PRAYING FOR ISRAEL Former IDF Chief of Staff, General Moshe Ya’alon, Gives Sober Assessment of the Jewish State’s Current Security Situation

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The Retro Hanukah 5779 Contest, which rewards children for positive actions in shul, is running his second Retro Hanukah contest. The theme for this year’s contest is spiritual growth through positive energy and actions.

Be a Maccabee –cut down on negative thoughts and channel your anger in a positive light. It will improve your health and connect you to Hashem.

The Maccabees had everyreason to be angry – their land, religion, and heritage were being attacked by the Syrian Greeks. Instead of feeling despair and anger and allowing negativity to take over, the Maccabees channeled their anger to bond with Hashem, the Creator of the world.

To enroll in the challenge, please email Mr. Isaac Gindi at hannukah613@outlook.combefore Hanukah starts on December 2nd.

Contest Rules

Please send the following info: first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Include in the email the list of actions you are taking to channel your anger in a positive light.  Please share with us your experiences via email. It’s all based on the honor system.

Three winners will be selected. First prize is $500, second prize is $300, and third prize is $200!

Below are some sample Maccabee positive actions. Choose as many as you like.

During Hanukah, please choose a set time every day where you will control your anger for 10 minutes. Your goal is to channel positive light through positive actions. If you succeed, you can enter the contest up to 8 times.

When you feel angry, think abouthow the Maccabees handled their anger and try to avoid letting the evils of anger enter your heart and body!

Watch your angry words: Count to 10 or walk out of the room before you say something you will regret. Words can cause much pain to your loved onesand cause irreparable damage to your relationships.

Don’t make it about yourself and take things personally. Give people the benefit of the doubt; maybe something negative is going on in their lives.

For more detailed rules go to

De La Rosa Vineyards Takes the Gold!

De La Rosa fine wine company is delighted to announce their two gold medals, awarded in the 2018 International Organic Wine Competition in Germany. De La Rosa wines competed against over 1,086 organic wines from 28 countries. Their Yayin Regal 2017 won the gold medal for Dry Sparkling Muscat, which earned 92 points. Their Ashray Chardannay 2017 won the gold for Sweet Late Harvest Chardonnay with 91 points. Additionally, they took home a silver medal for their T-Rosh Riesling 2017 for white semi-dry Riesling with 89 points.

The artisanal, small batch kosher wine company De La Rosa recently exhibited in November at Kosherfest 2018. At their booth, they gave out samples so everyone could “taste the De La Rosa difference!”

De La Rosa is Star K approved and all their wines are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Simcha Felder Re-elected for Third Term

State Senator Simcha Felder was
re-elected for his third term in the New York State Senate.

Felder, who was first elected in November 2012, will once again represent the 17th Senate District, which encompasses the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Midwood, Flatbush, Borough Park, Kensington, Sunset Park, Madison, and Bensonhurst.

A lifelong New Yorker, Felder lives with his wife and children just blocks away from the house where he was born and raised. He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Masters of Business Administration degree in Management from the renowned Zicklin School of Business at CUNY’s Baruch College.  Felder also served as a professor of Management at Touro College and CUNY’S Brooklyn College.

Before entering politics, Felder was a tireless community leader and volunteer for local civic organizations.  With 17 ½ yearsof experience in public service, Simcha Felder was elected to the City Council in 2002.

Senator Felder currently chairs the Cities Committee.  He is also a member of the following committees: Aging; Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business; Finance; Health; Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities; Infrastructure and Capital Investment; and Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs.  In addition, he is a member of the newly formed Taskforce on the Delivery of Social Services for New York City.

Kiruv Class by Rabbi Yosef Palacci
Taking Brooklyn by Storm

About 10 years ago, Rabbi Yosef Palacci began a Wednesday night Torah class with only a handful of men. Albert Chcoury and his friend Jimmy Malakh were members of that first class, and they came away very inspired. They both had many friends whom they thought could benefit from such a class, so they decided to invite a group of friends to join them. They billed the class as a type of “hang out with free dinner” rather than something more serious. The size of the class grew larger with each passing week. Kiruvbecame the main focus of this class, as more and more young men began realizing that Torah was the key that had been missing in their lives.

The class started in a small location on Coney Island between Avenues S and T,
then moved to the basement of Ahi Ezer Senior Center, and now it is finally in a brand-new location. What started as just one class has blossomed into an entire synagogue at 2013 East 13thbetween T and U. The shul is fully functional, with morning and Shabbat services as well as evening shiurimduring the week, including a women's class on Tuesday nights.

Many of the men that Chcoury and Malakh invited to the Wednesday night class had no previous connection to Torah, and their eyeswere opened on those Wednesday night classes with Rabbi Palacci. Chcoury reported that about 90% of the participants were unmarried when they started out, and after about two years attending the weekly class, that number did a complete turnaround, with 90% of them married, and some with children.

Rabbi Palacci’s warmth and kindness has led many participants of his class and his shul to increase their connection to Judaism, Torah, and mitzvot. Rabbi Palacci is certainly the “special sauce” in this recipe. The new shul is aptly dubbed Derech Emet Torah Center, which translates to Path of Truth. There is a lot more now going on at this new location in addition to the kiruv class. To watch or listen to this class online head to

SBH Introduces the Karen Mizrahi, a”h, Bridal Boutique

Last month, SBH opened the doors to the Karen Mizrahi, a”h, Bridal Boutique in Brooklyn.The boutique aims to help brides and their mothers enjoy a more stress-free and affordable wedding experience, in the privacy of the beautiful new space. Brides can borrow the perfect gown for their special day, with extra care and attention given to those in need.

The grand opening on November 4thgave community members and supporters an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the beautiful gowns that have been donated by brides.

For more information about donating or borrowing a wedding dress, please

Kosherfest 2018 Celebrates Its 30-Year History in Style

Kosherfest, an annual international trade show for the kosher food industry, celebrated its 30th anniversary at Meadowlands Convention Center on November 13thand 14th.

Over 6,000 people from 21 countries attended the two-day event, which began at Giants Stadium in 1989. Kosher foods are now widely available throughout the United States with as many as 18,000 retail stores selling kosher products. This year’s Kosherfest honored exhibitors who have been part of Kosherfest throughout its 30-year history. Produced jointly by Diversified Business Communications of Portland, Maine and Lubicom Marketing of Brooklyn, NY, the show included over 340 exhibitors and well over 400 booths.

This year’s event featured exhibits from countries around the world, including Israel, the UK, Canada, South Africa, the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Spain, Japan, and Australia.