry professionals attended this year’s event.

Photos by Morris Antebi

Assemblyman Dov Hikind
has returned to the airwaves. Two different live shows discuss matters that impact our community. Tune in every Tuesday at 7pm to 620 AM, and every Saturday evening at 11pm to 570 AM.

With help from colleague Senator Simcha Felder,
Dov Hikind saw legislation passed that rescued Yeshiva Shaare Torah from crippling debt. "Our yeshiva and our community cannot thank Assemblyman Hikind enough for how hard he works for all of us," said the Karlsburger Rav, Rabbi Yechezkel Roth.

Two hundred children from a local yeshiva were visiting Adventurers Entertainment Center when several workers there greetedthem with anti-Semitic remarks. Hikind and his staff immediately investigated and met with the amusement center's manager who took immediate action. The workers were fired.

Graduation Event for Mesila Coaches
Held at Yad Yosef Torah Center

The Mesila Coaching training course graduation event was held on Sunday evening November 8th,
in Yad Yosef Torah Center. In attendance were the graduates, their spouses, and some of Mesila’s supporters. R’ Shmuli Margulies, Founder of Mesila International, flew in from Israel for the event. Together with
Mr. Alan Rosenstock, Director of Mesila USA, they presented the coaches with their certificates. Each coach was asked to say a few words about how Mesila made a difference in their lives and to tell a little about their experience coaching others. Many spoke about the great feeling they receive in being able to make a positive difference in a couples’ lives and the gratifying feeling of doing hesed.
It was motivating and inspiring for all those attending.

Mesila is a remarkable organization that was founded in Israel about 15 years ago, and just about a year ago opened a branch in Brooklyn. The organization was created in order to provide families and individualsa "path" towards financial stability.

There are two divisions to Mesila: financial coaching and education. The financial coaching division has a team in Brooklyn of professionally trained coaches that meet one-on-one with families and take them through an empowering six session program, individually tailored to each family.

As for the education division, Mesila offers both junior high and high school curriculums for both boys and girls, which include student workbooks and age appropriate material, to teach financial responsibility and character development.

For more information, contact R' Elie Levy at elielevy@mesilausa.orgor
212-784-6780 ext.1.

Flatbush Shomrim Activities

October 22, 11:00pm– Two people under arrest for an attempted
31 (burglary) in the area of East 23rd Q-R.

October 22, 3:00am– One person under arrest for multiple 32's
(break-ins) of vehicles in the area of Ave. I and East 28th.

October 22, 3:00pm –FSSP (Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol) members assisted in a community Torah procession at 514 Ave. X and ensured the safety of all participants.

November 8, 2:00pm – Two people under arrest for package theft in the area of East 22 Ave. Q-R.

November 9, 3:00am – A missing elderly person with emotional problems from the area of East 4th and Quentin was located by alert FSSP members on Ave. O and East 24th at 3:00am wandering aimlessly.

November 12, 3:00am – One under arrest for multiple 32's of vehicles inthe area of East 29th and Ave M.

November 14, 12:30am– Two female perpetrators who have been plaguing the area breaking into cars were apprehended at West 1 and South Gate Ct. by eagle-eyed members on late night patrol who held them for the 61st pct. whomade the arrest.

Please remember to lock your cars as 99% of cars that are broken into are through open doors. This is a fact, as we observe this on a nightly basis. Please don't make it easy for these crooks! Think safety!

Senator Felder: State Offering $25 Million Hate Crimes Protection Grant

Senator Simcha Felder is urging local community non-public schools, day care centers, and other cultural facilities to apply for the state’s $25 million Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant program (SCAHCProgram). The reason for the grant is to boost safety and security measures aimed to prevent hate crimes and attacks on facilities at risk because of their ideology, beliefs, or mission.

“The battle against hatred never ends, and I applaud New York Statefor working to protect communities against individuals or groups that are determined to do us harm,” said Sen. Felder. “It’s unspeakable that schools, day care centers, or other facilities used for communal gatherings risk being targeted by violent extremists. I encourage all nonpublic schools, daycare programs, and community centers in my district to apply for this valuable grant.”

The State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) will administer the grants, which will range up to $50,000. Grants awarded to eligible facilities can be used for security training, camera-based security systems, perimeter lighting, fencing or barriers, door hardening, improved lighting, and other necessary security equipment.

