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Jack Erdos Announces Merger with Abrams Fensterman
Law Firm

Jacques ‘Jack’Erdos is an attorney and certified accountant with over 20 years of experience. A well-known community member, he has merged his local practice into a top 100 New York law firm, Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara, Wolf & Carone, LLP.Mr. Erdos, a partner with the firm, practices in many areas of law, but his focus is transactional real estate, general corporate and tax law, governance and trusts, and
estate matters.

Abrams Fensterman, with almost 100 attorneys, was founded in 2000. The legal team at Abrams Fensterman is committed to providing each client with quality counsel, innovative solutions, and personalized service. The firm offers the legal expertise of its attorneys’ experience and problem-solving skills, accumulated over decades
of practice.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Erdos was the principal at his own law firm and previously practiced real estate law at a few very prominent Manhattan real estate law firms – Skadden Arps, Fried Frank, and Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.

Throughout his career, Mr. Erdos has handled numerous real estate transactions dealing with retail, office, and residential leasing, commercial and residential real estate purchase and sale, developer, and joint venture and partnership agreements. He has represented a variety of clients within the New York metropolitan area, ranging from major developers, property owners, and institutional clients to high net worth individuals. Mr. Erdos has represented some of these clients for over fifteen years, using his wide range of expertise and experience to maintain these long-term relationships.

Mr. Erdos is very active within the Brooklyn community. He is an executive officer of Community Board 15 and provides pro bono legal and advisory services for many local charities and non-profit organizations. Mr. Erdos is currently the treasurer of the Kings Highway Beautification Associations (KHBA). He represents many synagogues within our community as well. Jack is continually active behind the scenes, ready to help the community and Brooklyn at large in many ways.

Jack Erdos can be contacted directly in Brooklyn at

SBH Farmer’s Market

Last month, the Sephardic Bikur Holim of the Jersey Shore hosted its first ever SBH Farmer’s Market. The event was held in order to bring awareness to the SBH Food Pantry, as well as to promote healthy eating. Over 150 community members came out to enjoy the afternoon event. The activities included pickle making, which entailed choosing and chopping your own veggies, filling a container, and then adding homemade pickle juice! Participants were then instructed to take their containers home and leave them out of the fridge for a couple of days to become pickles.

Next was Kids Yoga with Jaquie Tammam and a Kids Food Expo. The expo was an educational art project in which Sarah Ades helped children select paper, and then cut out pictures of proteins, grains, and veggies to form a complete, balanced, and healthy plate. The featured speaker of the day was Laura Shammah, who discussed healthy eating and the importance of eating a variety of different colored vegetables. If you came to this event, you did not leave empty handed. SBH gave out thousands of pounds of fresh produce, which was generously donated by Fulfill, The Monmouth County food bank.

In addition to the produce, Elana Edery spent a few weeks growing different sprouts to teach children how veggies grow. She then donated the string bean and radish sprouts, which were given out at the event forcommunity members to plant in their homes.

Dress a Bride Challah Bake-Off

Dress a Bride, a division of Sephardic Bikur Holim, along with For The Love of Dough, hosted an event on July 29th in Deal, NJ. Dress a Bride is an organization that supports needy brides by supplying them with important outfits for their sebet, going away, and sheva brachot.

For The Love of Dough is a movement throughout the community, made up of several groups of women who come together once a week to bake challah for different individuals and causes.

The event was a Challah Bake-Off Challenge and Chinese Auction. The contestants of the Bake-Off were Lucy Hassoun of
@ILuvLucys, Aliza Salem of @TheGhettoGormet, Emily Massry of
@EmilyMassrychalli_n_Biscotti, and Shelly Rothstein andFrieda Betesh of @ChallahByShellyandFrieda. Each team was assigned a different country to base their challah creations on. The countries were France, Italy, Israel, and the United States of America. Team @TheGhettoGormet came in first place with their beautiful Israeli challah display!

Flatbush Shomrim Activities

July 1, 12:30am– One arrested for break-in of
a vehicle in the area of
Ocean Parkway and
Avenue S. After observingsaid perpetrator committing the crime, FSSP units activated the system and
subsequently an arrest was made by
the 61 pct.

July 1, 2:45am– Two arrested for breaking into a car in the vicinity of Avenue J and East 32. FSSP units witnessed the break-in.

July 11, 1:30am – A recidivist perpetrator was arrested for breaking into a car in the area of Homecrest Avenue between T-U.  61 pct. was activated and the arrest
was made.

July 16, 6:30pm–An elderly member of the community suffering from dementia went missing. After being contacted by the frantic family, an intense search was initiated by our members and in a relatively short time, the missing man was located and was reunited with his grateful family.

July 30, 2:30am– After following a suspicious individual for more than a mile, alert members from our Night Crime Team observed said individual breaking into a construction site. 70 pct. was alerted and an arrest for criminal trespass was made.

July 31, 2:00am– A house in the area of Avenue K and East 18 was broken into while the occupants were sleeping. The perpetrator spent several hours inside burglarizing the premises. He managed to leave before anyone woke up. The next day, after beingcontacted by the shocked homeowner, our TARU units responded and retrieved video footage. Upon reviewing the footage, it was determined that this same perpetrator was responsible for several thefts of charity boxes from our local synagogues. Over the next24 hours, FSSP members combed the entire Flatbush and Boro Park. An eagle-eyed member of ours spotted him in the area of McDonald Avenue and Avenue O. Seventy cops were summoned and this individual who has been plaguing our community was arrested (see photo).

