CHIEF RABBI, HACHAM SHAUL KASSIN 5681 – 5779 / 1921-2018

Past Articles:

Flatbush Shomrim News

Nov. 25, 3:00pm–One person arrested for 32 of a vehicle (car break-in) in the area of Ave. R and East 5th. The person was first spotted around 7:00 in the morning and managed to elude us. However, the persistence of our units resulted in his arrest later the same day!

Nov. 25, 9:00pm– The infamous scam artist plaguing the community by jumping in front of cars and then claiming you hit him was arrested. One of our alert units observed him perpetrating his scam and alerted the victim and 61 Pct., who subsequently collared him. Please be advised that after a very short stint in lockup, he has been released and is up to his old tricks. It is imperative that if he tries this scam on you, that 911 is activated. When there will be multiple police reports against him, the DA’s office will be forced to act, and hopefully he will be incarcerated for a lengthy period.

Nov. 27, 11:30pm– A sharp-eyed unit observed a suspicious individual loitering in front of the shul on the corner of Nostrand and Ave. L. After a short period of timewhen everyone left the shul, he entered and was immediately detained until 70 Pct. came and made the arrest. This perpetrator was stealing from the shul for several weeks, and the police were very appreciative of our help in apprehending him.

Nov. 29, 2:00am– One person arrested for attempted 31(burglary) of a residence in the area of East 12th between Avenues L-M.

Dec, 2, 7:30am to 6:00pm– Flatbush Shomrim was privileged to assist in the funeral detail for the holy tzadikHacham Shaul
Kassin, zt”l.With an extremely large crowd at Cong. Magen David, traffic and crowd control was handled flawlessly by Flatbush Shomrim members.

Dec. 6, 12:45am– One person arrested for criminal trespass in the area of East 19th and Avenues S-T. If not for our night team’s vigilance, this perpetrator would have most certainly entered and burglarized the residence.

Dec. 9, 2:15am– After observing an individual driving erratically in the area of Quentin and East 28th, our members alerted PD and said individual was arrested for DUI (driving under the influence).

Magen David Yeshiva High School Holds Senior Mock Interviews

Magen David Yeshiva’s 12thgrade students are in the midst of their Senior Internship Program Mock Interviews, which is one of the many career developmentsteps they take to prepare for their month-long internshipin May. Students come dressed in their business attire, and provide a copy of their resume, a cover letter,and a research summary about the industry they are hoping
to work in. With the Career Counselors in the Office of Career Services, they have a mock interview with questions they will likely have to answer when they meet with potential internship employers.

What’s Cooking Wednesdays at SBH NJ Branch

Every other Wednesday volunteers at Sephardic Bikur Holim New Jersey Branch get together to cook and fill the freezer of the Sarah Sutton, A”H, Food Pantry. On December 5th, a group of about twenty women, ranging from ages 25-60, gathered at their local SBH branch to do something nice for those less fortunate than themselves. That particular week was sponsored anonymously in memory of Jaclyn Asher, A”H. Each week this volunteer-driven initiative announces pantry requests so that participants can bring a particular ingredient to help fill the pantry. One week they requested spices, and a few women who attended were generous enough to bring some along. At the last “What’s Cooking Wednesday” event the two items on the menu for the women to cook were chicken burgers and lachmagine.

“The food we make isdelicious and so easy to heat and serve,” said SBH volunteer Jacqueline Musry. “We had
50 pounds of beef chop meat and 50 pounds of chicken chop meat for these yummy recipes, as well as a variety of healthy veggies. The turnout was so amazing that we finished preparing all the food in record time. It was truly beautiful to see all these community women giving their time and skills to help feed others.”