PRAYING FOR ISRAEL Former IDF Chief of Staff, General Moshe Ya’alon, Gives Sober Assessment of the Jewish State’s Current Security Situation

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Last month’s cover story about UCEF’s strategy in tackling the tuition crisis was great to see.  Thank you for addressing this issue, which is very real for many of us. I do not believe there is only one single solution that will solve the cost of education dilemma, but laid out in the manifesto described in the article, with the multi-pronged approach involving various collaborative efforts, I think this program has a good chance of working. After all, we are a brilliant people. We have reached positions of influence and power that are the envy of the world in fields of medicine, law, finance, and science. If our community unites for this common cause we should be able to overcome any obstacle and find a way to provide an affordable yeshiva education for every child in our community.

Morris F.


The first Shabbat after the tragic Pittsburgh mass shooting, a sense of fear and anger set a tone among many people in our close-knit communities. Our rabbis and community leaders responded to our anxiety by diligently securing ample police patrols, holding unity rallies, and assembling security posts by our shuls and yeshivot, which proved to be necessary after several incidents occurred in Williamsburg and Crown Heights the following Shabbat.

Additionally, there were people who simply grew angry at the thought of this unfortunate reality for Jewish Americans, many of whom recalled a bygone era when anti-Semitism of a similar nature was commonplace in New York City. The idea that the tragedy in Pittsburgh was all but an historical blemish in the story of American Jewry proved not to be true, rather it became a national realization of a much worse and more daunting reality. Our Jewish faith in America, in a nation founded on basic principles of religious tolerance and freedom, is once again being threatened by baseless animosity and hate. As a member of both the Brooklyn Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish communities, I can confidently say that the impact of this tragedy has had an equal effect on both ethnic circles. Additionally, the diversity of the attacks on synagogues and temples in the last week point to the fact that anti-Semites don’t distinguish between ethnic, cultural, or religiously observant variations of Jews. We must recognize our common ground, no matter where we come from or how we practice, because an anti-Semitic attack on one community is truly an attack on all communities.

Jack P.

Mitzvah Man

If there is any mitzvah that needs to be performed no matter how big or small, Mitzvah Man and his team are always there to ensure that it is done. They are super heroes in our community and the organization truly embodies the title “Mitzvah Man.”

When my husband decided to start a new shul, he was in need of assistance. My husband saw an advertisement for the Mitzvah Man in the Community Magazine and he reached out to him. The Mitzvah Man responded immediately!  Mitzvah Man reached out to many people to assist in getting the new shul off the ground. They were able to get the new shul Sifrei Torot, mahzorim, and various other books.

Without the Mitzvah Man and his organization, the shul would have had a very difficult time getting started. The shul had a limited amount of time to complete all of the necessary tasks before the High Holidays and the Mitzvah Man managed to get everything done very quickly. They always checked up afterwards, to hear how the shul was progressing with their plans, even though they are involved in a million other mitzvot.  

We are very grateful to the Mitzvah Man organization for enabling us to open our shul for the High Holidays and beyond.  Tezkela Mitzvot!

Ariella H.

Woman to Woman

I am writing to you as a fan of your Woman to Woman column in Community Magazine. As I grew up Ashkenaz and married a Syrian from my class in Yeshivah of Flatbush, I became introduced to a world where it was an anomaly for a young woman to be a medical student. It is very encouraging and refreshing to read about the professional women in the Sephardic community.

Mrs. A.