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The Importance of the Supreme Court

In regards to last month’s article about the importance of the Supreme Court, the writer, Dave Gordon, is correct - the Supreme Court is critical.  It stands between freedom and dictatorship.  The court stands between children being stripped from their parents.  Mr. Gordon brings up the 1962 case of Engel v. Vitaledealt, which ended prayer in public school. Thanks to that ruling CUNY no longer requires students to attend a Christian chapel like my mother was required when she studied at Hunter College. 

President Woodrow Wilson selected the first Jewish Justice, Louis Dembitz Brandeis.  There was a Jewish seat on the court until President Richard Nixon replaced Abe Fortas with Harry Blackmun.  As noted by Mr. Gordon, today, thanks to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, there are currently three Jewish Supreme Court justices.

The Supreme Court is all that stands between freedom and servitude.  A mistake in judicial selection could result in a new Dred Scott decision.  That would not bode well for a small Jewish minority.

Charles P.

Mitzvah Man

I love reading the seemingly miraculous stories of Mitzvah Man. Last month’s article (Hashem Has His Agents Everywhere – Even in CVS???) was certainly no exception! Our community is so blessed to have the Mitzvah Man organization. Probably almost every person in our community either has their own personal story or has a family member that has directly benefited from the Mitzvah Man’s heroics. He should write a book!

I would like to add that each and every one of us can emulate the Mitzvah Man – without relying on miracles. For example, one of the easiest and most significant things one can do is to get to know his neighbors - especially the elderly or those who live on their own. Social isolation leads to a catalogue of physical and mental health problems. Please spend time with lonely older people. They don't ask for much and are sometimes forgotten.

Sammy S.

Soda Intake

Thank you for including the informative health article in last month’s issue about the possible dangers of soda consumption (“Whose Child Would Choose Water Over Soda?”). Like most things in life, moderation is the key. It’s not the end of the world if your child drinks soda at a birthday party, or if you want to keep it around the house as a special treat. The danger arises from drinking soda on a daily basis. An easy way to cut back in your home is to avoid buying soda at the market every week and not allowing it to become a household staple. Leave soda only for special occasions – like Shabbat. If you notice that your children consume soda when going out with friends, talk to them about healthy choices and what soda can do to their minds and bodies. Push them in the right direction by setting a solid and healthy example at home. And please do not make the mistake of replacing your child’s soda intake with diet drinks, as recent studies show that diet soda might actually be worse for your health! 

Carol R.

New Recipe Columns

I love both of the new recipe columns – “Creative Cooking with Chef Shiri” and ‘Once Upon a Thyme”! The recipes are fun and easy – and the photos are beautiful. And Chef Shiri is so adorable. My two daughters and I made the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and the marshmallow sprinkle cookies – and we received lots of compliments about how lovely they looked and tasted – wonderful and yummy! We are already looking forward to next month’s recipes.

Marlene G.