AHI EZER YESHIVA The Much-Beloved Institution Moves Forward

Past Articles:

Rabbi Naftali Besser, Dean of Students of Yeshiva of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School, leads two hesed missions to Israel, one for students and one for adults. Both missions visit a number of extraordinary organizations, all dedicated to helping Israelis in a variety of difficult situations. Included are several rehabilitation centers and orphanages. All of the organizations do incredible work. For many, the Meshi Children’s Center especially captures their hearts. Meshi is a children’s rehabilitation center whose primary goal is to help care for and educate children with severe neurological and muscular disabilities. 

            When Mrs. Lynda Levy participated in the adult hesed missionlast May she fell in love with this special place. When Lynda entered the classroom, she was immediately taken by the students, and one girl in particular named Talya. In the one hour that Lynda spent with these children, she felt such a sense of connection and care, and was inspired to get involved. She decided to help provide a new, more technologically advanced wheelchair for Talya - something that she had noticed Talya truly needed. Within a few months Lynda successfully raised money for this wheelchair, which significantly improved Talya’s quality of life by reducing the amount of effort necessary to simply move around.

            This past January, Lynda’s daughter Mimi, a Junior at Yeshiva of Flatbush High school, along with her classmates, participated in Rabbi Besser’s hesed mission, and visited Meshi. Mimi got the chance to speak to and connect with Talya herself. Talya was so excited to learn that Mimi was Lynda’s daughter. It truly warmed Mimi’s heart. Afterwards Mimi spoke to Talya’s mother over the phone. She was so profoundly grateful for Lynda’s kindness, providing the wonderful wheelchair. She described the effect the wheelchair had on their lives and what a great difference it has made. Mimi felt so deeply happy and proud to know how much her mother had done for this incredible family.

            The hesedmission volunteers noticed the special relationship the Meshi staff had with the students. The staff members were extremely invested in the happiness and wellbeing of each and every child. Seeing how the staff handled each child had a real impact on the hesedmission participants, giving them a new perspective on life. The staff utilized every ability the child had in order to allow them to express themselves. For example, one child was able to type messages by simply focusing on any letter on the screen in front of him. The fact that he was able to have conversations without being able to speak or move made participants realize how important it is to focus on what others can do, rather than what they cannot. This was an important lesson learned, which participants will be able to carry with them throughout their lives.

To learn more about Meshi, or to schedule an inspiring tour, visit their website at www.meshicenter.org.