One Dream. One Family.

Past Articles:

By: Frieda Schweky

Grace Dana Chalouh is a busy wife and mother of three who managed to turn her favorite hobby into a career. After buying her first house Grace decided to tap into her artistic talent and paint a few pieces to complete the design and vibe. A family member saw the art Grace hadcreated for herself and was amazed. She insisted that Grace share her talent with the world and begin to sell. Not thinking much of it, Grace painted something and posted the artwork up on Instagram. Within three hours the painting sold. That was back in March of 2013. Grace hasn’t stopped creating since.

“From the moment my first painting sold, I began getting messages and phone calls for more of my art!” exclaimed Grace. “I was really shocked at first, thinking to myself ‘who would want my art?’ Luckily for me, a lot of people do and I was able to turn my crafty hobby into a profit-driven business.”

When you contact Grace, don’t expect to look through a showroom of pre-made art. Grace makes custom art for each client and space. She paints on canvas as well as on walls, and if she dreams something up that’s 3D, you’ll get something truly unforgettable. The only limit Grace puts on her jobs is her
own imagination.

Lately she’s been getting into producing Judaica, painting great rabbis and Kotel images. Grace has also started working with home decor. Grace has been making drip-painted resin wooden boards. Her clients use them as challah boards, as display pieces to hold charcuterie, and as cheese platters.

Many businesses have commissioned Grace to create
one-of-a-kind 3D art installations for display. Grace tends to push herself beyond what’s expected of her, taking on intricate work, such as painting a detailed print on a wall or even creating her own wallpaper pattern by hand.

Grace's husband is very supportive of her, lending a hand or holding the ladder she’s standing on, whatever the job calls for. She’s also grateful for her parents who always encourage her to keep painting and creating, because that is what makes
her happy.

Grace is an inspiration toher family and her customers. She balances career and home life gracefully, and creates works of art that are both beautiful and surprising. Many artists focus on one medium, and perfect one signature style. Grace is blessed to be multi-talented, and is able to work in different media and create imaginative works of art for a wide range of settings. Check out more of her work at @gracespaintings.