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Dear Jido,

My wife and I have four daughters to marry off, and there do not appear to be any husbands in sight. We live in the Deal area all year round and we love it here. But – there seems to be shortage of men that are looking to get married. My wife is suggesting that we move to Brooklyn in order to get our daughters married off.

I would rather not, as I was born and raised in New Jersey, all my family lives in New Jersey, and my place of business is in New Jersey. Of course, if I knew for sure that my daughters would find husbands if we moved to Brooklyn, then I would not hesitate to move.

What would you advise?

Signed, Looking for four husbands

Dear Seeking Husbands,

Oh, I could tell you things like:

You see how Yoseph was taken out of jail and made second in command to the King in a matter of seconds? Or,

You see how Bnei Yisraelthought that they were doomed when the Egyptians started storming after them and then Hashem split the sea for them? And,

Just when the Jewish people thought that Queen Esther had abandoned them they saw Haman hanging on a tree? Even,

Why not take a trip to Amukah and pray at the gravesite there? It works for everyone (sooner or later).

So, what are you worried about? Hashem can do anything!

But I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

So, here are a few helpful suggestions. Assuming your oldest(s) are already of marriageable age:

1. Register with the shadchanimin Deal AND Brooklyn (there are several). If that’s not
yourspeed –

2. Have them do volunteer work for Sephardic Bikur Holim – guaranteed the elderly there have a grandson or two they would love your daughters to meet. Or...

3. Perhaps try something “unorthodox”. Match with a young man that is divorced or recentlywidowed. With the proper young lady, he can prove to be very a loving husband.

I don’t think it is necessary to uproot your family and move to Brooklyn. Gd’s hand is long and He surely can do anything.

If all else fails, the surest way to get your prayersanswered is to – pray.