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Past Articles:

Pondering Pisces

I simply couldn't let another minute go without thanking Community Magazine and Rabbi Eli Mansour, yet again for another beautiful article last month (Pondering Pisces - The Astrological sign of Adar)! The amazing divrei Torah by Rabbi Mansour, gave me hope and clarity in the much-needed area of bitachon. The article is one of many from Community Magazine that I save carefully so that I can reread it periodically to remind me of how to help myself in these materialistic times, when it is so easy for people to lose sight of what they are putting their trust into. The reminder to realize where our help actually comes from, and to put our trust in Hashem, helps make life so much easier. When we're able to trust in Hashem, we don’t have to worry or stress ourselves about the outcome of a situation. We need to do our hishtadlut of course, but we need to be aware that Hashem is always here for us.  

Sarah S.

Victory In Our Midst

Wow! Last month’s tribute to our community members who served during WWII was simply incredible!  What an amazing collection of photographs, as well as personal and historic information about our community members who served during WWII. It was also very interesting to learn about the history of the Victory Bulletin and to read on how influential it was to our community during the war. Thank you for preserving these incredible real accounts of war and sharing them with us. I especially enjoyed reading about the personal accounts of bravery and heroism. I often wonder what it would have been like to face these dangers myself. Beautiful tribute – this is a true gift.

Marc M.

Nut Allergies

Thank you for posting last month’s article about Paulette Cohen (The Nut Job Mom, Allergies Beware) and the seriousness of allergies. For some reason, allergies, especially peanut allergies, have gotten worse (and quite common) over the last ten years or so. Strangely enough, growing up in the 1960s-70s, I don't remember any kids with peanut allergies. Perhaps I just didn't notice, but I'm surprised there have not been more investigations into why this has become such an issue in recent years. Have peanuts become genetically modified? Could it be some pesticide or herbicide regularly used on the plants? It also seems like many autoimmune diseases are on the rise.

I do remember about ten years ago 60 Minutes did a piece about the rise of peanut allergies. An industry representative admitted on camera that they had modified the way peanuts are processed from about 9 steps down to 3. Coincidentally, peanut allergies began to spike right about that time. Gee, you think maybe there's a connection? But I do not recall reading one word about this since then. No follow-up investigation – nothing at all!  I can’t understand why more research isn’t being done to see if there is a connection between processing methods and allergic reactions.

Carl T.

Woman to Woman Column

I’m a long-time reader of Community Magazine, and although I love reading the entire magazine every month, my favorite column is the Woman to Woman interview. The writing is smooth, entertaining, informative, and genuine. I always look forward to reading about women who are successful role models, who balance families and professions, and who make worthwhile contributions to society and the world at large. I believe that women feel empowered when they read about the accomplishments of others. It gives them hizuk and courage that they, too, can soar to heights way beyond their imagination - if they believe in themselves and have a good sense of self.

Paula S.

Special Request

I recently read Community Magazine’s article about UCEF (November 2018 issue). Please send me their address so I can send a donation, as I am a prison inmate and do not have access to the internet or ‘dialing out’.

I might be a 61-year- “young” ba’al teshuva, but I do know that even poor (and incarcerated) Jews must help other Jews. We are, after all klal Yisrael

I eagerly wait your response.

P.S. I love your magazine!

Chaim G.