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Past Articles:

YDE Recognized as School of the Year

Congratulations to YDE for being named School of the Year. This is not only an incredible achievement for YDE – it is a tremendous accomplishment for our entire community. We all should be very proud of this important feat. In the past, the educational standards of our yeshivot were mediocre at best. B”H, in recent years YDE and many of our other fine yeshivot have improved the school curriculum (especially in secular subjects) and brought in highly skilled rabbis, teachers, and educators. The nomination of YDE, a yeshiva in our very own community, as School of the Year is a magnificent milestone for our entire community. Mabrouk!

Ralph S.

Sleepaway Camp

I really enjoyed last issue’s column about the pros and cons of sleepaway camp (Is Your Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?). Having gone to sleepaway camp for seven years as a teenager (two years as a counselor) I definitely think most children will benefit greatly from this summer experience.

For those parents that are on the fence about this decision – just think about the following points: Most summer camps do not allow children to carry cell phones, video games, or laptops. Your kid will not spend hours texting or calling his friends. This gives your kid the opportunity to step out of the electronic world and into the real one.

Your child will also learn how to be self-reliant: When was the last time your child made his own bed, did his laundry, or cleaned his room? At camp, your kid will have to do it himself. What's even better is that your child will probably enjoy performing these activities when he sees his new friends doing the same thing around him.

Julie B.

Career Service Network

Thank you for writing about SBH’s Career Service Network (Expert Career Help Available for Community Members) in last month’s publication. It was hashgacha pratit that I read it. This is exactly what I needed to read right now. I have a Master’s degree and I have been looking for full-time work for some time. It isn’t easy! I’m 45 years of age and have had a couple of very successful careers. I held a very good position for over 15 years with the last company I worked with - before they went bankrupt. I have been searching for a decent job for the last six months – but have yet to find anything substantial. I was starting to feel depressed – until I read this article. This has given me a nudge to get going and not think about giving up. I now plan on contacting Rina Elbaum at the Career Service Network. B”H, I will find a good job real soon.

Steve M.

Seeking Husbands

My heart goes out to the parents who wrote to Jido last month in regards to the difficulty they are having marrying off their daughters. Unfortunately, this is a community-wide problem – and we need community leaders to step up. I was very happy that Jido had the wisdom and the courage to suggest that they consider marrying a young man that is divorced. I have a wonderful son that has been recently divorced and is looking to get remarried. The problem is that single girls do not even want to consider going out with a divorcee. With so many girls complaining that there is shidduch crisis – you would think that they would at least try dating a young divorced religious man. Whenever my son is feeling down about his situation, I always tell him that he should think about the fact that somewhere there is a really wonderful woman who is miserable because she hasn’t found him yet!

Marilyn H.


Please be advised that on the back cover of last month’s publication (May issue), the name of Hashem is included in the photo, which requires genizah. We apologize for the oversight.