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Past Articles:

Young Adults Raise Money
for Team SBH Disney Half Marathon

On January 10thand 11th, a few young adults from our community, Marcelle Shammah, Rebecca Mosseri, and Jacob Missry, hosted a bake sale and Chinese auction to raise money for Sephardic Bikur Holim. The proceeds from the events went towards the SBH Disney Half Marathon registration fees. The events were a huge success as over 250 community members came and showed their support. Many community businesses donated their products and services for the Chinese auction. The bake sale was rolling with delicious home baked creations such as cookies, cakes, brownies, cookie dough, pickles, juices, and more! The group of friends was able to raise the amazing amount of $6,000 in just two short days!

Tips from Community Orthodontist David M. Dayan
for People with Braces

Dr. David M. Dayan, whohas been practicing orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics in our community for seven years, would like to share the following helpful and healthful tips for people with braces:

Brushing– There is no better thing to do for your mouth then brushing after every time you eat. This doesn’t mean just after meals, this includes after snacks and small munchies too. Braces trap food and it’s very harmful to your teeth if the food sits. This shouldn’t feel like a tall order, it should be an automatic instinct, like buckling your seatbelt upon entering a car. You eat something, you brush it out. It doesn’t always call for toothpaste –
just a brush and some water and you’re good to go!

Floss nightly– If flossing for people without braces is a hassle, flossing with braces is an even bigger hassle, and it takes a long time. When people tell Dr. Dayan that they haven’t been flossing he has a great tip for them: only do half the work. Monday night you can floss the top of your mouth, Tuesday you can floss the bottom, Wednesday the top again, and so on. This way, instead of doing nothing every night because it’s too much, do a little at a time and you’ll be healthy!

Senator Simcha Felder Calls on DOT to Correct Deceptive Parking Signs

“Parking signs should not contradict each other. Common sense dictates that people should be able to rely on the accuracy of all DOT parking signs and posted parking rules should be clear and simple. It is upsetting that hardworking New Yorkers are unwitting victims of this ticket trap,” said Senator Felder.

The issue was brought to Senator Felder’s attention when an area resident parked beside a Street Cleaning sign located on 63rd Street between 15thand 16thAvenues. The sign says: No Parking Wednesday, 11:30am – 1:00am and an arrow belowpoints in both directions. To any reasonable person, the sign indicates that at every other time parking is permissible within both directions of the sign. The resident was shocked when he returned to his car to find a $60 parking ticket.

Ninety feet away, and out of view, stands a contradicting sign that reads: No Parking Monday through Friday 8:00am – 6:00am with an arrow pointing in the direction of the first sign. According to the city code, the No Parking sign (Mon. – Thurs. 8:00am – 6:00am) overrulesand invalidates the first Street Cleaning sign, so the resident’s not-guilty plea was denied, and on appeal he lost again.

“It is outrageous, but unfortunately not surprising, that despite DOT posting a misleading Street Cleaning sign with inaccurate arrows pointing drivers in the direction of illegal parking, drivers still have no defensible position or recourse,” remarked the Senator.

“Parking is difficult enough, and people don’t deserve to be ticketed for obeying rules posted by the city. It is unfair to expect people to canvass the area in all types of weather and under all sorts of conditions searching for a sign that may contradict the sign right in front of their eyes. I have asked DOT to correct these signs immediately,” concluded Senator Felder.

Flatbush Shomrim News

Dec. 18, 8:30pm– An alert member observed an individual driving erratically on East 29 and Ave I-J who crashed into several parked cars. When approached, saidindividual attempted to flee. After a short chase and scuffle, the driver was apprehended, and held till 70 Pct. police arrived and made an arrest for DWI and assault.

Dec. 25, 9:00pm–A 91-year-old WWII veteran with dementia went missing from the area of East 15 and Ave R. After an intense search by our dedicated members, the man was located about two miles from his home in good health, and returned to his overjoyed and grateful family.

Dec. 30, 2:30am– One person arrested for a 32 of a vehicle in the area of East 28 and Ave R-S.

Jan. 8, 4:30pm– A 13-year-old girl was assaulted on Quentin Road. Detective Squad is looking for a male Asian, approximately 40 years of age, 5’5” in height, slim build, with facial scars. He was last seen wearing a waist-length beige jacket, grey pants, and grey sneakers. Flatbush Shomrim is working closely with the 61 squad, staking out the area in hopes of apprehending the perpetrator.

Jan.12, 11:30pm– An intoxicated motorcyclist crashed into several parked vehicles in the area of Coney Island Ave and Ave L. The motorcyclist was apprehended and held for PD who charged him with DWI.

Jan. 13, 11:30pm– One person arrested for robbing from a UPS drop box onEast 15 and Ave J. Our night crime team observed him loitering around the box and patiently waited until he committed the crime before alerting the police.

Magen David Warriors Varsity Team
Wins Championship Game

Congratulations to the Magen David Yeshivah Boys Varsity Basketball Team on its 66-44 victory over Rambam in the Satran Tournament Championship Game. Michael Natkin won the MVP and Albert Nsiri and Teddy Cohen made the All-Star Team.

This was the third championship MDY
has won this season. The first two championships were the MDY Pre-seasonTournament, and the Cooper National Invitational, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kudos on a magnificent job of coaching by Head Coach Ike Dweck and Assistant Coaches – Benny Mann, Leo Esses, and
Jack Doueck.

Governor’s Budget Proposal to Increase Aid to Nonpublic Schools

On January 8th, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo released his executive budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year which contains a number of positives for the yeshiva and nonpublic school community.

The budget increases mandated services reimbursement to over $115 million, an increase of 3.6% over last year, and allocates over $77 million for the Comprehensive Attendance Policy (CAP), which includes a large payment on a longstanding debt for these services.The Mandated Services and CAP reimbursements were originally conceived by Agudath Israel and its coalition partners under the leadership of its late president Rabbi Moshe Sherer, a”h,
and the Agudah continues to aggressively advocate annually for this funding.

As we all know, anti-Semitic incidents have unfortunately been on the rise. Governor Cuomo, in his presentation, referenced the fact that anti-Semitic incidents have risen 90% in New York over the last three years. To help combat this rising scourge, the Executive budget once again allocated $25 million for “Securing Communities against Hate Crimes” (SCAHC) in capital grants for schools and community facilities. In addition, as in previous years, the budget recommends $15 million for Safety and Security Funding for nonpublic schools. Agudath Israel and its coalition partners have long called for additional security funding, and this security funding is consistently among the top items on its yearly New York State advocacy agenda. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre, Agudath Israel is requesting that these security funds be broadened to include Synagogues and Houses of Worship. We will continue to advocate with our partners in government to secure our most vulnerable institutions.

Agudath Israel also acknowledges the 33% recommended increase in STEM salary reimbursement, primarily through the advocacy of TEACH NYS, a division of the Orthodox Union.

Agudath Israel looks forward to working productively over the next two months with both the governor and the legislature to ensure these items are included in the final enacted budget along with $7 million to fund the mandate for immunization recordkeeping for New York City,Rochester, and Buffalo that was in the previous two budgets.