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You’ll Never Look at Tea
the Same Way Again

Opening a jar of Essence Fruit Infused Tea reveals the gorgeous kaleidoscope of colorful dried fruit and herbal leaves together with the fragrant aromas of a perfectly balanced blend. But that’s just the beginning of what is sure to be a festival for your senses.

How It All Began

Essence Fruit Infusions, the company behind these popular fruit teas, developed as result of trying to find an alternative healthy drink without the loads of sugar, corn syrup, caffeine, and food coloring commonly found in popular soft beverages and iced teas. The challenge was coming up with a beverage that we can confidently serve our children – without makingthem feel deprived. Working hard to perfect the fruit blends using high quality
non-GMO, dried fruits, loose tea leaves, and natural flavors –
Essence fruit Infusions was founded. From the very start the company has been committed to producing high quality gourmet beverages with your health in mind.

The Fruit Infusions are oh-so easy to make. Similar to instant coffee, you just add two teaspoons of the blend in a cup and steep in hot water for 2-5 minutes. The dried fruit and loose tea placed directly in the cup, turns the tea from well… tea, to a celebrated drink, packed with potent, bold flavor for children, adults, and anyone in between.

Staying true to the definition of Fruit Infused Blends, Fruit Infusions are really only considered tea if they contain the tea leaves, Camellia Sinensis, and should technically be called fruit and herbal blends. However, the public generally understands tea to mean a beverage that is hot and infused. Therefore, to keep things simple we refer to these herbal and fruit blends as tea.

Essence Fruit Infused Blends can be prepared in so many ways. Essence Tea blended with ice for a summer-fresh beverage is everybody’s favorite! Essence tea can also be prepared as a hot beverage, sipped slowly, for that energizing and relaxingexperience.

All parts of Essence Fruit Infusions are edible, and can be eaten along with the tea. The few who prefer their tea clear can use an infuser to separate the fruit and just enjoy the enchanting flavor.

Essence Fruit Infusions are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Fruits that are cooked lose some of the natural vitamins and minerals. After raw fruit, dried fruits are the next best in preserving the majority of the nutrients. Once steeped in the water, the nutrients are partially transferred to the water. The great part is that much of the nutrients are retained during the process, unlike other processed fruits and vegetables.

Essence Fruit Blends and Its Benefits

Essence fruit infusions are full of antioxidants, and contain numerous health benefits. The Pom Passion and Pina Colada blends contain ingredients such as hibiscus, pomegranates, coconuts, and pineapple, which are beneficial for immunity, digestion, and circulation. The Citrus blend contains fruit that are good for the skin, digestion, and a great source of vitamin C. Limoncello contains lemons and papaya. Lemons are natural stress relievers, help the body detox, boost immunity, and may help with weight loss. The Apple blends contain apples, cinnamon or ginger, which aids digestion and boost immunity, among other things.

Strawberry Savor and Wild Berry are both rich with antioxidants, and contain fruit which may boost memory and brain function, and are good for bone strengthening.

Kosher Certified

Pom Passion, Delicious Citrus, Pina Colada, Limoncello, Gingered Apple, and Spiced Apple are under the kashrut supervision of the Kashrut Council of Lakewood. The KCL is known for its high levels of kashrut standards.

Strawberry Savor and Wild Berry are under the kashrut supervision of Hisachdut HaRabonim of Lakewood. The strawberries and other berries are all greenhouse grown and meticulously washed and checked, ensuring high levels of kashrut.

Iced Limoncello


2 teaspoons of Essence
Limoncello Tea

2 oz. of hot water

4 oz. of ice


Steep the Essence
Limoncello Tea in the hot water
for 3 minutes.

Put  the Limoncello concentrate
and ice in a blender and blend
all together.

Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!