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Past Articles:

Sara Schenirer

Last issue’s cover story (Sara Schenirer: A First-Class Option) was beautifully written. The only thing lacking was the background history of the program’s namesake, Sara Schenirer. Since she is recognized worldwide as a visionary educator who literally saved the Jewish people, I thought your readers would be interested in knowing a little more about this Jewish heroine.

Sara Schenirer was born in 1883 in Poland.  At that time, Jewish boys would learn about their religion in special Jewish schools, and Jewish girls would attend public schools and were instructed in Jewish thought at home by their parents. Sara Schenirer saw firsthand how Jewish girls were becoming ignorant of Jewish topics and starting to assimilate. So, she decided to do something about it. In 1917, Sarah Schenirer opened a school with 25 pupils called Beis Yaakov. And the rest as they say – is history!

Grace M.

A Promise Fulfilled

I was very bothered about the message of the article that appeared in the July issue titled “APromise Fulfilled.” The opening paragraph alone sent shivers down my spine - the statement that by opening a US embassy in Jerusalem Donald Trump officially announced his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Why should the location of the US embassy matter?! The United States is just another non-Jewish nation – it is not some sort of messianic partner. Now - anything Israel accomplishes in the name of Hashem and the Jewish people will be attributed to US support. Now - anything we want to accomplish will be dependent on US approval.

We should all be wary about this move. Jerusalem was and always will be Israel’s capital – it shouldn’t take the US to move its embassy there to make it “official.”

Eddie C.


I’m a big advocate of the importance and the necessity of sending our children to yeshivot. But one thing that always irked me as a student was the fact that secular subjects, especially science, were not considered an important part of the curriculum and often weren’t taught at all. Considering the Rambam recommends observing nature to see the divine wisdom therein and by doing so develop a love of Gd, one has to wonder why science is not encouraged in all yeshivot with this outlook.

Needless to say, I was very pleased to read the article that appeared in your last issue (“Finally – A Quality Educational Science Text Book for Yeshivot”) about the new science text book, Handprints, that is now available for yeshivot. 

I strongly encourage parents and educators to ask their yeshivot to add this new science text book to their secular curriculum.

Florence K.

We’re Outta Here!

To the Jews of England, France, and Germany,

What a great opportunity you have. You know they don’t want us. You know that they continue to hate us, no matter what the senior politicians may say. The general population continues to vilify us and frame us as the most evil of all evils.

So, tell them, no problem. We’re outta here. We are taking our businesses, our medical practices, our law firms, our morals and values, and we are leaving. We have a place to go to and we are going.

We are leaving you to your more desired immigrants: those that breed on evil and violence, those that rely on State support yet don’t support the State. We are leaving you with those that you defend, against the rights of the Jewish people. 

We have learned our lesson and we are going to be with people who believe as we do - in the freedom and equality of all men.

There are those who have said that we have changed the world more than any other nation in the history of the world. There are those who value the medical advancements, the technological inventions, and the improvements in the ecology of the world brought about by the Jewish people of the modern State of Israel. There are those who value life and believe that the Commandments brought down from Sinai are the basis of all morality.

And there are those who don’t.

So, we bid you farewell. Israel will absorb another 900,000 of the most talented people of the world and we will be glad to be with them.

Max A.