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If you haven’t already heard, PROPEL is an organization dedicated to helping the women of our community discover a profession, enroll in certification courses, and cover the cost of tuition to generate higher income. 

PROPEL recently held its first graduation ceremony. The beautiful event was hosted at the home of Robin and Ivor Braka in honor of the 41 women that completed their certificate programs. It was a night of acknowledgment, food, and celebration, in which each woman was awarded her own diploma with the appropriate school classification. It was exciting to learn about each woman’s unique interest.

The ceremony called upon graduates that have been certified in a variety of fields including Interior Design, Computer Coding, Cosmetology, Personal Training, Paralegal, Graphic Design, Yoga Instruction, Bookkeeping, and the list goes on. PROPEL’s Board of Directors and graduates traveled into New York City from New Jersey and Brooklyn with their spouses, friends, and family members to honor the special occasion. Such enjoyable conversations among all the attendees lead to the perfect evening. 

The excitement continued the following evening as well. PROPEL hosted a unique twist on an event including four young working couples on a panel at Arlette Tebele’s pop-up art gallery in Soho, New York. The need for a dual income is greater than ever, especially among young couples just starting out their careers and their families. It was touching to see how the husbands were so proud and supportive of their spouses. For the young women in the audience that would like to embark in a career, it was refreshing to hear not only that they will be able to add to their partners’ income but to know their aspirations will be embraced. Among the panel was artist and pop-up gallery owner Arlette Tebele, her fiancé David Kassin, Speech Pathologist Junie Maimon, her husband Albert, Founder of My Grandma’s Cheese, Florence Cohen, her husband Max , owner of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee, Lottie Terzi, and her husband Jack. 

The Panel discussion was led by moderator and PROPEL Vice President Dr. Gayle Krost. Overarching themes of the evening included the value of hard work, partnership, perseverance, self-esteem, and mutual respect. The young couples on stage were authentic, engaging, heartwarming, and inspiring role models for their peers today. 

No matter your age, PROPEL works one on one with women interested in obtaining the appropriate training they need to undertake an exciting career and start earning income. Call 646-494-0822 to schedule an appointment with one of PROPEL’s Certified Life & Career Coaches to determine your path to success today!