Past Articles:

The Life and Escape of the Jews in Syria

I was very impressed with last issue’s cover story, “The Life and Escape of the Jews of Syria,” as it described so much of our ancestors’ lives in Aleppo, Syria and how dangerous and difficult it was to leave.  It is most interesting to note that 15 years ago Joey Sitt marveled at how special our community is and the brilliance of all the members, and took it upon himself to preserve the history of the community by creating an extraordinary seven-part film series as well as the Sephardic Heritage Museum in Lakewood, New Jersey. I often wonder about what my grandparents really left behind. What part of Syria did they not take with them and how would our lives be different if they never left?

R. Boujo

Coping with the Recent Natural Disasters

When people start talking about the recent hurricanes and earthquakes it’s not long before the conversation goes something like this - “How could something like this happen? How could Gd let something like this happen?” 

I found myself praying for the people of Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico throughout the day and asking the question this way: “Why does there have to be so much suffering? How can we give meaning to an event this horrific?”

The article that appeared in last month’s issue (“What Messages Do the Recent Natural Disasters Hold for Us?”) really educated me with the Torah way of thinking, and has helped me cope with the recent natural disasters.

We cannot turn away from world events by burying our heads in the sand. We need to recognize that everything we are exposed to is meant to change us for the better, all the more so the tremendous events. Thank you for elucidating the practical path we can take to rise to the challenge.

I do have one suggestion for your readers. I think we should all engage in intense heartfelt prayer to Hashem whenever we hear of such tragedies and request that He have mercy on the survivors and help all who suffer to reestablish their lives. 

David  P.

The Torah Codes

While I never really gave much thought about the Torah Codes, I found last month’s article about the Codes and the recent natural disasters extremely fascinating. I do admit that I was a little skeptical when I first read the article. But after I checked Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson’s site on the web I became convinced of the authenticity of the Torah Codes. I never thought I'd see anything so convincing in my lifetime - I was astonished!

If you think about it – there is no denying that there are secrets within the writings of the Torah. There are letters written upside down, some written much larger, and some smaller than normal. There had to be a reason why the scribes continued to copy the text exactly the way it is. 

Solomon E.

Hatzalah of the Jersey Shore

My entire family enjoyed reading the article about the Jersey Shore Hatzalah and how it got started. Can’t tell you how many times my family needed their help over the last few years. A huge thank you to all Hatzalah volunteers! Our community is extremely fortunate to have so many incredible and selfless people involved with Hatzalah. These volunteers are true heroes.  We owe them all a big hazak u'baruch!

Leslie H.

Photo Caption Correction

Include the photo below the corrected caption.

There was an incorrect caption with one of the photos that appeared in last month’s cover story (page 29). The correct caption for the photo below is:

Jacques Gindi, a”h, with his daughters (from left to right) Yolande, Rosette, Cylia, and Paulette.