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Past Articles:

Sephardic Food Fund

After reading the article about the Sephardic Food Fund (February issue), I was feeling very melancholy. I had no idea that there are so many families in our own community that are struggling and living below the breadline. Somehow, I always thought that this type of problem did not exist within our own community.

Most likely most of us wake up every morning thinking, “What am I going to eat today?” and then go on to complain that the food is the same boring stuff as always. We don’t realize that there are many people that wake up in the morning with nothing to eat. Instead of thinking what they will be eating, they are wondering if they will be able to eat today.

I wish I knew about this earlier, but I’m thankful that you brought this problem to light, as people definitely need to be aware of the difficulties that fellow community members are experiencing. I plan on donating my next ma’aser check to the SFF – and hopefully, many of your readers will do the same.

Robert E.

Prayer at the Kotel

The article in last month’s issue about what is going on in Israel in regards to the Kotel (Prayer at the Kotel – A Battle Over More Than a Mechitza) was very informative – but in hindsight I think this type of article is better off not being published. Let me explain.

I would like to believe that all Jews deep down inside agree that prayers should be conducted according to halacha. This Woman of the Wall movement is all about politics, and has absolutely nothing to do with religion or woman’s rights. It is obvious that this is mostly a publicity stunt as these women do not keep Shabbat, eat kosher, or pray during the rest of the month. They only visit the Kotel to cause a commotion so that the liberal courts in Israel will rule that nonreligious people can made a mockery of one of the holiest sites in the Land.  Their goal is to create the ultimate hillul Hashem. Unfortunately, the mainstream media does not seem to report the truth behind this movement. If these women really felt this way, they would pray in the privacy of their homes instead of making a spectacle of themselves. The truth is – all this media coverage is exactly what they want. We should all just ignore them, and hopefully they will just go away.

Simon W.

The Trump White House

I’m probably in the minority among your readership, but I did not agree with your positive assessment of Trump’s first year as president. Although the economy has rebounded, I’m still very disappointed with President Trump. After all, Trump is an experienced businessman - so we should expect nothing less when it comes to dealing with financial matters and the economy - it should be booming. But, there are other issues that are just as important as the economy. For instance, his response to the hurricane disaster situations was poor at best. His policies are going to undermine the healthcare system and decimate Medicaid. And, I don't like all this hand-waving about how the tax cut bills will help the middle class because it will probably be used as an excuse to cut social programs later. Bottom line – there was too much noise and distraction during Trump’s first year in office and not enough substance.

Diana M.

Ask Jido

I first want to commend and praise you for the wonderful Community Magazine! I look forward to it each month. The column “Ask Jido” is a favorite of mine. However, Jido’s response to the soon-to-be first-time parents about their concern about the in-laws and their dogs (December 2017 issue) coming to visit, disturbed me intensely. Why should the parents be burdened and stressed out by the thought of two dogs being around their newborn baby?   The parents already have enough things to think about. I think it is selfish of the in-laws to even think about bringing their dogs to the home. I can go on and on about this….

Mazel tovto the family - and may all go well!

Mrs. S.