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By: Ellen Geller Kamaras

 “I’m a busy wife and mom just looking to make the world healthier - one person at a time.”

Meet Eve Scaba-Elenhorn, a Certified Health Coach, Fitness Trainer, National Gourmet Chef, and founder of Flavorful FIT. The Flavorful FIT Movementis
a program for those who want to lose weight, improve their health, and lead a healthier lifestyle. Eve enables her clients to experience lifestyle habit changes that eliminate sugar cravings and keep them feeling energized. Clean eating and exercise are also key components of her plan.

Eve also specializes in preparing meal plans for medical conditions including celiac, high cholesterol, Crohn’s Disease, diabetes, hypothyroid, IBS, and psoriasis.

She also juggles family and home, including two young children.

When Eve opened the door to her home to welcome me for our interview, I saw a friendly, modest, and unassuming young woman, casually dressed in exercise clothes. Was this the driven entrepreneur who went back to school at 23 and received three accomplished certifications within four years?

Let’s backtrack a bit to Eve’s childhood and teen years to find out what propelled her to build a successful weight loss and wellness business.

School Days

Eve Scaba was raised in traditional, Sephardic Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway. She studied at Flatbush Yeshivah and East Midwood Jewish Center elementary schools and at Shaare Torah High School for girls. Eve is the youngest of four children and has two brothers and a sister. As a child Eve was thin and petite. She ate lots of junk food and never had to worry about her size.

Marriage and Family

Eve met her soulmate, Mike Elenhorn, when she was in tenth grade. They married after she graduated from high school and started a family a year later. Eve had always loved to cook and aspired to be a professional chef in the couple’s first year of marriage. She accomplished her goal, but also gained 30 pounds that year.

Eve is open about her personal story. After she shared it with me, I realized that Eve saved her own life by changing her eating habits, exercising and practicing self-care. She has a strong desire to help others to eat and live healthier by avoiding the mistakes she had made.

Eve was diagnosed with digestive issues during both her pregnancies. She felt tired and bloated and was always in pain. She had a tough pregnancy with her oldest son, Rafi, who is now eight years old. During that pregnancy Eve gained 50 pounds and developed gallstones. She scheduled to have her gallbladder removed after Rafi was born and was rushed to the ER two weeks before the surgery date due to gallstones passing through her liver. Her son David was born approximately 33 months after Rafi. Eve was on the verge of developing gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with him. After David’s birth, the scale tipped at 195 pounds, which Eve describes as incredibly heavy for her 5’2” inch frame. Eve also was being treated for a hypothyroid condition, a metabolic disorder she was diagnosed with in high school.

Eve was shocked that none of her doctors or specialists ever questioned her diet or eating habits while she was ill.

She was unaware of how the heavy carbs and fats were impacting her health. Eve’s wake-up call came in 2013 when David was an infant. She was horrified when she went to shop for jeans, and the local store did not carry her size. Eve decided then and there that she had to lose her excess weight (close to 70 pounds) and transform her lifestyle.

She started out with various crash diets, but she couldn’t stick to them. She did her research and concluded that a diet wasn’t the solution. Rather, she needed to change her habits and lifestyle. Eve joined a private gym and committed to exercising six days a week. Gail Abettan, a personal trainer, helped Eve to develop an exercise regimen that worked for her. Eve’s sessions with Gail inspired her to pursue her fitness training certification that same year with International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

More research led Eve to clean eating. Eve became a voracious reader and researcher, yearning to understand how exercise and healthy foods affect one’s body. She listens to podcasts frequently to keep up with the latest findings on health and wellness.

Eve discovered what it means to have a healthy body. She also learned what aggravated her hypothyroidism. Eve eliminated processed ingredients from her diet immediately and lost ten pounds. When she went grocery shopping, Eve Googled ingredients she didn’t recognize. She also re-created the classic American and Syrian recipes, substituting the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones. “I would get to eat my chocolate cake, but with almond flour subbed for the traditional wheat flour. No diets allow chocolate cake! That’s the beauty of a lifestyle change. A slight alteration can make the biggest difference.”

