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By: Adina Yaakov

Hanukah is a time to gather together with friends and family. It brings countless parties, presents, andbest of all – doughnuts! Even if I receive yet another scarf and mitten set from the party grab
bag, the Festival of Lights remains my most favorite time of year. These decadent doughnuts can
be made parve by swapping the butter for canola oil and using soy milk instead of regular milk.
Using a doughnut machine or doughnut-shaped baking pan to make these doughnuts saves a lot
of calories and fat. Now that's something to smile bright about - all eight nights.


1 ½ cups flour
½ cup sugar
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
9 tablespoons melted butter
¾ cup milk
1 egg
½ can chocolate frosting
1 cup mini marshmallows
5 graham crackers, cracked into small pieces
6 oz. melted chocolate
Chocolate Milk (optional)


1. If using donut machine, preheat. If using a doughnut pan and baking in the oven -
preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Combine the flour, sugar, and baking powder in a large bowl.
3. Whisk in the butter, milk, and egg until mixture forms a smooth batter.
4. Transfer batter to a pitcher.
5. Use cooking oil to spray the donut maker machine or doughnut pan and fill
each doughnut ring.
6. If using doughnut machine, close lid and cook until doughnuts are golden. If using a
doughnut pan and baking in the oven, bake for 20-25 minutes until golden.
7. Remove doughnuts with a non-stick spatula and let cool
8. Repeat with remaining batter.
9. When cool, frost doughnuts with chocolate frosting.
10. Divide the broken up graham crackers and marshmallows on top of the doughnuts.
11. Using a spoon, drizzle the melted chocolate on top.
12. Fill a mason jar with hot or cold chocolate milk.
13. Place doughnut on rim of the jar and place straw through to serve.

Recipe, Photo, and Styling by Adina Yaakov, Dietetic Intern and Recipe Developer.
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