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FDNY Headquarters
Pre-Passover Meeting

On March 14th, the New York City Fire Department hosted a pre-Passovermeeting with leaders and activists representing Jewish communities all over the city. David Heskiel, special liaison to councilman Chaim Deutsch and NYPD clergy liaison, represented the Sephardic community.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss fire-safety issues related to the holiday, and how to mitigate the dangers associated with cooking, cleaning, koshering, searching for hametzby candlelight, and burning the hametz.

Yeshivat Keter Torah Holds Holocaust Remembrance Event

On February 21st, the 6thof Adar, Yeshivat Keter Torah had a special event called “Holocaust Remembrance Evening.” The evening marked the culmination of many weeks of hard work. To introduce this unit, the Yeshiva invited Rabbi Romi Cohn, author of The Youngest Partisanto speak to the boys about his experiences during the war. Next, many topics concerning the Holocaust were taught to the Middle School boys. Topics included The Yellow Star, Sugiahara, The Warsaw Uprising, Va’ad Hatzalah, Hidden Children, The Kindertransport, Raoul Wallenberg, The Jewish Partisans, The Lodz Ghetto, and The Mir Yeshiva Escape. After all the topics were studied, the boys were instructed to choose one topic that “spoke” to them. They were given a binder with research material in it. The boys then summarized the material and wrote a report on the topic.

The next step was to design a 3D project on their topic. As parents walked through the Bet Medrashthey saw the boys’ talent and hard work displayed. Many different modalities were used to depict the “scene” that each boy chose.

The boys were encouraged to do their best work and to display a project that they would be proud of.

The mural in the front lobby represented the evening’s theme, “Hema Karoo V’Nafaloo V’Anachnu Kamnu Va’Nisodad,” The German nation was so powerful, and today we see the fall of their power and the strength and growth of the Jewish nation. The collages on each side of the mural represented Am Yisroeltoday – the growth of Torah institutions and how we, as a nation, have flourished. Am Yisroel Chai!

Deutsch, Treyger, Hikind, Cymbrowitz, and Felder Call on the MTA and DOT to Put Kings Highway Changes on Hold

Brooklyn elected officials are uniting to express reservations about the current plan to institute a “bus-only” lane on the Kings Highway commercial strip. Express, reliable mass transit is certainly needed in the neighborhood, but collaboration and input from the community are key factors in any major change. Kings Highway is already heavily congested and installing a bus-only lane while removing more than 100 parking spots could have a significant and negative impact on small businesses. Area officials are calling on the MTA and DOT to halt the implementation of the project until community concerns are addressed.

 Councilman Chaim Deutsch said, “The state-run MTA and the Department of Transportation have decided to move forward with a plan to install a dedicated SBS bus lane for the B82 line on Kings Highway. I’m immensely frustrated that our district is being forced to endure a project that we believe will have negative effects on the small businesses and residents that are struggling to survive in our community. This plan will remove over 100 parking spots during peak hours – and local stores will be the ones that suffer, as customers choose to shop elsewhere. The Kings Highway Business District is already badly congested, and parking is extremely limited.

 “I thank my colleagues Councilman Mark Treyger, Assembly members Dov Hikind and Steve Cymbrowitz, and State Senator Simcha Felder, for joining me in standing up against the MTA and the DOT. The people who live, work, and represent this community deserve to have a say in what happens here.”

"DOT is well aware of the high congestion and limited parking along Kings Highway. I again call on Commissioner Trottenberg to exclude the area between McDonald and Ocean Avenues from this shortsighted proposal. The hardship this crushing plan will impose on residents and local businesses is outrageous and unacceptable, and their answer to us is a resounding – we don’t care!” said State Senator Felder.

To have your voice heard by the MTA and the DOT, email:


Commissioner PollyTrottenberg: ptrottenberg@dot.nyc.gov

SBS comments: Brt@dot.nyc.gov

Magen David Yeshiva
НS Varsity Basketball
Team Captures
League Championship

Congratulations to the players and coaches of the Magen David Yeshiva High School Varsity Basketball Team on winning the Varsity Basketball Championship and going undefeated! The MDY Warriors completed theirperfect 17-0 season with a come-from-behind overtime win against second-seeded Frisch by a score of 48-38. Michael Natkin was named the Finals MVP.

Flatbush Shomrim Activities

Feb. 20, 12:00 am– FSSP received a hotline call for a suspicious male in the area of Ave. N East 4.
Responding units observed said male breaking
into two vehicles. The perpetrator was subsequently arrested by the 66 Pct.

March 1, (Purim) 10:00 pm – 3:00 am–FSSP members were deployed throughout Flatbush in an effort to prevent underage drinking, drinking (open bottles) on the street, and crowd control.

March 1, 12:15 pm– FSSP responded to CIA between S-T regarding an individual who blocked a driveway. Uponbeing confronted by the homeowner and her son, the individual became belligerent and ended up assaulting them and hurling racial epithets at them. He was arrested by the 61 Pct.

March 2, 3:00 pm– FSSP members responded to CIA and first court regarding amissing seven-year-old child. After a frantic thirty-minute search, the child was located and returned safely to his parents.

March 5, 7:30 am – A person broke into a car on East 22 K-L stole a tallet and tefillinkorachaand fled. Two hours later, an “eagle eyed” member, based on a clear description from video footage retrieved earlier, spotted the individual on East 23 and Quentin Road. After a brief chase together with the 63 Pct., he was apprehended and arrested. The contents of the korachawere unfortunately discarded by the suspect as he was using the bag to store items stolen from other vehicles. Disappointed by not recovering the tallet and tefillin, we immediately proceeded to post on social media, requesting assistance from the community. Time was of the essence as it was garbage pickup day and we were concerned that they would be lost forever. B”H, an alert neighbor responded and the religious articles were returned to the extremely grateful owner.

Dear community members – when reporting a crime, or domestic issue to Flatbush Shomrim, pleasedo not reach out to individual members that you may be acquainted with. Alwayscall our emergency hotline # 718 338 9797. By calling direct to members, you may be wasting valuable time, which may result in a perpetrator getting away or a domestic case getting violent. Not all our members are trained as dispatchers! Let our professional dispatchers do their job! Thank you!

Agudath Israel Commends House Passage of Anti-School Violence Legislation, Including Both Public and Private Schools

Agudath Israel of America is applauding House passage of the STOP School Violence Act of 2018. The legislation, is a response to the recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and authorizes grants to improve school security through technology and other safety measures. The House measure benefits both public and private schools.

Over the decades, school security has been a priority issue for Agudath Israel, which has consistently argued to Administration officials and congressional leaders, past and present, that safety initiatives must encompass allschools and allschoolchildren. In the aftermath of Parkland, and in the subsequent legislative effort, Agudath Israel renewed its call to the White House and Capitol Hill for equity between public and private schools in both new and existing programs. One of the changes Agudath Israel and other private school representatives have advocated for is incorporated in today’s House legislation.

“We are deeplygratified that the House has taken this step to better ensure the safety, through tangible means, of America’s schoolchildren,” noted Rabbi Abba Cohen, Agudath Israel’s Vice President for Federal Affairs and Washington Director. “It also makes an important statement that all children – regardless of the school they attend – are precious and deserve a learning environment that enjoys the utmost protection of both mind and body.”

Agudath Israel is urging swift Senate passage.