“Every American has the right to live with freedom and without fear,” said Sen. Felder.
“As long as New York City remains one of this nation’s most frequent targets for hatred, New Yorkers must remain vigilant and well equipped to protect our communities.”

According to DHSES, organizations that operate more than one facility may submit up to three applications for a total request of up to $150,000. For more information about the SCAHC program grant, visit www.dhses.ny.gov/grants/nonprofit/hate-crimes.cfm.Applications for these awards can be found at www.dhses.ny.gov/grantsand are due no later than 4:00pm on Monday, Dec. 18, 2017.

Congressman Dan Donovan Targets
Funding For Palestinian Authority

Congressman Dan Donovan voted to pass the Taylor Force Act out of the Foreign Affairs Committee. The legislation is named after West Point graduate and Army veteran Taylor Force, who was studying abroad in Israel in pursuit of a Master’s degree when a Palestinian assailant stabbed him to death in an act of terror. The legislation that bears his name would end U.S. financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it stops compensating terrorists for acts of violence.

Congressman Donovan said, “The Palestinian Authority is among the world’s biggest recipients of foreign aid while they also pay generously for acts of murder and terror. This legislation says ‘no more’ – American dollars should not fund a regime that supports attacks on the innocent.”

The bill would also withhold U.S. economic assistance unless the Palestinian Authority takes credible steps to end acts of violence against Israelis and Americans, revokes its laws compensating prisoners who committed acts of terrorism, and publicly condemns acts of violence.

The Taylor Force Act passed out of committee unanimously.

Speaking in support of the resolution, Donovan said, “It’s deeply saddening that we must consider a resolution condemning religious persecution in 2017, 240 years after America’s founders held it a self-evident truth that people can worship how they choose. This Resolution affirms that religious freedom is a fundamental right of every individual, and condemns the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in regions where worshiping how one chooses is a punishable offense.”

Kalman Yeger to Replace Councilman David Greenfield

Kalman Yeger won the race against Yoni Hikind to replace outgoing Councilman David Greenfield –representing parts of Boro Park, Midwood, Kensington, Bensonhurst, and Gravesend.

The seat is being vacated by Councilman David Greenfield, who is taking over the leadership of the Met Council of Jewish Poverty.

Kalman Yeger began his career in public service at the age of 19 as a community liaison and assistant to Councilman Lloyd Henry. Since 2010, he has served as a Senior Advisor and is currently Counsel to New York City Councilman David Greenfield. He has advised countless public officials, including Councilman Alan Maisel, former Council Members Lew Fidler, David Yassky, and Michael Nelson, Senator Simcha Felder, Borough Presidents Melinda Katz and Eric Adams, and former Borough President Fernando Ferrer.

Yeger is a graduate of Touro College and New York Law School, where he was accepted with the distinction of a Dean Scholar.

A lifelong resident of Midwood, Kalman has been a member of Community Board 14 for the last 17 years, and has served on the Board of Directors of his local civic association.

Councilman David Greenfield Attacks Road Rage Head-On

Councilman David G. Greenfield introduced a bill last month which would designate road rage its own crime for the first time in the city's history.

Greenfield's Intro. 1752 would make it a Class B
misdemeanor to engage in threatening or violent behavior toward the operator or occupants of a vehicle. These misdemeanors would be punishable by up to three months in prison or a $500 fine. According to the legislation, designating road rage as its own misdemeanor would reduce its occurrence and lead to safer streets for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Greenfield says that the bill began with first-hand observation of how bad the problem of road rage had become.

“I was driving near 55th Street in Brooklynback in September, stopped at an intersection, and these two drivers in front of me were shouting the vilest things at each other,” Greenfield said. “I’ve lived in New York City my whole life, and I haven’t heard anything like this before. Road rage only happens because it’s being tolerated, and that means we in the City Council aren’t doing our job, because threats and violence should never be tolerated in our city.”

Currently, the only state in the country with a law against "road rage" is California, meaning that in New York City, a driver would need to have committed another moving violation, such as speeding, to receive a ticket from a police officer. Perhaps as a result, New Yorkers have experienced more road rage than residents of any other Americancity, according to a report released last week from the Auto Insurance Center.

"When I saw those two drivers physically threatening each other and their families, their cars weren't moving, so what they were doing wasn't a crime. All they were doing was road rage, which is perfectly legal. That's the problem.
My law would solve it," Greenfield said.