August 10, 5:45pm– Our dedicated members witnessed an individual breaking into a car on Nostrand Avenue and
Avenue K. The result was one arrest, and the collar was made by the 70 pct.

SBH 5K Honors Our Everyday Heroes

The annual Team SBH 5K kicked off on a clear and sunny morning in Deal, NJ on Sunday, August 5th, 2018. The theme was Superheroes, and the day was dedicated to honoring our everyday heroes such as the Deal Police Department, Deal First Aid, Deal Fire Department, Flatbush Hatzolah, Flatbush Shomrim, and Jersey ShoreHatzalah. Nine hundred participants had a blast walking, jogging, and running five kilometers around Deal. Victor Zeitouni won the race!

The start and finish of the race took place at the Azrak residence on Jerome Avenue. A beautiful, healthy, and fueling breakfast was served, which included bagels, Greek yogurt, and granola bars.

Everyone who attended would agree a major highlight of the day was watching Cheri Srour cross the finish line. Cheriwas diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was 18, and was told she may never walk again. Boy, did she prove them wrong when she, with the help of her trainer and friends, walked the SBH 5K. As she crossed the finish line, everyone excitedly gathered around and chanted her name. If you ask Cheri, she’d say she did it #Becauseican.

Hillel PTA Color War

The second annual Color War presented by Hillel PTA took place on August 1st at DSN. About 90 community women participated in this exciting and nostalgic event. Six teams competed in various activities such as bodyscrabble, dodge ball, obstacle course, and musical chairs. They were also judged on their team song, cheer, and dance as well as additional points given for sportsmanship throughout the day. The healthy lunch was catered by Nicole's Kitchen.

The Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, and Orange teams all showed team spirit, as well as love and support for each other. It was overall a day of unity and fun for everyone who was lucky enough to be a part of this day. Towards the end of the event, while the judges were deliberating, calculating the points to determine the winners, teams of every color came together to dance and celebrate together as one.
A great time was had by everyone who participated!

Breakfast Hosted by Joseph and Victoria Sutton in Memory of Mr. Alfred J. Sutton, a”h,
in Support of Chesed 24/7

Norma Cohen spoke with great passion about the difficult times of taking care of her father in the hospital, and how moved she was by the daily support constantly offered from the Chesed 24/7 representative.

Rabbi Mansour spoke of his long-term support for Chesed 24/7. He noted that the term for caring for the sick is bikur cholim– one would expect it to be bikur choleh, in the singular. Rabbi Mansour explained that when an individual is very ill, the family members who are called upon to care for him are severely impacted, and they themselves are “cholim,” are stricken. The emotional toll of caring for a loved one with a serious illness, the long days and weeks in the hospital, the stress on the extended family and friends, is very real. When an organization like Chesed 24/7 steps in, to support these families with food and drink, with a place to sleep nearby the hospital, with a hospitality room in the hospital where they can step back and communicate with others going through the same thing – this is what is meant by the phrase bikur cholim, and this is what Chesed 24/7 has made as its mission.

Richard Sutton, speakingon behalf of the family, also spoke of the challenges the family faced when their beloved father was hospitalized for nine weeks at Mt. Sinai. No amount of wealth, connections, or anything else had prepared them for the very real challenge of ensuring that their father received the best care possible. Enter Mrs. Sima Bacharach, Chesed 24/7’s Patient Liaison at Mt. Sinai Hospital, who began to assemble teams of doctors for each aspect of Mr. Sutton’s care, including the only doctor willing and able to operate on Mr. Sutton in the weakened state he was in. Sima, now acting as a case manager, made sure that Mr. Sutton, who at times was near death, was able to receive the care he needed to ultimately leave the hospital and return home.

For more information about Chesed 24/7 – please contact Max Anteby at 845-354-3233 Ext. 1140.

City & State Ranks David Greenfield as the 10th Most Influential Person in Brooklyn

In a borough of 2.6 million people, with the largest Jewish population in the world, the competition to be an influential is fierce. That’s why it’s so impressive that despite being out of office, former Councilman David G. Greenfield, the current CEO of Met Council on Jewish Poverty, is ranked by City & State Magazine as the 10th most influential person in Brooklyn. Greenfield is the highest-ranking Jewish leader on the list of the 50 most influential Brooklynites.

Greenfield, 39, represented Boro Park and Flatbush in New York City Hall for eight years, where he rose to the position of council leadership and chair of the powerful Council Land Use Committee that has the final say on all zoning and development in New York City.

Greenfield left City Hall after his term ended in December to lead the Met Council on Jewish Poverty, New York’s largest Jewish charitable organization, with over 200 employees,
21 buildings, and 16 affiliated agencies. Met Council is perhaps best known as the organization that provides $10 million in free kosher food to those in need throughout New York through their 16 subsidiary JCCorganizations, yeshivot, and 35 kosher food pantries across New York.

Senator Golden Calls on the Governor to Reinstate the School Speed Camera Program

Senator Martin J. Golden announced a petition drive calling on Governor Cuomo to reconvene the State Legislature to pass Senate Bill 6046. This legislation, cosponsored by Senator Golden, would reinstate the school speed camera program while also increasing the number of cameras. The petition can be signed by going to

“Until today there were speed cameras in 140 school zones. Where these cameras were used, speeding dropped by an average of 63%, while pedestrian injuries dropped by 23 percent according to the Mayor’s Office. During that same period, roadway fatalities increased by about 15% nationally. Clearly, speed cameras in school zones work. Bring the Legislature back to pass this bill, before another innocent life is needlessly lost. It is the right thing to do. You know it, I know it, the Mayor knows it, and in his heart, the Governor knows it,” said Senator Golden.