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100% Pure Copper Cup - Taking the Mitzvah of Netillah to the Next Level

Did you know that performing the mitzvah of netillah properly through the use of a 100% copper cup is said to bring abundance into your life?

Why Copper?

In speaking with rabbis about the importance of using a 100% pure copper cup to perform the spiritual mitzvah of netillat yadayim, we found that many rabbis were extremely excited that we were bringing this spiritual tool and awareness to the public’s attention. Some shared how they too have been performing the mitzvah of netillah with a copper cup for years, and shared stories of the yeshuot and miracles they’ve seen through the use of a copper netillah cup.

Why is it ideal and preferable to perform the mitzvah of netillat yadayim with a copper cup?

Copper in and of itself is healing and purifying. So too is the mitzvah of netillah. Copper is a natural antibacterial and has what’s known as an oligodynamic effect on bacteria. Basically, it kills microbes. Scientists aren’t sure exactly how or why this happens, but they know that it definitely does work, which is why hospitals use copper for door knobs in an effort to minimize the spread of germs. Copper, therefore, does not retain any impurity.

Now consider this: impurity has the ability to cling to anything that is living. As we know, water is a living thing. Therefore when water is poured into a netillah cup that is not copper, impurity is able to cling to it, and so we end up washing our hands with impure water. However, by pouring the water into a 100% pure copper netillah cup, the copper neutralizes the water and so the water is no longer living, and impurity has no way of penetrating it. When we wash our hands with water from a pure copper netillah cup, we receive the full and ultimate benefit that was intended by Hashem for performing the mitzvah.

Copper is like a force field preventing impurity from penetrating.

Why Our Copper Cup?

While there are other copper netillah cups on the market, many of those cups are simply copper plated or lined with a gloss on the inside of the cup. This prevents the actual copper from touching water, which nullifies the entire reasoning behind using a copper cup for netillah. Our  cup is a 100% pure copper cup with gloss only placed on the outer surface of the cup. The inside of the cup is raw copper. While copper tarnishes, it’s simple to remove with just a piece of lemon or by running lemon juice on the inside.

The Source of the Mitzvah:

The mitzvah of netillat yadayim was given by Hashem to Moshe, and was initially intended for the service of the kohanim in the Mishkan and the Beit Hamikdash. It was Hashem’s will that when requesting pure waters, He chose solely copper and not silver or gold, like the other utensils in the mishkan (Sefer Shemot, Chapter 30, Pasuk 18).

Throughout the generations, the nation of Israel used a copper cup for the washing of hands as we found in Ahavat Chaim, Parashat Vayera. Torah and Kabbalah state that copper has mystical qualities associated with good health, fertility, livelihood, and purity. 

Based on Torah sources, we can see the use and importance of copper throughout the generations):

  • Zohar Kabbalah states: “Silver represents hesed(kindness); gold represents power; and copper represents mercy.”
  • Shlomo Hamelech: In the Beit Hamikdash, King Solomon made a large mikveh made entirely of copper for the kohanim to immerse in and cleanse themselves from impurity prior to working in the Beit Hamikdash (Kings 7:23).
  • In the book אור הבהירa book explaining the Kabbalah, Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Brendvine says, Lavan told Yaakov נחשתיויברכני ה' בגללך” Comes from the word “נחושת” (copper). Lavan explains that Hashem blessed him with male children in the merit of Yaakov. Prior to Yaakov’s arrival, Lavan only had girls. From this we learn that נחושת, copper, is connected to fertility and has the ability to assist in bearing children.

Let us return to the original source of purity and begin to once again use a pure copper cup for netillah so that we can fulfill the mitzvah with an ultimate level of happiness and purity.


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