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Dear Jido,

I am 74 years old and my wife of 53 years is 71 years of age.

Our marriage is solid, and it is my strongest desire to support my wife in every way possible, especially giving her things that we may not have had resources for in our younger years.

I am blessed to be very healthy, and I am an avid exerciser, now getting into
short-distance triathlons.

My wife was an exercise trainer but now has injuries and aches and pains that prohibit her from joining me in my training. She is opposed to me partaking in triathlons, even though I know my physical limits and want to “complete” rather than “compete.”

She fears that I will die or be severely injured, thereby “ruining” our golden years. I love the sport and want to partake. She remains angry and adamantly against it.

What is the best way to handle this?

Signed, Senior Triathlete

Dear Senior,

Let's remember that women have this special intuition given to them by Hashem where they can judge a situation, not necessarily a business deal, but anything involving human dynamics, better than a man.

That being said, you state you are blessed to be healthy. The first thing I would recommend is to get the okay from your doctor and cardiologist. Also ask them for whatmight be ANY early warning signs that indicate that you have to stop training or even stop participating on the day of the triathlon.

Discuss these with your wife. Promise her that you will follow doctor's orders and take every precaution.

If she still objects, see paragraph number one.