How Many People Can One Person Feed?

Past Articles:

Count to Ten

Last month’s column about the dangers and consequences of sending ill-advised and negative texts, emails, and posts (Count to Ten, Before You Send) was an important message to share. Unfortunately, careful thought and reflection doesn't always happen in today’s fast-paced environment. Today’s technology and social-media platforms enable us to express top-of-mind, unfiltered thoughts to the world - often with disastrous results. People sometimes forget that just because we can say something doesn’t mean we should.

I would like to share with your readers the following advice that I saw posted on a wall in my son’s school: It read as follows:

Before you speak, text, or hit send -  THINK…

T - is it True?
- is it Helpful?
I -
is it Inspiring?
N - is it Necessary?
K -
is it Kind?

So, regardless of what or how you feel, T.H.I.N.K. first.

Jacklyn M.

Sage Advice

I love the new column featuring the advice of Rabbi Miller, zt”l, (Straight Talk). Last month’s advice about playing the stock market was a real classic. I used to be obsessed with playing the market – and it has taken me many years to realize that I am not the master of my own fate. I would worry incessantly about financial planning gone awry. After reading R’ Miller’s advice, I now realize that I really missed the boat during my stock market days.  As the sage so aptly put it: One of the most important reasons why the market fluctuates is so you should be aware of Hashem and pray to Him. When the market is high, you should call out to thank Him, and when it’s low, you should call out for help - and if you did not do that – then the whole experience was a waste.   Perfectly said!

Raymond B.

Archeology and Purim

Last issue’s article about the recent archeological findings of the capital city of Shushan and the royal palace (Archeology and Purim) was quite remarkable. I enjoyed reading every word. The overwhelming archeological evidence in the Purim story was very impressive – to say the least. This well-written piece by Rabbi Zamir Cohen gave pertinent background, interesting details, and compelling information as to the ramifications for biblical archeology in general. I’m a firm believer that as technology advances and we get closer to the arrival of the Mashiah, the more archeology will uncover the truth of what ancient Jewish history proclaims.

Isaac L.

They’ve Got it Maid

In the past few months, several families from our community have been summoned to court by their maids, and former maids, with claims of gross underpayment. One family was forced to pay $180,000 in back wages plus all legal fees, while another was forced to settle at $25,000 with a maid who left six years prior.

Please be aware that there are legal wage requirements for housekeepers, even if they do not have proper “work authorization” papers. If they sleep-in and are on-call for babysitting 24/7, they must be paid overtime after 40 hours of work per week. Their minimum wage in 2019 is $13.50 per hour. Working for six days a week, 24 hours a day equals $2,646. This is likely several hundred dollars more a week than you are currently paying them.

Unless you absolutely need them to help with an infant, send them home after 6:00pm or after supper. If they prefer to sleep-in, make it absolutely clear to them that they are not working and that you are giving them room and board free of charge for their convenience.

This is a serious problem and must be dealt with tactfully. Maids have lawyers who are most happy to represent them in what can be major-dollar litigations.

After all that you put up with, it would be a shame to let your maid clean-up at your expense.

Max A.