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Past Articles:

Mossad and Iran

Although I enjoyed reading last month’s article about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad (Mossad’s Secret Mission) - what Netanyahu had revealed in his presentation about Iran lying to the public was nothing new. Most people, including Obama, knew it all along. Obama pretended to believe Iran just to appease the naive people here in the U.S. who didn't want Iran to have nukes.

But what was really amazing was the accomplishment of the Mossad.  Mossad’s stunning secret mission in Iran overshadowed the actual intelligence it stole. It also proved to the world that Iranian officials lied when they said their country never planned to manufacture nuclear weapons and put them on ballistic missiles. They did, and probably still do! Of course, the most important outcome of the mission is that it led to Trump pulling out of the Nuclear Deal with Iran. Bravo!

Irwin K.


Diplomacy is not a game of checkers - it is more like 3D chess.  Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem does wonders for moral, but it was past American funding of the Iron Dome that saved lives when Hamas responded to the move.

Prime Minister Netanyahu had a dog and pony show with a pile of old intelligence known to Western intelligence. Under the Nuclear Deal, Iran was allowed to sell oil and buy some goods, like Boeing airliners, while Western monitoring could put off a nuclear Iran for ten years.  The Nuclear Deal did not stop Iranian economic mismanagement, or the body bags coming home to Iran from Syria.

Global sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table. For over 50 years American sanctions alone had little effect on Cuba or North Korea.  By pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal we have pushed Iran into the arms of Putin, Turkey, and other nations.   America is now the odd man out.  Iran now could have a nuclear bomb in short order. 

Stopping an Iranian bomb is now no longer a long run game of regime change.  Now it may take boots on the ground to stop an Iranian Bomb.  Those calling for boots to be used are rarely the ones who ever wore those boots.  They are unaware of the cost of the loss of life and the fact that once the first shot is fired, regardless of training and planning, you never know how it will end.

Charles P.

Social Media

Thank you for printing the article about the risks and harmful effects of posting negative comments on the internet (One Click Is All It Takes…).  I would like to share another point about the problem with social media.

Based on my experience as a music teacher, I find that when parents nurture a good hobby in their child that child has better odds of staying out of trouble. I have found the damage of the unsupervised internet generation is also reflective in the declining of arts participation and interest among children and young adults. This is true particularly in music, where success not only requires ability, but skill that is developed over time. Social media and the internet cuts deeply into that time, even diverting the interests of otherwise gifted individuals.

Unfortunately for all of us, this means the next Yaakov Shwekey may never influence the music industry because the structure and discipline it takes to perfect a skill such as music is sacrificed before a gifted child can realize on his own that he does in fact possess a special skill.

Rochelle L.

Archaeology Discoveries

Articles about archaeology and the Torah always disturbed me, as I do not know understand why it is necessary. After reading the article that appeared in last month’s column, New Archaeological Discoveries Salute the Torah, however, I finally have an inkling as to why there is a dearth of excavations confirming the veracity of the Torah. It would be pathetic if the findings were needed for Jews, but they can be used to prove to the rest of the world what we already know: the fact that Jerusalem is the undisputed capital of the Jewish nation, period.

I firmly believe that the closer we get to the coming of the Mashiach, the more archaeology findings will be unearthed – which will help publicize the truth world-wide of what ancient Jewish history proclaims. Of course, one’s acceptance of Torah should not be dependent upon the discoveries of archaeologists, but on the other hand, look at what Hashem is now revealing to all of us!

Elie M.