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Looking for Hanukah gifts for your family members (or yourself!) that are a little different and feature the latest in technology? Take a look at these beauties…

On those cold days in winter at the office it sometimes seems like they put on the
air-conditioning instead of the heat, and you usually feel that most in your hands. Typing while your hands are freezing is nearly impossible. That's why these USB heated hand warmers were invented. Not only do they keep your hands nice and toasty, but they also look like cute little pieces of toast.

Favo Tech Remote Control Automatic Car Cover

Wouldn't it be nice if your car could just cover itself when you want to protect it from the sun or snow when parked outside your garage?! Well, it seems that automatic car covers are now a thing. If an automatic car umbrella isn't for you, maybe this remote controlled automatic car cover by Favo Tech is more your style. Just remove it from your trunk and place it on the top of your car, you can then use your phone to release the cover and have it essentially cover the car by itself, while you just need to tuck in the corners on each end to fully enclose your car.

Automatic Domino
Brick Laying Toy Train

What's the best part about dominoes? Of course knocking themover! Stacking them up in the first place takes time, patience, and a level of self-control that a small amount of the population possesses! This automatic domino brick laying toy train will take the pain and time out of that entire process.

Arya Ball: A 5-in-1 Nested Sports Ball and Bat

When going out to the park or playing field, it’s tough to decide on what game you'd like to bring. Will it be soccer ball, a football, or a baseball and bat? Sure, you could take them all, but that's just a little too much to carry sometimes. The Arya Ball is a 5-in-1 sports ball that holds them all together in nested form. Each ball sits inside one another like those nested Matryoshka dolls.

Robot Lollipop Saver

Do you (or your kids) often find yourself sucking on a lollipop, only to have to set it down to do other tasks? This is surely the number one problem affecting the lollipop industry of our time. No longer will your pop gather dirt and debris every time you need to set it down. Especially perfect for young kids who love lollipops! This toy robot will hold your pop for you, and preserve its integrity inside of its mouth until you're ready to continue eating.

Flexible Rollup
Piano Keyboard

Sometimes when you're on the go, you just need to jam out to some fine tunes and tickle the ivories for a few minutes. The 61 Key Flexible Roll Up Electronic Keyboard lets you play the piano wherever you are by just unrolling it and plugging it in, using an AC power adapter or by using batteries.

DIY Murphy Door Kit –
Design Your Own Hidden Door

Ever wanted a hidden door when you were younger? As a kid you need a secret spotto hide with your friends to get away from the parents, and as a parent you need a secret spot to get away from your kids. This DIY kit lets you create your own secret hidden Murphy door all by yourself.

The DIY Murphy Door kit comes with everything you'll need to get started, including all of the hinges, and parts needed. Know that this is for professionals that know what they're doing and extra parts and accessories will be needed to finish everything off.

Bicycle Gloves
with Turn Signals

The Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are another device in the wearable bicycle technology category that will help cyclists bike on the streets with added safety. The turn signal gloves let you signal to drivers and other cyclists that you are turning by flashing a turn arrow on your hand, either in front of you without having to even take your hands off the handle bars, or behind you by raising your hand up.

Tiny Packable Backpack
Expands To Full Size Backpack

We all love a roomy backpack that will hold all of our things, but the problem is that you don't always have one with you. What if there was a tiny packable backpack that you could bring with you essentially anywhere, so that you can just pull it out when you need it? This tiny packable bag is just that!
It folds down to fit in the palm of
your hand, but when unfolded, it's a full-size backpack.

Pony Cycle

The Pony Cycle is a unique horse shaped scooter that is self-propelled by bouncing up and down on it like you're galloping. With each pump of your feet, the fake pony will move forward on the wheels located on the bottom of the horse's hooves. If your child wants a pony or horse, but in no way will that ever happen, this fake galloping pony scooter might be your next best bet.