YDE Recognized by Torah Umesorah as SCHOOL OF THE YEAR

Past Articles:

Honoring Rabbi Haim Benoliel

It was so beautiful to read about Rabbi Haim Benoliel’s inspiring accomplishments in the April issue. The title of the article was so apropos (‘Leading with Love and Wisdom’). Rabbi Benoliel always has Torah in his heart and for the past fifty years he has spread it within the community and beyond.  It was also heart-warming to read about Mikdash Melech’s humble beginnings with just ten boys learning in the back of Mirrer Yeshiva. Now, the school is so tremendously successful. Rabbi Benoliel’s steadfast convictions and Torah knowledge has kept our community strong. He exemplifies a true leader as he understands when to rule with an iron fist and when to rule with compassion. Over the years, Rabbi Benoliel has built and fortified our community by bringing up men who today are leaders and teachers in our growing community.

Thank you Rabbi Haim Benoliel - for your devotion, dedication, and guidance.

Raquel B.

School Safety

In response to last month’s article regarding guns and school safety (How Safe Are Our Schools?), there is obviously no one solution for this serious issue. But the underlying problem seems to be that our kids grow up and live in an extremely violent environment and most of the shootings in school are perpetrated by teens aged 12 to 18 years.

The American children watching TV shows are exposed to crimes, murders, guns or other weapons every three minutes. A recent report concluded that children spend more time watching television than time spent in school. A teen typically spends more than eleven hours of media per day (television, smartphone, tablet, and video games). By the age of 18, an American youth will have seen 20,000 simulated murders and 250,000 acts of violence.

Recent studies have also found that television habits established at the age of eight influenced aggressive behavior through childhood and adolescent years. The more violent the programs preferred by children in the third grade, the more aggressive their behavior, both at that time and ten years later.

So, before we think about taking away guns, we should first figure out how to curb or get rid of the violent shows and games that are easily accessible via the media.

Jimmy A.


I’m not sure why it is so hard to provide better security measures for our schools.  It should not be that difficult or terribly expensive to install common sense safety procedures in any school. All you have to do is secure the doors, and allow entrance through one door with a metal detector, which should be supervised by two armed security guards. Individual classrooms should be locked with electronic locks and access could be denied except key or push button, no visitor will be permitted to bring in a bag, and a visibly armed person should be stationed at the door. Everyone has to be aware that there are armed security guards on the premises. There is no reason why every school cannot follow these basic guidelines.

Max T.


Kings HighwayBus Lane Plan

Thank you for bringing to light the intentions of the MTA and the Dept. of Transportation to institute a “bus only” lane on Kings Highway. Thank goodness enough people submitted complaints to delay this disastrous plan. However, we need to continue to have our voices heard until this plan is killed entirely.

All Brooklyn residents should contact the MTA and the DOT to tell them how terrible an idea it would be to remove parking spots and replace them with a “bus only” lane on Kings Highway.

We should also take the time to thank our Brooklyn elected officials who are also against this plan - State Senators  Simcha Felder and Marty Golden; Assemblymembers William Colton, Steve Cymbrowitz, Dov Hikind, and Helene Weinstein; and Councilmembers Chaim Deutsch, Mark Treyger, and Kalman Yeger.

Nathan C.