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Past Articles:

Statement from Councilmember Chaim Deutsch about
the Proposed Bus Lane
on Kings Highway

I’m pleased to announce that MTA President Andy Byford and DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg have agreed to delay the start date for implementing theSBS route on Kings Highway. They will spend the next several months speaking with community members and elected officials in an effort to address some of our concerns about the plan.

This decision comes after a lengthy meeting we held with the MTA, DOT, and my colleagues in government, urging further consideration about the potential impact that removing significant parking and creating a bus-only lane could have on small businesses.

I’m grateful to my colleagues – State Senators Simcha Felder and Marty Golden; Assemblymembers Bill Colton, Helene Weinstein, Dov Hikind, and Steve Cymbrowtiz; and Councilmembers Mark Treyger and Kalman Yeger – for their partnership in the fight to protect our local small businesses.

I thank the MTA and DOT leadership for taking our concerns seriously and agreeing to work with us going forward.

This community has shown that when we are united, we can have a strong voice in what happens in our neighborhood. Kudos to all the leaders and activists who made their voices heard on this issue.

- Councilman Chaim Deutsch

Flatbush Shomrim Activities

April 01, 2018– FSSP received a hotline call regarding a car that was stolen from East 8, Ave. N-O. Video footage was retrieved and disseminated to our units in the hope that the stolen car would be spotted while on patrol.

April 10, 12:45am– Members on patrol observed a male going in and out of driveways. They stealthily followed him on foot until they saw him breaking into a house on East 21st, Ave. I-J. Foot pursuit ensued and the perpetrator was apprehended on Ocean Ave. He was charged with attempted burglary as well as assault, as he attacked one of our members who was only slightly injured (see photo).

April 11, 2:00am–An eagle-eyed member on night patrol saw a car in the Rite Aid parking lot on Ave. X and West 2nd that resembled the car that was stolen on April 1st. Upon further investigation it was determined that this was, in fact, the car in question. The car was returned to the overjoyed and very grateful owner!

April 13 1:30am– Units on patrol observed two males in the area of Ave K and Ocean Parkway defacing property with graffiti. They were subsequently arrested and charged.

April 18, 10:30pm– An elderly womanwith dementia went missing from an assisted living facility in Boro Park. Flatbush Shomrim was contacted by Boro Park Shomrim to assist in locating her, as her last known location was on Ave M and East 12. An employee at a store where she entered to shop overheard her mention the word “Macy’s.” Based on that, multiple units were dispatched to Kings Plaza in the hope of locating her. After an intense search, one of our members spotted her wandering around aimlessly. She was found quickly, as the mall was closing and her condition was deteriorating rapidly. She was eventually returned to her apartment in the facility.

Once again, we want to remind you not call individual members when you have an emergency. Alwayscall our emergency hotline number – 718 338 9797.

Community Alert       

The individual pictured here has been plaguing the community by jumping in front of moving cars and claiming to be hurt. He then tries to settle with the driver, to keep the police out of the picture. He is a known scam artist and usually nets between $50-$250 per incident. Don’t be afraid of calling 911. Also, make sure to call the Flatbush Shomrim hotline at 718 338 9797. The local precincts have been alerted to this scam.

NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger Honors
the Magen David Yeshiva Varsity Basketball Team

On Friday, April 13th, New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger presented official NYC Council citations to the varsity basketball team of Magen David Yeshiva in honor of their perfect 17-0 season. The Warriors were led by Coaches Ike Dweck, Benny Mann, Leo Esses, and Jack Doueck. Councilman Yeger presented citations to each of the Magen David Warriors, whose dedication and athletic prowess were absolutely crucial to this historic accomplishment.

New York’s New 2018-19 Budget
a Major Win for Nonpublic Schools

New York State’s new budget, passed on March 31, 2018, includes an unprecedented $15 million for nonpublic schools STEM reimbursement program. This program, championed by Teach NYS, of the Orthodox Union’s Teach Advocacy network, will
increase funding for STEM instruction in nonpublic schools by
$10 million, a 200-percent increase over last year’s allocation.

“The growth of the STEM program in this budget reflects the value that Albany places on our schools,” said Neil Cohen, Teach NYS
co-chairman. “Our nonpublic schools are an economic driver for
New York State, and this funding increase will help us ensure our students have access to the education they need now to contribute
to the economy of the future.”

