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By: Norman Balassiano

To sincerely share compassion requires one to possess an overabundance of love and giving.

In the school of psychiatry, the perception of compassion is associated with pain, where an individual’ssuffering is linked to unresolved experiences from their past.

Genuine and sincere compassion stems from your own self-image. You must have the ability to stand strong in your commitments. From this, you gain self-respect and a greater ability to expand and better establish your empathy. Empathy is the action of passion that only lives when the giver loves his or her own life. No matter how traumatic or difficult past events may have been for them, they have grown from adversity, developing strength to compassionately build upon their own values. Lack of empathy and compassion is a worldwide plague. It is a form of baseless hatred.

In a sense, one of the goals of the Judaism is to develop human beings who are kind, loving, and compassionate.

Kindness is a daily requirement. It is an unlimited obligation – which means it is a lifelong daily practice and is manifested in the act of giving. This manifestation expands across a wide area of our lives and. relationships. It creates the desire to give charity, love, and respect, regardless of the other person’s situation.

Want to live a better life? Make an effort to be compassionate.
Do so not just by giving charity, but by giving of yourself, your love, and your labor.


Norman Balassiano has 25 years of social services experience.
Certified in Yoga-Meditation-Breathing technics and Hypnosis.