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Past Articles:

Celebrating the Life of Spiritual Icon, Moe Tawil

Thank you for shedding some light of the great Moe Tawil, a”h.  Truth be told, I did not have the pleasure – or the zechut – of knowing him well while he was with us. But, I did know that he was a very well-respected man in the community. What I was unaware of, however, was all of his accomplishments. And I do not mean his personal achievements (although they were impressive as well) – but rather – his community accomplishments – including serving as president of the Bradley Beach Synagogue and being an influential board member of various community synagogues and yeshivot. I do not think I’m exaggerating by saying that our community has lost a spiritual giant. Hopefully, the great feats that this man accomplished will inspire others to follow in his footsteps. May Moe Tawil’s memory and deeds be an eternal blessing for our community and all of Am Yisrael, Amen.

Jake T.

Pesach Preparation

Last issue’s article about preparing for Passover (A Fresh Approach to Pesach Preparation) was very helpful.  I (and my husband) have a full-time job – and it is very overwhelming – just thinking about cleaning for Passover.  The advice and suggestions listed in the article make a lot of sense – and I hope to implement them. I especially liked the suggestion of “Asking for help.”  After all, why shouldn’t the men and the kids help out? Women shouldn’t be solely responsible for cleaning for the holiday – after all, if we work, clean, and toil excessively we will not be able to stay awake during the Seder – or even worse – we might come to resent the hag. My goal this year is to prepare efficiently with assistance from my family - so I get to enjoy the Seder with my husband and my kids.

Lisa C.

Loved last month’s article about Pesach preparation. Wish this article came out years ago! Every Pesach, I procrastinate and stress myself out. Every household should post this column on their kitchen walls – as a reminder of how it isn’t necessary to go overboard and become our own worst house cleaning enemy.

Spiritually speaking, the cleaning and separating and getting rid of the junk in our lives are also therapeutic. I feel that the bedikat hametz is that final opportunity to come out of denial of what we need to free ourselves from – in order to move on in the right direction. The rest of the year is the journey to move on with the right balance of performing mitzvot and improving our middot.

Marlene F.

Secrets to A Happy Marriage

I secretly enjoy Mozell Forman’s monthly column, Healthy Homelife, in your magazine. (I say secretly because this column is in the woman’s section of your publication.)  Her advice on marriage and communication is always insightful. Last month’s topic of “secrets to a happy marriage” was no exception. If I may, I would like to share some of my own “secrets” to a happy marriage.

B”H, I have been married to my wonderful wife for over 50 years. Ups and downs are inevitable. Respect for each other is essential. Continuing to grow is absolutely necessary. Not being possessive is very important. Trusting each other is something you both do if you love each other and want it to work. Be loving and supportive, place each other first always, do not forget the chemistry that attracted you in the beginning, forgive, forget and carry on. Life is not perfect and neither are we! Commitment, acceptance, respect, love, and faith are the main ingredients. A sense of humor is also key. I would not change a thing! Feeling very fortunate and extremely blessed!

Morris H.

Passover Recipes

I just have to thank you for the easy and delicious Passover recipes that appeared in the March issue.  You eliminated the “work” of preparing and planning this year’s Passover menu. I’m so excited to serve all the items during the Seder. Especially love the assortment of dips – I plan on serving those throughout the entire holiday! Hag kosher v’sameach!

Karen A.