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Travel smarter and safer this winter with some of the latest travel accessories. Below are some of the best travel gadgets for 2018.

World’s Smallest Steam Iron

What happens when you’re on the road without an iron to take the wrinkles out of your clothes? Enter Steamfast SF-717, a 420 Watt travel steam-iron no bigger than a computer mouse. This is the smallest iron in the world, and it is perfect for taking out “suitcase wrinkles” when you don’t have room for an ordinary iron in your luggage.

Videographic Sunglasses

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take video clips of your vacation experience, hands-free, without stopping the action? Now you can, with the Snap Spectacles. These glasses shield your eyes from UV light but also come with a camera inside the frame that lets you effortlessly video-record whatever you are seeing at the moment. The recordings can be sent direct to your smartphone. Here’s an added plus: the eyeglass protection case also serves as a battery recharger.

Heated Footwear

If you are going to be traveling somewhere a bit chilly, the ThermaCELL Heated Insolescan keep your feet both warm and dry throughout the journey. They incorporate water resistant material and an in-built shoe thermostat to make your trip as comfortable and high-tech as possible. Also, they come in various sizes.


When traveling in remote regions, it’s not uncommon to lose your cell phone signal. goTennais a small radio plus antenna that can fit into your pocket. It works in tandem with your smartphone to help you communicate with other smartphones up to 50 miles away in
any direction.

All Clear UV Purifier Bottle

In many rugged areas it’s very possible you could lose access to pure drinking water for hours on end or even days. You can’t risk drinking bacterially infected water, but you have to quench your thirst. And you might even have this sort of problem in a hotel room in some remote areas, not just out on the trail. The CamelBak All Clear UV purifier bottle solves the problem. It can purify virtually any water into safe drinking water in only one minute!

Sand, Dirt, and Dust-Free Tote Bag

The CGear Sand Free Tote II is the perfect travel bag for the beach, park, or picnic. It removes sand, dust, and dirt particles effortlessly. This tote is made of woven strands of PVC and/or PE material that are ideally spaced to drop the sand and dirt but nothing else. And the material is also mold/mildew resistant, so there’s no need to worry about moisture. It also has a handy pocket inside to keep your phone/wallet dry.
It is easy to clean and is quick dry.

Carry-on Luggage

Forget about those tiresome, grueling, sweaty walks through airports as you drag your luggage alongside you. The Modobagis a suitcase that carries you! The bag converts into an electronic scooter, making those rushes through the airport a lot more manageable
and entertaining.


The AirBoltsmart travel lock makes your luggage a little safer. The device is unlocked using your smartphone, and includes a GPS so you know where your bags are when they go missing at the airport arrivals. The lock also provides alerts if you get unexpectedly separated from your luggage.