Eve considers herself very fortunate to have met Julie Maleh of JUS by Julie,who became her health coach. Julie taught Eve how to shop, read food labels, and cook using whole foods. Eve coaches her clients how to use Julie’s products. Julie also customizes her products for Eve’s clients.

The road to weight loss and improved health wasn’t an easy one – it required tremendous effort and dedication every day. But now Eve says that she feels free, has a new life, and has a huge amount of euphoric and positive energy.

The Transformation

Eve’s aha moment in 2013 motivated her to reinvent her life.

She became passionate about sharing her lessons learned with others who were experiencing the same struggles she had endured. Eve understood that people want instant gratification. This led to Eve going back to school, first for fitness training in 2013, then for Health Coaching in 2016, and then to culinary school in 2017. Her husband Mike was very supportive of Eve’s new efforts and lifestyle. When his eating habits were adversely affecting his gut, he joined Eve and began to lose weight and experience the benefits of her program. Her son Rafi is eating healthier, which has also had a positive impact on his school performance. Eve takes her children out for pizza on occasion but keeps the home front clean.

Goals and Accomplishments

Eve aims to help her clients identify their own needs and what will make them happy and teaches them how to have control over their lives by eating healthy foods. Eve is very proud of her professional certificates and the growth of Flavorful FITin the past year. Eve’s training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) taught her how to heal her clients with food and clean eating.Eve is also involved with Exceed Network, which partners aspiring business owners with prospective investors.

Eve describes herself as determined, strong, caring, and hopeful. Going back to school after giving birth to her two sons and launching her weight loss program in March 2017 demonstrated her strength and determination. Her clients rave about her caring and positive nature.

In 2017 Eve studied at the Culinary Natural Gourmet Institute and added the third jewel to the beautiful crown of Flavorful FIT(the first two are fitness training and health coaching). She demonstrates how to cook healthy food to her clients, to women at the Women’s Learning Center, The Well, and to pre-school children at Yeshiva of Flatbush. This is one of the ways Eve gives back to the community.

Eve is very forward thinking when it comes to her business. She is always developing new products, partnerships, and ways of building up her clients.

The Flavorful FIT Challenge

Before Eve started the Flavorful FIT program, she was sharing recipes and coaching her private clients on fitness and nutrition. Before Pesach of 2017 Eve ran a free two-week sugar detox and 30 women signed up. All the women lost weight and encouraged Eve to continue her program, or what Eve refers to as her virtual platform. News of Flavorful FITspread by word of mouth and Eve even has clients in Panama and Israel. This year's sugar detox recruited 300 women!

The Flavorful FIT program has become a way of life for Eve’s clients, and they provide testimonials to that effect, stating that their health has improved from a physical, emotional, and mental standpoint.

Eve believes in being hands on with her clients. She recognizes that her clients, who she affectionately refers to as “her girls,” need guidance and support to lose weight. Eve is their accountability partner, and she strives to be accessible if they need hand holding. Her program includes detailed menus and recipes which make it easy for her girls to lose weight.

Eve also provides a motivational tip every morning. Clients sign up for two weeks’ worth of menus, including recipes and shopping lists.  Eve also integrates exercise into the program, demonstrating and coaching clients on workouts and providing fitness challenges.

Eve realized that some clients were skipping meals for lack of time, so she created a meal replacement bar for them in four flavors. Eve treated me to a Chocolate Brownie bar on my way out and believe me, it was scrumptious and filling.

Eve’s Advice

Be passionate about what you do, write out your goals, create a business plan, and work hard and persist to make it happen. Don’t let mistakes hold you back – that’s how we learn. Eve encourages parents to start early in teaching their children about clean eating and fitness.

Ellen Geller Kamaras, CPA/MBA, is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach. Her coaching specialties include life, career, and dating coaching. Ellen helps people find their passion, purpose, and positivity in life and relationships.

Ellen can be contacted at: ellen@lifecoachellen.com (www.lifecoachellen.com).