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By: Karen Behfar

It's Moving Time!

Whether you're a newlywed moving to a new apartment for the first time (much easier!! – no years of junk to take, Mom gets to keep that!), a retired homeowner looking to downgrade, or a young family purchasing a home for the first time, read on for some moving day tips!


Sell/toss/donate anything you haven't used in a while.

Gather boxes (there's even a storage bin gemach– did you know??).

Start pre-packing anything you haven't used in a while but are going to keep.

Packing tips:

Prepare color coded labels to sort out which rooms the boxes need to go to.

For items that need to be disassembled, save screws etc. in a zip lock bag and keep it in one specific area.

Prepare bubble wrap, towels, newspapers or even Styrofoam plates to help pack and protect dishes.

Myth: "Winter is the dead season
for real estate”

Why sell in the winter?

You can separate the serious buyers from the "lookers."Who else would bundle up in the winter weather just to "look"?

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) October, 2017 report "low inventory" is a major issue, hence buyers are ready and serious to jump into a home that's for them.

There is less competition now, as many wait until spring, so your home becomes the most valuable on the market now.Don't forget

Notify post office of the
new address.

Contact the Utility Company (water is transferred to the new owner by closing, as it relates directly to the address of the home – not necessarily to the users).

Take measurements of your new home to make sure the appliances will fit. The last thing you need is a washing machine that is too big for the narrow basement stairs!

Pack a bag of Essentials so you don't need
to unpack every box to find your son's
favorite toothbrush.

Meals on the day of the move: wake up bright and early and fuel up for breakfastto help you get through the day.

Are you a tenant? Read on…

Here are some qualities of a Dream tenant:

Pay your rent...on TIME! There are those clockwork tenants who place their rent in an envelope before the rent is even due and then those who stagger their rent all month. Do the right thing.

Treat the property like your own. Take pride in your rental and treat it like a home. It reflects on you as a person.

Communicate maintenance issues – a small leak can turn into a big issue if not properly addressed right away.

Have renter’s insurance – not only will renter’s insurance help cover the cost of replacing stolen or damaged personal possessions, but it can cover the cost of damage to the property.

Renters insurancefor a typical rental with approximately 50K worth of possessions the cost for YEARLY insurance is $200-$300. SO WORTH IT!!
Ask someone who had a fire in their apartment –
it’s worth every penny.

Real Estate Fun Fact:

When Apple was building a new data server in North Carolina, they paid one elderly couple $1.7 million for one acre of land! The couple had purchased
the property 34 years
earlier for $6,000.