Teach NYS mobilizes grassroots activists, lay leaders, teachers, community leaders, and students to meet with elected officials and directly advocate for legislation that will help offset and mitigate the tuition crisis plaguing nonpublic schools, including many Jewish day schools andyeshivas.

“We thank our partners in advocacy, including Agudath Israel of America, the New York State Catholic Conference and the UJA Federation of New York for working us on behalf of all of New York State’s nonpublic schools.” said Maury Litwack, Director, Teach NYS.

Pre-Passover NYPD-Clergy
Liaison Meeting

David Heskiel, NYPD clergy liaison, and Councilman Chaim Deutsch attended a pre-Passover special meeting on March 26th to discuss security and safety measures during the holiday for our synagogues andneighborhoods. The NYPD pledged extra patrols and additional security measures to be put in place during Passover, with undercover and visible patrols around the clock as well. Community leaders from across the city attended the meeting to show their support to the NYPD and to listen to any suggestions that they had regarding safety and security. The event was coordinated by Sergeant Moise Naolo from Community Affairs.

Longtime New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Retiring From Office

On April 25th, Longtime New York state Assemblyman Dov Hikind announced that he will not be running for re-election.

The announcement was part of a short video that looked back on Hikind's 36 years in office representing Brooklyn's 48thAssembly District, which includes Borough Park.

The 67-year-old Hikind grew up in Williamsburg and was first elected to the Assembly in 1983.

“I've had an opportunity to speak out against anti-Semitism and racism wherever it happens,” he said. “When you grow up in a home where your mother went to Auschwitz, and when my grandmother and other members of the family went straight to gas chambers, that's real for me.”

And that may be what will define his tenure in public service, standing up for his community in every corner of the world where hate has reared its ugly face.

But Hikind, one of New York's most influential Jewish lawmakers, was also no stranger to controversy, holding many conservative positions.

“Politically, I'm a Democrat,” he said. “But I support Republicans when the Republicans, I believe, will be better for our community and better for everyone.”

When asked what's next for him, he says he can't go into it yet, but it's all related to Israel. He says he's not going anywhere, and he certainly doesn't sound like a man done with politics.

While he is not seeking elected office again at this time, his office says Hikind has no intention of retiring or giving up the fight.

“I am excited about my future, there is still so much to be done,” he said. “But before I can start the next chapter of my life, I intend to finish my term in the Assembly... I want to thank my constituents, my many friends and neighbors, for these extraordinary 36 years of having the honor to serve them. I thank my parents for instilling genuine Jewish values in me, andmy family, my wife Shani and my children, for making it possible to do what I do. But most of all I thank Gd for giving me the strength to allow me to make a difference. That's what it's all about, and that's what I intend to continue doing, hopefully formany decades to come.”

Physical Therapy Practice
with a Clear Goal:
Make Our Seniors Safer

Falls are the most common injuries leading to death in the elderly population. “The rates of falling in the senior population are staggering,” says Dr. Daniel Rusinowitz, physical therapist and owner of NY Therapy & Wellness.

One out of every three adults over 65 will fall. Two out of every three of these adults will fall again within six months. “These numbers very scary. Anyone who has a parent or grandparent over the age of 65 should be aware of these statistics,” says Dr. Rusinowitz.

Not every fall can be prevented, but the chances of a fall occurring can be significantly reduced. “As most falls occur in the home, it was logical for us to offer our services to seniors in the homes. This allows us to identify potential risk factors and make necessary changes for the patient,” says Margo Rusinowitz, OTR/L, co-owner and wife of Dr. Daniel Rusinowitz.

Together Margo and Dr. Daniel Rusinowitz are on a mission to improve the safety and quality of life for the cherished seniors of our great community.

“A big misconception is that declining functioning in senior citizens is due to age and cannot be improved. We are here to tell you, that is false,” says Margo Rusinowitz. Seniors who participate in a supervised physical or occupational therapy program have been shown to reduce their risk for falls by increasing their strength, range of motion, and balance. Don't wait until it's too late.

“Everyone deserves a chance to live a full, high quality life. Some need more help thaan others, and that's where we come in,” says Margo.

If you or a loved one would like to arrange PT or OT at home, NY Therapy & Wellness can be reached at 646-780-0926 or via email assistant@nytherapyandwellness.com. Their clinic location is located at 2579 Ocean Ave (Between Ave U & V) Brooklyn, NY 11229.