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By: Dave Gordon

Whether by scientific breakthrough or plain creativity, Israel is not unexpectedly on the cusp of some of the most fascinating food innovations on the planet.

Known for its world-renowned gourmet scene and its unique cuisine that attracts high-caliber chefs, and also recognized for its
risk-taking technology, the Holy Land fare is surprising no one by quickly becoming the harbinger of revolutionary trends on our supermarket shelves – particularly shelves stocked with kosher products.

Here is a small sampling of food products that have recently been launched in Israel, and which will quite possibly make its way to our shores in a matter of time.

Breads and Spreads

You’ve likely seen some 778 jams in your supermarket orgrocery stores. But look out for Unilever Israel’s new series of 50-percent fruit jams, and five new vibrant flavors: strawberry, strawberry and plum, plum, cherries and apricot. The jam is preservative-free.

Hellman’s – mostly known for its mayonnaise – is now making Dijon mustard. Though it is a product of France, this specialty line is being made available for the Israeli market. You’ll no doubt find it the next time you’re in Israel, but also check out local specialty stores that carry Israeli non-perishables.

Around the start of 2018, Osem – probably Israel’s most famous food company – came out with a line of microwavable frozen challah, rugalach, focaccia, and coffee cake called “Bonjour.”

New Fish

The latest news from the Auf Tov group (the folks who bring you the bagged chicken nuggets and chicken shapes) is prepared fish in frozen packages. They have released six fish products, which include fillet coated, fillet slices, chili coating, crispy fish, patties, and Norwegian salmon meatballs. Owned byJordan Valley Farms and Valley of Springs Farms, the company was established in 1963, and today is the leading Israeli manufacturer of food products from antibiotics-free poultry.

New Faux Meat

The Israeli-based Soglowek food company is launching a brand-newproduct line of vegan meats. Their subsidiary Zoglo’s already has a line of vegetable-based “meats” such as nuggets, chicken, beef-style patties, and crispy cutlets – but those may contain eggs. The new line will be completely vegan-friendly.

New Yogurt

The Israeli-based company Hinoman has created Yofix, a non-dairy yogurt, comprised of oats, legumes, and seeds. Their mission is to cater to vegans, and supply sustainable ingredients with high protein yield. Much of their product line is focused on theMankai plant, a nutrition-rich Southeast Asian whole leaf vegetable protein. It is touted as the next superfood, much like kale and spinach. Mankai contains iron, zinc, and vitamins such as A, B12, and E. Next up on their agenda are nutrition bars, smoothies, pastas, and salad spices.

Innovative Infant Formula

Indi is releasing the world’s first 100 percent vegan infant formula, containing no dairy or soy. Already with a patent in
85 countries, complying with industry and medical standards, in 2017 the product won the award for “best health and diet solution” at the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit.

New Falafel

Graduate students at the Biotechnology and Food Engineering Faculty at Israel’s Technion (Institute of Technology) have developedwhat they call Algalafel, a new kind of falafel. It is made from ecologically friendly, protein-rich and nutritious microalgae called spirulina. The students won first prize in the EIT Food Project (European Knowledge and Innovation Community) held in early December at the Technion.


In the candy department, Skittles’ Sweet Heat is a new taste that combines the brand’s familiar fruit taste with a spicy twist that gives a sensational experience. What has been a great success around the world is now being offered in Israel under the supervision of KF of London, headed by Rav Yisroel Yaakov Lichtenstein.

Also, for snacking, the Alma brand, under the manufacturer Gilero, has launched gluten-free wafers in flavors such as chocolate, lemon filled, and hazelnut cream filling, certified kosher-parve under the supervision of Badatz Eda HaCharedit Yerushalayim.


Milk and Honey is Israel’s first whisky distillery, located in Tel Aviv, with a current output of a million bottles. Their products will appearin 150 locations across Israel, as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Plans are in the works to bring the product to North America.

In 2017, the company began distribution by filling 391 bottles of its initial three-year-old whisky single malt. Its first 100 bottles were sold at Whiskey Auctioneer, a whisky auction website. More than 30,000 people bid on the bottles. Much to everyone’s surprise, the “number one” bottle was bought for $3,000, and number two, for about $2,500. The rest were sold for about $750 each. The stock sold out in three months. If this early success is a sign of things to come, expect Milk and Honey whisky to be a smash hit and quickly make its way here to the United States.

Feeding Our Souls and Our Bodies

Israel is already the spiritual capital of the world, the center of Torah study and religious Jewish life. All indications are that Israel will soon be leading the way not only in feeding our souls, but feeding our bodies, as well, taking center stage in the process of revolutionizing the modern food market.