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Past Articles:

Mitzvah Man Receives
an Unexpected Delivery

Below is the letter that a nine-year-old boy dropped off at the Mitzvah Man Headquarters. What a great example we can learn from this youngster – helping out fellow Jews is not only for adults!

Shaare Zion Celebrates Its 11th Annual Winter Vacation Program in Style

For the eleventh year in a row, Shaare Zion’s winter vacation program had a huge turnout. Boys of all ages from schools throughout the community, such as Magen David, Shaare Torah, YDE, Flatbush, Bitachon, Ohr Torah, and more participated in the program.

The boys woke up every morning and prayed Shaharit, followed by a hot breakfast accompanied by an enjoyable shiur. Every day prizes were raffled off. This year every boy was a winner, as each was awarded with an Amazon gift card ranging from $15 to $35.

There were two divisions, one for high school students and one for elementary school students. On Monday, the high school division went to Aviator, while on Thursday, the boys went bowling and had ice cream and smoothies. On Friday there was a special Torah Show presentation by Rabbi Maimon Elbaz.

People walking by were in awe of these boys, impressed by how happy they looked. In fact, two people that happened to be walking by was so impressed that they sponsored the boys’ lunch!

The program was generously sponsored by Magen Giborrim High Holiday minyanof Hacham Abraham Zafrani, ZT”L.

Second Annual Bake Sale and Chinese Auction held in loving memory of Shula Elmaleh, A”H

Community member Liat Dahan organized the 2nd Annual Bake Sale and Chinese auction in honor of her mother, Shula Elmaleh, a”h. Four years ago, Dahan chose to give back to SBH in her mother’s memory because a division of SBH, the Morris I. Franco Cancer Center, was there for her family with critical support during hard times.

Part of the proceeds will go toward Liat’s registration in the SBH Disney Half Marathon. This is Liat’s fourth year running in memory of her mother.

“The SBH Disney weekend is life changing and inspirational in many ways. It’s amazing to see an organization that does so much for the community,” said Dahan. “It’s rewarding to know that the money you raise is going to help many who are in need in so many ways.”

On the day of the auction the weather was bitterly cold. Liat felt it was so heartwarming to see all the people take the time, energy, and effort to come out for the cause, in spite of the weather. This year’s bake sale and Chinese auction were very successful. Liat managed to raise $6,500 for Sephardic Bikur Holim, and she plans to continue this tradition for years to come.

Baturo Brothers Entertainment
is a Big Hit

It’s no secret that music and entertainment are what will make the party come alive. When planning your event, it’s always best to choose a musician that has a strong passion and has a lot of experience.

Baturo Brothers Entertainment is a DJ,lighting, and entertainment company managed by three brothers who proudly serve the community with professional, upbeat, and dependable service. They would love to make your next simhaa hit! The founder, Mike (DJ Baturo), has been rocking out all types of events for over 10 years.

As Mike said in an interview, “A DJ isn’t just a music player; we create energy through sounds and visuals. I learned with heavy experience that it has its own psychology.” Besides simply being a DJ and providing lighting, DJ Baturo works with many professional musicians that play in-sync to add more rhythm to the dance floor. Baturo Brothers Entertainment provides a list of extraordinary services! If you need help choosing vendors such as photography, videography, party planners, or flower décor, Mike will be happy to extend his hand to help recommend the best vendors for you!

To learn more, please visit www.DJBaturo.com.

MDYHS GEMS and Sparks Day!

The Magen David Yeshivah High School junior class celebrated their annual GEMS and Sparks Day last month, organized by Rabbi Joey Haber, Ms. Lynn Keda, Ms. Yonina Elnadav, and Rabbi Isaac Escava. The day was a huge success and accomplished the four goals it set out to accomplish: 1) to be inspired, 2) to bond with their rabbis and teachers, 3) to bond with their friends, and 4) to have fun!

The boys began their day learning in a betmidrash, before going for lunch with their rabbis at Essen. Jacques Salama brought his guitar and they all sang songs together before going bowling.

The girls started their day with a class given by Rebbetzen Molly Haber, before going to Ohel to bake hamentashenand spend time with adults with special needs. From there they went to Art Station and came back with beautiful paintings.

Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein Commends Business Owner for Sharing Store with Competitor Whose Business Was Damaged in Fire

On Sunday, February 3rd, Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein presented an official citation to Mr. Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish, to commend him for his kindness in welcoming a competitor, Yossi’s Fish Market, into his store following a fire that destroyed the building that housed Yossi’s Fish Market.

Following a destructive fire on January 12th, Yossi Heiman, owner of Yossi’s Fish Market, located at 13thAvenue and
54th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was left without a store from which to operate his business. That night, Eichenstein coordinated short-term housing for the residents of the apartments above the store. At the same time, Shea Langsam, owner of Fish to Dish, immediately reached out to Mr. Heiman to generously offer the opportunity to operate his business from a section of Langsam’s store, Fish to Dish, located just a few blocks away at 1280 43rdStreet, in Borough Park.

“While we are a community that is known for its hesed, the act of offering a direct competitor into your own storefront truly goes above and beyond,” said Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein. “Fish to Dish is setting a new bar for what it means
to be a neighbor and business owner in
our community.”

“I want to express my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Shea Langsam from Fish to Dish for what he’s done,” said Yossi Heimen, owner of Yossi’s Fish Market. “As soon as Shabbat was over, Mr. Langsam reached out to me to offer use of his store so that I could continue serving my customers. I also want to thank Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein for the work he’s done in helping his constituents affected by the fire.”

Agudath Israel of America Welcomes Selection of Mr. Elan Carr
as Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism

Agudath Israel of America welcomes President Trump’s selection of Mr. Elan Carr to the position of State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Mr. Carr is an experienced and distinguished public servant and is a prominent leader in the Los Angeles Jewish community. Mr. Carr’s commitment and his unique skills make him an excellent choice to effectively lead the United States’ fight against global anti-Semitism. 

The vexing scourge of anti-Semitism continues to grow around the world. Even in Western democracies, and even in countries that experienced the Holocaust only decades ago, hatred of Jews is expressed openly and without hesitation. Anti-Semites have been emboldened to spew their scapegoating hatred behind the smokescreen of nationalism and human rights. And some countries continue to seek restrictions on Jewish religious life, understanding well that this will make Jews unwelcome to live and thrive there.

Agudath Israel of America played an active role in the creation of the Special Envoy within the State Department. Rabbi Abba Cohen, the group’s Vice President for Government Affairs and Washington Director and Counsel, has maintained a close working relationship with the office through successive administrations. 

“The need for the Special Envoy is greater now than ever before, and we are pleased that President Trump has enabled the office to operate at full capacity and under the leadership of such an able and devoted advocate. We look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with Mr. Carr in this vital work,” Rabbi Cohen noted.